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CHIKANOBU Toyohara Hashimoto (Yôshû Chiyoda no )
Le Harem de Chiyoda. The Ladies of Chiyoda Palace (Inner Chiyoda Palace).

Tôkyô: Fukuda Hatsujiro, Meiji 28 (1895) 4th February.
Tôkyô: Fukuda Hatsujiro, Meiji 28 (1895) 4th February.

tryptiques de format ôban tate-e, Oban triptych monté en album (35,5 x 23,5 cm) 10 Tryptiques de format ôban tate-e montés en album (35,5 x 23,5 cm) de la série Chiyoda no ôoku (36,6 x 70,5 cm) An album of 10 ôban tryptich of three panels each, attached at the seams, backed with paper. Each colour woodblock print : 36.6 x 70.5 cm, Attractive patterned, coloured cloth boards. In good condition. Chikanobu was possibly one of the very finest printmakers of Meiji Japan, he was born into Hashimoto Samurai family in the Echigo province. He began studies with the great ukiyo-e masters; Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Utagawa Toyokuni III (Kunisada), and later with Toyohara Kunichika, he became one of the most prominent among the latter's students. Throughout his career Chikanobu also used names such as 'Chikanobu Hashimoto'. 1. Japanese beauties watch from their seated positions as another lady brings forth a tray of food in bowls. 2. A Japanese game (?) involving small cards set out on a floor, or held in the hand. 3. A theatrical looking scene with a mask, tables an elaborate wig with a dragon crown etc. 4. Three Japanese beauties with elaborate boxes, one containing ferns and other plant specimens etc. Washing fruit. 5. A Barge or boat on a lake or river, with 6 beautiful ladies aboard. 6. A Japanese lady at her morning, or evening toilet; attended by two maids or servants, while two more ladies handle and admire richly coloured silks and cloth. 7. Three beauties sit outside enjoying the fresh air. Mountains loom in the background 8. Three Japanese ladies sit outside at night and try to capture 'fireflies' with fans or 'bats'. One lady has a small box that contains some captured 'fireflies'. 9. A highly coloured scene of three ladies seated in a formal, Japanese garden, watching others engage in the garden itself. 10. Three Japanese ladies happily watch a playful dog, with a coloured ribbon and bow tied around its collar.