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PARIS, Paulin.
Lancelot du Lac.

Robert Brie-ComteL, es Bibliolatres de France, 1958.
Benezit III, 719.
Robert Brie-ComteL, es Bibliolatres de France, 1958.

Quarto volume, contents loose within original pictorial wrappers. A UNIQUE COPY ENHANCED WITH 37 ORIGINAL GOUACHES BY EMILIEN DUFOUR (11 double page). Example number 123, a subscriber copy - (of 1200) the original name has been hidden and Dufour has offered this copy with original drawings to Mr and Mrs Georges Blareau. The original edition was illustrated by Philippe Lejeune, but all of them have been covered by these fine gouachs by Dufour. They represent scenes of nature, riding, feasts and medieval days. Dufour expresses all his talent as a painter in these gouachs. This is the story of Lancelot and Guinevere's love for each other as Camelot and the Round Table begin to fall apart. Paulin Paris (1800-81) was a French historian of literature, who specialised in the medieval period. In a newly made green cloth Solander box. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. Pictorial front cover. 2. Large illustration of Lancelot to half title page. 3. Title page / dedication. 4. Portrait of Lancelot. 5. Double page illustration of leaving Bretagne. 6. Destruction of a castle. 7. Horses drinking in a river. 8. "She stands up with the child, joins her feet and disappears under the waters." 9. Double page illustration of Lancelot and servant resting their horses. 10. "Every day, after the Mass, Queen Helen of Belote Went to pray on the mountain." 11. "Lionel and Bohordin at the party of Claudas." 12. Two children take the form of two greyhounds. 13. Male. 14. La Dame sits and contemplates in a church. 15. Stag. 16. Illustrations surrounding chapter XVI. 17. Lady in white riding a horse. 18. Knight stands over a slaughtered knight. 19. King Arthur and Guinevere. 20. Lancelot takes leave of the King and Queen. 21. A meeting in a forest. 22. "La Prison Douloureuse." 23. Female on horseback. 24. White Knight leaving the woods. 25. A Hermite reading his devotional book of hours. 26. People looking out over a balcony. 27. A Knight drags a body behind his horse, and comes across the White Knight. 28. "The painful guard becomes the joyful guard." 29. The Queen in the prison. 30. A knight arrives at Camelot. 31. Two giants fight. 32. King and Queen in assembly. 33. "The lady takes the candles in her hand, and sees the knight stretched naked in her chamber." 34. A battle scene. 35. First meeting (in private) between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. Servant holds a horse. 36. "Now beautiful sire, I know who you are. You're name is Lancelot du Lac." 37. End of book vignette of a sailing vessel.