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CORVINUS, Antonius.
Kurtze vnd einfeltige Außlegung der Episteln vnd Euangelien, so auff die Sontage vnd fürnemesten Feste durchs gantze Jar, inn der Kirchen gelesen werden.

Nuremberg: n. n., 1556.
In the United Kingdom, only the National Library of Scotland owns this work.
Nuremberg: n. n., 1556.

Rare edition of the comments of the Gospel by Antonius Corvinus, abundantly illustrated and with contemporary hand-colouring, especially the Passion by Lucas Cranach. Folio of (8) pp., LXXV numbered ll., 29 woodcuts in the text; (2) ll., CXCVIII numbered ll., (4) ll. of index, 68 woodcuts among which 15 full-page [a-b4, A-Z6, Aa-Ll6, quire C missing, bound without blank n6]. Upper corner of the title restored, small restoration in the corner of p. LVIII of the 2nd part not affecting the text. Occasional foxing. Bound in blind-stamped light-brown calf, crossing fillets and foliated-pattern fleurons on the corners, central panel decorated with diamond decoration, spine ribbed and decorated, inner triple fillet, edges previously gilt and engraved. Binding signed by Huser. Rare edition of the comments of the Gospel by the Lutheran theologian and reformer Antonius Corvinus (1501-1553), with an introduction by Martin Luther. “One of the earliest German postils, from 1545, is Corvinus’s ‘Kurtze vnd ainfeltige Außlegung’, which provides both the gospel reading and a ‘short interpretation’ of the text for ‘poor pastors and house-fathers’. Corvinus is concerned to lay out four points that Luke is trying to teach by including the story of the twelve-year-old Jesus in his gospel.” [Beth Kreitzer, Reforming Mary, changing images of the Virgin Mary in Lutheran Sermons of the 16th century, p 84.] The present work is printed in gothic characters, with the title printed in red and black and a large number of elegant historiated capitals. It is composed of a wonderful illustration of 82 half-page woodcuts, some of them signed with the initials MS and HB, with many repetitions and a superb Passion by Lucas Cranach, in 15 remarkable full-page figures. The present edition is unknown of Graesse. Though, while he mentions the Passional Buch by Lucas Cranach, he notices that “his plates can partly be found in Corvinus’s work, which remained unknown of all bibliographers.” Graesse, II, Trésor de Livres rares et précieux. Exceptional copy, ruled and contemporary hand-coloured. Provenance: ex-libris from the Bibliothèque Betchel. Many of the smaller coloured woodcut engravings appear more than once. Coloured plates in order: 1. Christ preaching from a boat. 2. Some of the disciples gather around a well. 3. Christ preaches to a crowd. 4. Christ and his apostles. 5. Christ speaks with noblemen. 6. Christ with Peter & John. 7. Herod slaying the little children. 8. Man falls from his horse. 9. Christ being circumcised. 10. Christ speaks with a learned man. 11. The Angel Gabriel and Mary. 12. Christ enters Jerusalem. 13. Gathering for the Last Supper. 14. Christ and his disciples. 15. Christ ascends up to heaven. 16. Christ converses with a man of learning, outside you see a baptism. 17. A house is being built. 18. Christ being circumcised. 19. Christ and his disciples. 20. The Angel Gabriel and Mary. 21. Christ, with his apostles talk to a Pharisee. 22. Christ and the disciples with a child. 23. Christ preaching. 24. Christ is born in St. David's city. You see the three wise men. 25. Christ speaks with a scholar. 26. Christ and his apostles with a child. 27. Christ with his apostles. 28. Christ delivers a speak on a hill above a city. 29. Women gather. 30. Christ riding a Donkey, and his many followers on foot, enter the city of Jerusalem. 31. Christ stops the tempest at sea. 32. John is imprisoned. 31. A baptism in the river. 32. Mary with her baby. 33. The circumcision of Christ. 34. The three wise present Mary and her baby with gifts. 35. Christ preaching in a church. 36. A feast. Wine jugs being refilled. 37. Christ speaking with noblemen. 38. A boat at sea. 39. Christ speaks outside a temple. 40. Christ speaks outside a grotto. 41. A blind man is brought before Christ for healing. 42. Christ speaks with a man of wealth. 43. A woman kneels before Christ. 44. Christ casts out a devil from a man. 45. Christ feeds the five thousand with fish and loaves. 46. Christ is assaulted in a church. 47. Christ kneeling before a rock, upon which an Angel appears. 48. Christ is embraced before being taken away. 49. Christ is brought before the High Priest. 50. Christ is struck down before Governor Pilate. 51. Christ is blindfolded and tormented. 52. The Last Supper. 53. Christ being publicly flayed. 54. Christ is fitted with his Crown of Thorns, and is mocked. 55. Christ is shown before the people wearing his Crown of Thorns. 56. Governor Pilate (literally) washes his hands after sentencing Christ to death by Crucifixion. 57. The Cross is made for Christ to carry to Calvary. 58. Christ upon the Cross at Calvary. 59. Christ is cut down from the Cross, and his wounds tended. 60. Christ is laid in to a coffin. 61. Christ is risen. 62. Women at the tomb of Christ. 63. Christ appears to the apostles. 64. Christ speaks with a group of noblemen. Shepherds in the background. 65. Christ speaks with his disciples, God appears in the heavens with a white dove of peace. 66. Christ with the apostles. 67-68. Christ speaks with his disciples, God appears in the heavens with a white dove of peace. 69. Christ has ascended up to heaven. 70. Christ speaks with a Pharisee. 71. Christ speaks with noblemen outside a temple. 72. Rich men feast while a leper begs for food. 73. Christ speaks with noblemen. 74. Christ preaching. 75. Christ preaches from a boat. 76. Christ and his disciples seen above a city. 77. Christ and his disciples feeding and tending to the poor. 78. Christ speaks with townspeople under a tree heavily laden with fruit. 79. Christ outside a rich man's house. 80. Christ casting out the money changers from the Temple.. 81. Christ and the Pharisees. 82. Christ healing the sick and the in-firmed. 83. Christ speaking with a rich man. 84. Christ appealing to the cripples of the city to come unto him. 85. Christ and his disciples look in on a man sitting in a type of counting house. 86. Christ healing a sick, bed-ridden man. 87. A Bull is brought before a rich man. 88. Christ speaks before some Pharisees. 89. A sick man, lying in his bed, is brought before Christ. 90. Fighting outside Jerusalem. 91. A King speaks with Christ. 92. A rich man's house. 93. Christ speaks with a number of Pharisees. 94. Christ and his disciples giving their forgiveness for sins to kneeling people.