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Journal des Dames et des Demoiselles. 1856-1857 Guide des Travaux de Dames

Bruxelles: Bruylant-Christophe et Cie, 1857.
Bruxelles: Bruylant-Christophe et Cie, 1857.

Small 4to. (11 x 7.5 inches). pp.380. Monthly issues bound in worn cloth-backed boards with hand-written paper label to spine. Months include November 1856 to October 1857. Twelve months. 13 colour fashion plates (2 in October). 2 fold-out b/w fashion plates (the first of these for November 1856 is detached). Twelve large folded embroidery patterns on thin yellow paper. Eleven large folded clothing patterns on thin white paper with instructions and illustrations. One colour plate of embroidery. Profuse b/w engravings. Usual light spotting. O/w contents are very good. Inner hinges cracked and worn. Edition Belge. Coloured plates in order: 1. A pair of attractive young ladies in formal evening dresses. 2. A pair of ladies dressed to ward off winter chills, with capes and bonnets. 3. A beautiful plate featuring a young girl with a posy of flowers, a young boy with an axe at his side, and a young lady dressed in eastern 'gypsy-like' attire. 4. A pair of older young ladies in lovely evening dresses, together with a young girl smelling a small posy of flowers. 5. A mother and her two children in a church - possibly for the young girl's 'first communion' (?) 6. Coloured embroidery plate. 7. A pair of young ladies, one of which is seen in a wedding dress, the other in a dress of beige and light green. 8. Two young ladies and a younger girl are seen closing a gate to a park. 9. A delightful plate of a young girl with her butterfly net and two young ladies talking beside her. 10. A mother and her young child, seated in a garden, playing with a young boy and his dog. 11. A pair of young ladies, one of which is standing, talking to each other over a young boy who is seated between them. 12. A pair of young ladies, one of which has a parasol, and a young girl, with a skipping rope, walk along the seafront. 13. A young lady in a wedding dress, together with a companion and a young infant in blue. 14. [coloured chromolithograph] A pair of small children, watched over by their mother, give alms and food to a poorer boy, dressed in rags.