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7017 - M/L 32.
Israeli Stamp Album 1948-1980.

An informative Israeli stamp album from the formation of the state right up until 1980s.

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West Germany, 1980s
132 pages
West Germany, 1980s

A German published red covered stamp album of Israel with a single line of gilt to the front cover and gilt lines and letters, and emblem, to the spine. Each stamp page has a thin black border line, a date and headings in English and German. Each stamp is bordered in black. Subjects covered are: 1. Coins. 2. Maccabiah Sports Games. 3. Independence Anniversaries. 4. Wildlife. 5. The Jewish New Year. 6. The Foundation Anniversaries of the State of Israel. 7. Zionist Congresses. 8. Stampo Exhibitions. 9. Landscapes and Scenery. 10. Historic Israeli Personalities. 11. Youth Immigration Schemes. 12. The 12 Tribes of Israel. 13. Technology. 14. Museums. 15. Significant Jewish Anniversaries. 16. Human Rights. 17. Civil Aviation. 18. Postal Services. 19. Jewish Settlements. 20. The Hapoel Games. 21. Heroes and Martyr Day. 22. Memorial Day. 23. El-Al Airlines. 24. The Hebrew Press. 25. Civic Heraldry. 26. Concentration Camps. 27. Road Safety. 28. Nature Reserves. 29. Art / Culture. 30. Railways. 31. The Gates of Jerusalem. 32. Educational Development. 33. Festivals. 34. Children's Day. 35. Architecture. 36. Archaeology. 37. Social Welfare. 38. Joint Stamp Issues with other Countries. 39. 'Postage Due' Stamps.

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