SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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John Piper.
[India Love Poems]

Eighteen reproduced paintings based on the temple sculptures in Konarak and Khajuraho, the frescoes of Ajanta, and Indian iconography from other sites, together with accompanying text taken from the Sanscrit, the Telugu, the Kannada, and the Assamese.

London: Paradine, PL Editions, 1977.
London: Paradine, PL Editions, 1977.

A limited edition. This is number 96 of 200 copies. Signed by the artist. Half leather with modern rough cloth boards, tan labels to spine. Uncut pure French rag paper. In good condition. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. 2. Uncertainty. 3. She is modest and not too forward. 4. Woman's a snare. 5. From 'The Science of Love'. 6. The bride's palanquin. 7. Your mouth is a flower. 8. The moon face. 9. Limbs like vines and tendrils. 10. Dancing girls' song. 11. Woman are shackles. 12. Purnamma. 13. A choice of homes. 14. The peacock smile. 15. As bee to flower. 16. Paired swans, her feet. 17. The dancing-girls. 18. Warning to travellers.