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SIMPSON, William.
Sir John William Kaye.
India Ancient and Modern. A Series of Illustrations of the Country and People of India and adjacent Territories.

London: Day & Son, 1867.
Not in Abbey, nor the BL; Bobins 269.
50 + 1
London: Day & Son, 1867.

FIRST EDITION. 2 vols, folio, 50 chromolithographed plates, text with title printed in black and red, dedication, plate list, half burgundy morocco over marbled boards. Raised bands and lovely decorative gilt compartments to spine. A RARE WORK. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Dedication page. 2. The Lanka Cave of Ellora. 3. Cashmere Shawl Manufactory. 4. The Chitpore Road. 5. A Street in Bombay. 6. Boats on the Ganges. 7. Oodeypore: The Jugmundur Palace. 8. The Parung Pass. 9. Cashmere Shawl Manufacture: Woven Shawls. 10. Peshawur. 11. Ambair. 12. Bombay Girls' School. 13. Women Grinding Corn. 14. The Cows Mouth - Source of the Ganges. 15. Bridge over the Sutlej at Wangtoo. 16. Indore. 17. Hindoo Fakir. 18. The First Investiture of the Star of India. 19. Delhi Jeweller. 20. Lucknow. 21. The River Ganges. 22. The Thug School of Industry. 23. The River Chenab. 24. The Ravee River. 25. The Village Well. 26. Sikh Priest reading The Grunth, Umritsur. Volume 2. 27. The Praying Cylinders of Thibet. 28. Return visit of the Viceroy to the Maharajah of Cashmere. 29. Jain Priests. 30. The Temple of Juggernauth, Ooodeypore. 31. Buddhist Caves, Adjunta. 32. Pheel Khana, or Elephants' Quarters, Holcar's Camp. 33. Salt Lake Thibet. 34. Akalis at the Holy Tank, Umritsur. 35. Peepul Tree in the Palace of Delhi. 36. A Buddhist Monk. 37. Cave of Elephanta. 38. Indian Woman, Floating Lamps on the Ganges. 39. Indigo Factory, Bengal. 40. Native Shop in a Calcutta Bazaar. 41. Oodeypore. 42. The Khyber Pass. 43. The Governor-General's State Howdah. 44. The Ganges below Gangootree. 45. Pilgrims to Gangootree. 46. Marble Rocks on the Nerbudda. 47. Simlah. 48. The Falls of Gairsoppa. 49. Lord Wellesley's Monument at Bombay. 50. Madras. 51. The Dewali, or Feast of Lamps.