SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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[In Arabic]

19th century?
19th century?

8vo. In limp burgundy stained covers with 10 very attractive, highly (hand) coloured plates with decoration to the margins throughout, plus a page of text with some colour. Some water staining to plates and text, some minor burn or scorch marks to lower corners of some pages of text. Some crude repairs undertaken at some stage. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page? 2. Two men conversing with a men kneeling behind them outside a tent. 3. Three men, one on horseback, hunting a Tiger. 4. A man of wealth, on horseback, with two servants, one leading, the behind with an umbrella. 5. Two men on horseback playing polo. A man stumbles in the foreground. 6. Men on foot and on horseback hunting deer. 7. As above. 8. Two men, one on foot, and one on horseback, have come to see a seated man in his tent. 9. Two men on horseback playing polo. 10. Two men seated and conversing in a tent, another is seen bringing a leopard (or similar) on a leash. 11. Three men, two on foot and some on horseback, hunting a leopard (?) and a deer.