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CLERCQ, Pieter de.
Huwelyks mintafereel. Leerdicht. Begrepen in III boeken. [Luxuriously handcoloured and heightened with gold]

Amsterdam, Gerard onder de Linden, 1722.
De Vries 365 (with another work in one vol.); Scheepers I, 190 (ed. of 1752, with other title-vignette); Sale Cat. J.L. Beijers, Jan. 1959 (Coll. Versnel), 760; Sale Cat. Coll. Buisman 425; cf. J.J.V.M. de Vet, in: Doc.blad Werkgroep 18e Eeuw XVII (1985)
Amsterdam, Gerard onder de Linden, 1722.

8vo. Contemporary marbled calf, spine richly gilt in compartments, with red title-label lettered in gold, gilt binding edges, marbled endpapers, red mottled edges. With fine engraved emblematic vignette on title by G. van der Gouwen after Arnold Houbraken, and richly engraved allegorical frontispiece and 3 untitled full-page engraved plates by the engraver Jacob Folkema (1692-1767), all very brightly and beautifully coloured by hand and richly heightened with gold, dated 1721. (20), 108 pp. Exceptional copy, luxuriously hand coloured and heightened with gold of the first edition of a very popular if somewhat frank poem on love and marriage by the Dutch poet Pieter de Clercq after the Latin poem Callipaedia, seu, De pulchrae prolis habendae ratione (1618) (Callipaedia, or an art to have handsome children), the only work by the French Neo-Latin poet Claude Quillet (1602-1661). De Clercq also translated a lot of popular books from the English (like Swift's 'Tale of a Tub', Addison's and Steele's 'Spectator', Steele's 'Guardian', Fielding's 'Tom Jones', etc.) and French (for example some works by Voltaire). A second edition appeared in 1752, a third in 1771. The four plates (Frontispiece and the plates for book 1-3) are printed on the recto's of the second leaf of a double leaf; on the facing pages are explanations of the plates written by the famous Dutch author, poet and playwright Pieter Langendyk (1683-1756). Colour plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. An interior scene in a great palace, with a lady, seated at the rear with two small children near to her; three winged cherubs play in the foreground; a lady is seen playing a Lute, and an angel and a near nude lady are seated, conversing. 2. Title page. Small square illustration of a saint, sitting beneath a tree. 3. Landscape scene. Peoples being addressed by an Angel, (others are seen approaching) whilst above their heads in the heavens we see The Creator with His attending heavenly bodies etc. 4. A landscape scene in which we see a seated lady, with a halo of stars around her head, looking divinely to the heavens, while resting an arm on a celestial globe. Beside her, two winged cherubs make celestial calculations with an open tome and assorted celestial instruments. Appearing as a (possible) rainbow in the sky behind, we see some signs of the zodiac. 5. Landscape scene in which we see a lady, lying on her back, with her hands in an attitude of prayer, looking to heavens, and sees a lady in a golden chariot, being pulled by a pair of lions. In the background a black horse is seen prancing around.