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LOWRY, The Rev A.
History of Chivalry and Ancient Armour, with Descriptions of the Feudal System, the Usages of Knighthood, the Tournament, and Trials by Single Combat. Translated from the German by A. L

London: Willis & Sotheran, 1857.
Tooley 308.
London: Willis & Sotheran, 1857.

Title as above + Preface 1 leaf and Contents 1 leaf + List of plates 1 leaf + 28 leaves of Text (enumerated by columns 1-110) + Index 2 ll + 62 numbered coloured plates, many folding. Oblong quarto in dark blue cloth boards. Single rule and 'Greek Key' design in blind together with an embossed chivalric vignette in gilt to upper board. Title in gilt to spine with decoration. Spine worn and rubbed, corners bumped and worn - else good. Well illustrated throughout with engravings of ancient armour and tournaments. Coloured plates in order: 1. Bows, Crossbows and Arrows and Arrow-Heads. 2. Stone Weapons. 3. Projecting Engines, Battering Rams etc 4. Catapults, Projecting Engines etc. 5-7. Movable Towers. 8-11. Spears, Lances, Halberts and Partizans. 12. Swords etc. 13. Swords, Battle-Hammers, Battle-Axes etc. 14. Maces, Daggers, Guns etc. 15. Swords and Guns etc. 16. Swords etc. 17-19. Assorted Helmets. 20-24. Assorted Body Armour. 25-28. Gauntlets, Shields, Saddles, Spurs and Heraldic Coat-Armour. 29-30. Knights Armed and Mounted, Horse-Armour. 31-34. German Jousts and Duels (folding plates.) 35-36. As above (single plate only.) 37-50. German Jousts and Duels (folding plates.) 51. Tournament Musician on Horseback with drums. 52. Two men (retainers?) on Horseback with colourful Lancers (folding plate.) 53-54. Tournament Musicians on Horseback with drums, flute and trumpets.) 55-58. German Jousts and Duels (folding plates.) 59-62. Trial by Combat (on foot.)