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AUBRY, Charles.
Histoire Pittoresque de L'Equitation Ancienne & Moderne.

Aubry, a member of the Ecole royale de cavalerie, is the first to 'bring together the charm of the picturesque with the most rigourous respect of the rules' (Intro). The first edition of this charming work, is in the preferred hand-coloured issue.

Paris: Ch. Motte, 1833-34.
Bobins III 1175; Hilier 53.
24 + 3
Paris: Ch. Motte, 1833-34.

[Picturesque History of Ancient & Modern Horsemanship.] FIRST EDITION. 2 parts in 1 vol. Tall folio (21"x15" ) half calf binding over marbled boards, with gilt lettering and devices to spine. Marbled endpapers. Lithograph title in red and black with ornate borders, second title with list of plates, 2 pages of text bound front and back and 24 LARGE HAND COLOURED LITHOGRAPH PLATES OF HORSES AND RIDERS. The quality of the colour is superb with careful attention to the main subject and the vignette borders. The vendor is unsure of the date of the colour as it would appear this work was published uncoloured, however there is an old booksellers typed description in Italian (probably 1970's) describing this coloured copy - so the colour is clearly not new. Small brown stain to the outer bottom margin of the first 4 leaves, not affecting the decorative nature of the image, otherwise good. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. Page of text..."Histoire Pittoresque de l'Equitation Ancienne & Moderne." 3. Equitation Grecque. Xenophon, Capitaine, Philosophe & Historien Grec. 4. Equitation (Tems Fabuleux) 330 ans avant Jesus Chris. Amazone. 5. L'Escuyer au partir du logis... 6. Equitation 14th Si├Ęcle. Dame Chatelaine...de deux jeune pages... 7. Equitation Italienne 1539. Le Comte Cesar Fiaschi, Gentilhomme... 8. Equitation Napolitaine 1583. Frederic Grison, Gentilhomme... 9. Equitation 1618. M. de Pluvinel, donne au Roy Louis XIII... 10. Equitation Anglaise 1658. Mme la Marquis de Newcastle et M. Le Marquis... 11. Equitation Anglaise 1660. Prince Marquis et Comte de Newcastle... 12. Equtitation Francaise 1733. M. de la Gueriniere, Ecuyer du Roy... 13. Equitation Francaise 1750. M. de Nestier. Ecuyer ordinaire de la Grande Ecurie du Roi. 14. Equitation Allemand (1759-60). Le Baron d'Eisenberg... 15. Equitation Espagnole. Philippe III, Montant un Cheval Andaloux. 16. Equitation Orientale, 1769, 1814, 1833. Arabes. Mameluck. 17. Equitation Orientale. Danes Persannes se disposant a sortir du Harem pour le Roi. 18. Equitation Francaise 1806. Principes de M.L.H. Pons-d'Hostun, Ecuyer des Dames... 19. Equitation Francaise (1834). Mme....Montant le Sauteur Aux Piliers (Manege Pellier.) 20. Ecole Royale de Cavalerie 1833. M. Cordier, Ecuyer-Commandant, montant un cheval de manege. (le Cerf) 21. Equitation Francaise 1834. Dame Parisienne au galop. Le Poney franchissant... 22. Ecole Royale de Cavaleriev1833. Officier de Carabiniers... 23. Equitation Francaise 1830. M. le Comte D'Aure, Ecuyer Cavalcadour de Charles X... 24. Ecole Royale de Cavalerie 1833. M. Flandrin, Ecuyer Professeur... 25. Equitation Francaise 1834. Course au Clocher (Hunting). 26. Equitation Francaise. Cheval de Course (Horse Racing). 27. Page of text with coloured initial letters etc.