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ANDRIES, Judocus.
Het Ghedurigh Kruys Jesu Christi Bound together with Gheestelycke Oeffeningen voor de Ghebroeders ende Ghesusters des H. Roosen-Kransken van de Alder-weerdighste Maghet ende Moeder Godts Maria

Antwerp: Cornelis Woons, 1652.
Brunnet I p.277-78.
Antwerp: Cornelis Woons, 1652.

Two books in one - 276pp.; (8),88pp. The first book contains three sections. The first of these sections traces the life of Christ, and is illustrated with 40 hand-coloured engravings signed IV, plus one hand-coloured vignette on the title page. The second section relates the different parts of the Mass to the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Illustrated with 36 hand-coloured engravings, plus pictorial title, and frontispiece, both of which are hand-coloured. The images in this section show a priest and altar boys performing the Mass. Above their heads are oval frames, which are represented the parts of the life of Christ which correspond to the Mass. The third section shows the life of Mary, and is illustrated with fifteen hand-coloured engravings, plus the hand-coloured frontispiece and title-page vignette. The plates in this section are signed by Frederick Bouttats, engraver, who executed the images after Antoine Sallaert. The second book, bound with the first, relays the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. It is illustrated with fifteen engravings, plus frontispiece and title-page vignette, all of which are hand-coloured. The images in this section are highly emblematic in nature. The exquisite hand-colouring throughout this volume is contemporary, and rendered in vibrant colours with great attention to the details of the engravings. All of the images are heightened with gold, each plate is outlined in gold. In contemporary red morocco, gilt tooled floral wreath border within double rule, spine gilt in five compartments with black morocco lettering piece; all edges gilt; gilt inner dentelles; marbled endpapers; Housed in a contemporary green morocco pull-off case. Very fine. Coloured plates in order: Book 1. Section 1. Life of Christ. 1. Title page. 2. Text initial letter 'D'. 3. The Chosen Cross. 4. The Angel comes to Mary and tells her of God's plan. 5. Christ is born unto the world in a stable with animals. 6. The Circumcision of Christ. 7. The Offering in the Temple. 8. The Flight into Egypt. 9. Christ preaching in the Temple. 10. Christ helping the Carpenter. 11. Death of St. Joseph. 12. The Temptations of Christ. 13. Christ at the Fountain with a Samaritan. 14. Christ reviled by some Samaritans. 15. The beheading of John the Baptist. 16. Christ, Jews and a Stoning. 17. Jews about to throw Christ from a Clifftop. 18. Christ takes leave of his mother before going to Calvary. 19. The Last Supper. 20. Angel and Christ at Calvary. 21. The Kiss of Judas to Christ. 22. Christ is dragged through a river by two Roman soldiers. 23. Christ is brought before Authority. 24. Our Saviour is bound and beaten by Jews all night. 25. Christ brought before Governor Pilate. 26. Herodes. 27. Christ being whipped and beaten. 28. The 'Coronation' of Christ, tormented by others, wearing his Crown of Thorns. 29. Pilate presents a scourged Christ, bound and crowned with thorns before a hostile crowd. 30. Christ carrying his wooden cross to Calvary. 31. The First Fall. Christ stumbles under the weight of the cross. 32. Christ's encounter with his mother. 33. Simon helps Christ carry his cross. 34. Veronica shows Christ his likeness on a sheet... 35. The Second Fall. Christ again stumbles under the weight of his cross. 36. The Daughters of Jerusalem arrive to comfort Christ. 37. The Last Fall. Christ stumbles for the last time under the weight of his cross. 38. Christ is offered some wine as he takes off his clothes. 39. Christ is nailed to the cross. 40. Christ hangs on the cross with his wounds bleeding. 41. Christ is taken down from the cross. 42. Christ's Funeral. Book 1. Section 2. The Mass to the Life and Death of Christ. 43. Title page. 44. Image of a wounded Christ, reminding us of his eternal sacrifice for us. 45. Text initial letter 'H.'. 46. The Priest approaches the Altar, candles are lit. 47. The beginning of the Mass with prayers. 48. The Confiteor. 49. The Priest kisses the Altar. 50. The Priest reads the Epistle. 51. The Priest recites another prayer to the assembled Congregation. 52. The Priest repeats the Kyrie Eleyson. 53. The Priest addresses the Congregation with his back to the Altar. 54. The Epistle. 55. The Priest says Prayers from the middle of the Altar. 56. The Gospel. 57. The Priest prepares the Chalice. 58. The Offering of Bread and Wine. 59. The Priest before the Chalice. 60. The Priest symbolically washes his hands. 61. Prayers. 62. The Priest says "Holy, Holy, Holy." 63. The Priest remembers Christ on his way to Calvary. 64. Communicating with Christ. 65. The Priest cries three times over the Offering. 66. The Priest offers up the 'Body' (Bread) of Christ. Incense is burnt. 67. The Priest offers up the wine filled Chalice (Blood) of Christ. Incense is burnt. 68. The Priest remembering Christ on the cross, dying for our sins. 69. The Priest Prays. 70. The Priest says 'The Lord's Prayer'. 71. The breaking of the wafer. 72. The wafer goes into the Chalice to be drunk by the Priest. 73. Agnus Dei. 74. The Holy Sacraments. 75. The last of the wine is poured into the Chalice. 76. Post-Communion. 77. A Blessing. 78-80. Final Prayers. Book 1. Section 3. The Life of Mary. 81. Frontis. Mary prays over the relics of Christ. 82. Title page. 83. Text initial 'D.' 84. The Message from above. 85. The Birth of Christ. 86. The Circumcision. 87. The Meeting of Simon 88. The Flight from Egypt. 89. To Lose her Son. 90. Death of Joseph. 91. Christ Recognised. 92. Decapitation of St. John. 93. Mary weeping as Christ is about to pushed from a Clifftop. 94. The Last Embrace. 95. Mary comforting Christ as he carries the cross. 96. Mary praying before Christ upon the cross. 97. Mary with Christ's body after death on the cross. Christ Buried. Book 2. The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary. 98. Mary and the infant Jesus gives the Rosary beads to Saint Dominicus. 99. Text initial letter 'H.' 100. First Mystery. The Annunciation. S. Thomas Aquinas 101. Second Mystery. The Visitation. S. Petrus Martyr. 102. Third Mystery. Nativity. S. Hyachintus. 103. Fourth Mystery. Presentation of Jesus the Temple. S. Antoninus. 104. Fifth Mystery. Finding Jesus in the Temple. S. Raymundus. 105. Sixth Mystery. Agony in the Garden. S. Vincentus. 106. Seventh Mystery. Scourgingthe Pillar. B. Albert Magnus. 107. Eight Mystery. Crowning with Thorns. B. Pius V. 108. Ninth Mystery. Carrying the Cross. B. Ludovicus Bertrad 109. Tenth Mystery. Crucifixion. B. Jacobus Venetus. 110. Eleventh Mystery. Resurrection. B. Ambroisius Senesis. 111. Twelfth Mystery. Ascension. B. Henricus Suso. 112. Thirteenth Mystery. Decent of the Holy Spirit. B. Albanus. 113. Fourteenth Mystery. Assumption of Mary. S. Catharina Senes. 114. Fifteenth Mystery. Coronation of the Virgin. B. Agnus de Monte. 115. Mary and infant Christ giving worthies their Rosary Beads.