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Album. [German scrapbook with hand-coloured lithographed and wood-engraved plates]

[Munich, ca. 1850]
[Munich, ca. 1850]

Oblong folio. Contemporary half cloth, with blue roan boards with 'Album' lettered in gilt to upper board. With 52 lithographed plates (of which 46 hand-coloured), 8 hand-coloured wood engravings, many with (German) captions below & all pasted on brown paper leaves (some leaves with one plate, others with 2), and 6 leaves with paper clippings with hand coloured lithographs of costumes and furniture, 2 leaves with paper clippings with hand coloured lithographs of animals. (55) lvs. Charming scrapbook mainly with scenes with playing children, allegorical scenes with children as main characters, costumes and German or Swiss landscapes. Most of the lithographs are printed at Munich by Driendl. Very good condition.- (Binding slightly rubbed and worn). Coloured plates in order: 1. Der Engel am fruhen Morgen / Der Engel besucht die frommen Kinder. 2. Die Kinder am Grabe der Eltern / Die betenden Kinder. 3. Der Engel im Kinderkreis / Der Schutzengel. 4. Das frohnleichnams Fest / Die frommen Kinder. 5. Die kleine Theegesellschaft / Frische Butter und Eier. 6. Die jungen hirten / Die lesenden Schwestern. 7. [no captions] Two women conversing with a man holding a dead rabbit / Knife Grinder at work. 8. [no caption] Family much amused by a man selling relics and objects, from a board balanced on his head, being attacked by the family dog. 9. [no caption] Small children their pet dog and with bundles of faggots, hesitate by a frozen stream. 10. Bauernhaus in der Rahe des Rigi in der Schweiz / Park des Herzogs von Buccleugh in England. 11. Brucke uber den Melchbach in der Schweiz / Schloss Lowther in Westmoreland (England.) 12. Reichenberg / Die grosse Chinesische Mauer. 13. [not captions] Mother, with arms outstretched, waiting for her toddler child to take its first steps toward her / Three young children, sitting with their pet dog on the grass, eating fruit from a small basket. 14. Die kleinen Besenhandlerinnen. 15. Der kleine Matrose. 16. Das Tischgebet. 17. Die kleine Schaferin. 18. Der Winter. 19. Spielende kinder. 20. Traubenlese. 21. Madchen schmuken sich mit Rosen. 22. Italienische Madchen. 23. Der Prophet (7 figs). 24. [no captions] Women outside their Alpine Chalet, with child and animals / Man conversing with woman on a road out of town, by a church. Young boy playing with a dog. 25. [no captions] Mother and daughter embrace each other / Mother and her young son by a fountain by a lake. 26. [no captions] Three young boys fly a kite / Group of young boys dress up as soldiers - with flag, drum swords and pikes etc. 27. Die fleinen Holzfammler / das mitleidige Madchen. 28. [no captions] Young family receive food from a maid on their doorstep / Two woman talk in a forest. 29. Spiele beim Brunnen / Der persische Harfner. 30. [no caption] Fisherman, with his two young girls (and pet dog) watching, fishes through a hole in the ice on a frozen river. 31. [no caption] Young boy, with two dogs, a drum and a small monkey on his back, travel the country roads. 32. [no caption] 6 pasted figures of men and women of wealth or note. 33. [no caption] 6 pasted figures of men and women in assorted costume. 34. [no caption] 5 pasted figures of various men and women, plus 3 pasted items of furniture. 35. [no caption] 6 pasted items; a throne, a covered table, a chair, two suits of armour in front of a collection of spears, lancers, flags, shields etc. 36. [no caption] A collection of pasted furniture items, including; chairs, piano and stool, cabinet etc. 37. [no caption] Collection of 9 pasted birds and animals, including; sheep, donkey, pig, goat, ducks etc. 38. [no caption] Collection of 13 pasted insects, animals, birds and animal. Including; moths, heron, cockatoo, ducks, boar etc. 39. Bauerhaus in der Bretagne (Frankreich.) / Schloss Pembroke in Sudwales (England.) 40. Der Unterricht. 41. Die kleinen fischer. 42. Die kleinen Musikanten. 43. Der feinliche ueberfall / Kinderspiel. 44. Rheinfels / Bacharach. 45. [no captions] A pair of girls lean on a bridge wall whilst taking to a boy below them, standing in a row boat / A young boy impresses two (younger) girls by blowing bubbles from a pipe. 46. Das Almosen / Der Traubenhandler.