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[COURTHOPE, William]
From Belgium to Baden. Scrapbook


2 vols. Large 4to. Contemporary green morocco, spine ribbed and gilt, gilt fillets on sides, boards with gilt border and decorated corners, edges of boards in gilt, gilt inner dentelles, all gilt edges; Travel diary of a Somerset Herald at the College of Arms in London; the heraldic arms of of William Courthope and his wife Frances affixed to front pastedown; 2 richly designed drawn titles, the first depicting four coat-of-arms of Germany, Cologne, Mainz, and Trier, beautifully coloured by hand and heightened with gold. Enriched with 178 lithographs, wood-engravings and steel-engravings, 3 double-page, 48 full-page, showing views of towns and cities in Germany and Belgium, all cut and mounted. Many of the illustrations are beautifully and finely coloured by a contemporary hand and glazed with egg-white. 180, (4 blank); 181-272, (18 blank) lvs. Beautifully written and illustrated manuscript of a personal diary by William Courthope (1808-1866), describing his journey through Belgium, Germany, and parts of the Netherlands from April 30th to May 28th, 1847. The text is abundantly illustrated with hundreds of contemporary topographical prints, many colour-printed or coloured by hand. Shown are views of Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Cologne, Bonn, Liege, Louvain, the Rhine, Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam, and many more. William Courthope was appointed Rouge Croix Pursuivant at the College of Arms in London in 1839, and Somerset Herald in 1854. In 1837 a work by him was published: 'Historic Peerage of England'. The present diary was written during one of his many trips abroad. Fine copy with beautiful plates, of which a few plates are stained. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Heraldic Arms. 2. Frontis. The Pfaltz, Caub and Gutenfels. 3. Title page. 4. Anvers. 5. Interieur de la Bourse d'Anvers. 6. [Cathedral at Anvers.] 7. Interieur de la Cathedrale d'Anvers. 8. Small religious illustration set in text (not captioned). 9. Le Calvaire a Anvers. 10. Cathedrale de Malines. 11. Half page view (not captioned) of a Square in Brussels? 12. Half page view (not captioned) of a Boulevard in Brussels. 13. [Cathedrale a Bruxelles] 14. Monument de la Place des Martyre, a Bruxelles. 15. [Hotel de Ville a Bruxelles?] 16. Place de la Monnaire a Bruxelles. 17. Place du Musee a Bruxelles. 18. Interieur de N.D. des Victoires du Sablon. 19. E'glise de la Chapelle, a Bruxelles. 20. E'glise de Ste. Gudule, a Bruxelles. 21. Interieur de Ste. Gudule. 22. Confessionnal de Ste. Gudule a Bruxelles. 23. Small circular view (not captioned) of a house and gardens. 24. Nouvel Hopital St. Jean a Bruxelles. 25. Promenade de L'Allee Verte a Bruxelles. 26. Monument du Champs de Bataille de Waterloo. 27. Hotel a la Belle Alliance. 28. The Church and Village of Waterloo. 29. Half page view (not captioned) of a fountain. 30. Palais du Roi a Laeken. 31. Hotel de Ville a Louvain. 32. Jube de St. Pierre a Louvain. 33. Le Tabernacle de St. Pierre a Louvain. 34. La Chaire de St. Paul a Liege. 35. L'Orgue de St. Jacques a Liege. 36. Small view (not captioned) set in text of town in Germany. 37. Half page view (not captioned) of a German Castle and surrounding area. 38. Full page view (not captioned) of a German riverside church, and its environs. 39. The Drachenfels, Rhine. 40. Half page view (not captioned) of the Drachenfels? 41. Les Ruines du Chateau Hammerstein. 42. Andernach on the Rhine. 43. Half page view (not captioned) of Coblenz? 44. Stolzenfels. 45. Braubach and Marksberg. 46. Sternberg et Liebenstein nomme les freres. 47. Welmich et les ruines de Thurnberg. 48. Port Rheinfels on the Rhine. 49. Oberwesel. 50. [Bingen] 51. Half page view (not captioned) of Mainz. 52. Cloisters of Mayence Cathedral. Volume 2. 53. Frontis. Heidelberg: The Terrace. 54. Title page. 55. Baden-Baden. 56. Small view set in text (no caption) of pleasure gardens in Baden-Baden. 57. Small view a large German house (no caption) in Baden-Baden. 58. Alte Schloss, Baden. 59. Small view in Lichtenthal? (no caption). 60. Chapel of the Convent of Lichtenthal. 61. Small view, set in text of a chapel in the Convent of Lichtenthal (no caption). 62. Convent of Lichtenthal. 63. Small view of German houses and a large castle on a hill by a river (no caption). 64. Half page view (no caption) of some of Heidelberg's buildings and ruins. 65. Small Plan of Heidelberg Castle. 66. Small view set in text of Heidelberg from the river (no caption). 67. Small view of Heidelberg castle and ruins (no caption). 68. Small view of the Palace of Otto Henry? (no caption). 69. Heidelberg: The Well. 70. St. Goar et le Fort Rheinfels. 71. The Lurley. 72. The Erasmus Market Place. [Rotterdam] 73. The Cathedral Church. [Rotterdam] 74. The Exchange. [Rotterdam] 75. The Town House. [Rotterdam] 76. View on the Boompjes. [Rotterdam] 77. The Palace of Justice. [Rotterdam] 78. 'End' coloured tailpiece.