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English Botany; or, Colour figures of British plants, with their essential characters, synonyms, and places of growth.

London: Printed by R. and J.E. Taylor for the Proprietor, C.E. Sowerby, 1832.
London: Printed by R. and J.E. Taylor for the Proprietor, C.E. Sowerby, 1832.

The 2nd ed. arranged according to the Linnaean method; with the descriptions shortened and occasional remarks. By C. Johnson. Published in half leather over green cloth boards, with a repeat floral gilt motif and gilt lettering to spine.Marbles endpapers, edges uncut, amorial bookplate of "Thomas Courtnay Theydon Warner" to front pastedown. Plates clean and fresh. Coloured plates in order: 1-2. Scirpus Lacustris. Bull-rush. 3. Scirpus Holoschoenus. Round cluster-headed Club-rush. 4. Scirpus Setaceus. Least Club-rush. 5. Scirpus Triqueter. Triangular Club-rush. 6. Scirpus Carinatus. Blunt-edged Club-rush. 7. Scirpus Maritimus. Salt-marsh Club-rush. 8. Scirpus Sylvaticus. Wood Club-rush. 9. Eriophorum Vaginatum. Hare's-tail Cotton-grass. 10. Eriophorum Capitatum. Round-headed Cotton-grass. 11. Eriophorum Alpinum. Alpine Cotton-grass. 12. Eriophorum Polystachion. Broad-leaved Cotton-grass. 13. Eriophorum Pubescens. Downy-stalked Cotton-grass. 14. Eriophorum Angustifolium. Common Cotton-grass. 15. Eriophorum Gracile. Slender Mountain Cotton-grass. 16. Nardus Stricta. Common Mat-grass. 17. Phalaris Canariensis. Common Canary-grass. 18. Phalaris Arundinacea. Reed Canary-grass. 19. Ammophila Arundinacea. Common Sea-reed. 20. Phleum Pratense. Common Cat's-tail-grass. 21. Phleum Alpinum. Alpine Cat's-tail-grass. 22. Phleum Asperrum. Rough Cat's-tail-grass. 23. Phleum Boehmeri. Purple-stalked Cat's-tail-grass. 24. Phleum Michelii. Michelian Cat's-tail-grass. 25. Phleum Arenarium. Sea Cat's-tail-grass. 26. Alopecurus Pratensis. Meadow Fox-tail-grass. 27. Alopecurus Alpinus. Alpine Fox-tail-grass. 28. Alopecurus Agrestis. Slender Fox-tail-grass. 29. Alopecurus Bulbosus. Bulbous Fox-tail-grass. 30-31. Alopecurus Geniculatus. Floating Fox-tail-grass. 32. Lagurus Ovatus. Ovate hare's-tail-grass. 33. Polypogon Monspeliensis. Annual Beard-grass. 34. Polypogon Littoralis. Perennial Beard-grass. 35. Milium Effusum. Common Millet-grass. 36. Bromus Secalinus. Smooth Rye Brome-grass. 37. Bromus Velutinus. Downy Rye Brome-grass. 38. Bromus Mollis. Soft brome-grass. 39-40. Bromus Racemosus. Smooth Brome-grass. 41. Bromus Squarrosus. corn Brome-grass. 42. Bromus Arvensis. Taper Field brome-grass. 43. Bromus Erectus. Upright perennial Brome-grass. 44. Bromus Asper. Hairy Wood Brome-grass. 45. Bromus Sterilis. Barren Brome-grass. 46. Bromus Diandrus. Upright Annual Brome-grass. 47. Stipa pennata. 48. Avena Fatua. Wild oat. 49. Avena Strigosa. Bristle-pointed Oat. 50. Avena Pubescens. Downy Oat-grass. 51. Avena Pratensis. Narrow-leaved Oat-grass. 52. Avena Alpina. Great Alpine Oat-grass. 53. Avena Planiculmis. Flat-stemmed Oat-grass. 54. Avena Flavescens. Yellow Oat-grass. 55. Arundo Phragmites. Common Reed. 56. Arundo Epigejos. Wood Reed. 57. Arundo Calamagrostis. Small Reed. 58. Arundo Stricta. Smallest Close Reed.