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WOODWARD, George Murgatryd [sometimes known as Mustard George]
Eccentric Excursions or, literary & pictorial sketches of countenance, character & country, in different parts of England & South Wales.

Caricatures taken on Woodward’s extensive tour through England and Wales. A comic masterpiece. A skinny, miserable, elaborately dressed man turns the handle of a barrel organ. "Of Woodward's books, the first and most celebrated was Eccentric Excursions, published in 1796 with 100 plates engraved by Isaac Cruikshank after his designs. Woodward's text describes an idiosyncratic ramble round the country and reveals an engaging personality" (ODNB).

London: Allen & Co. 15 Paternoster Row, 1807.
London: Allen & Co. 15 Paternoster Row, 1807.

4to, pp. [iv, including engraved title], 217, with hand-coloured engraved frontispiece and 100 hand-coloured engraved plates after the author by Isaac Cruikshank (two folding and linen-backed, the final two plates on one sheet); only very light spotting or browning in places; contemporary calf, boards with gilt triple-fillets, inner dentelles ornamented in gilt; re-backed, endpapers renewed, extremities a little worn. First published in 1796 and republished up to 1816, this sarcastic and sometimes crude 'grand tour' takes the reader from the environs through the South and Midlands up to Wales. 'Of Woodward's books, the first and most celebrated was Eccentric Excursions, published in 1796 with 100 plates engraved by Isaac Cruikshank after his designs. Woodward's text describes an idiosyncratic ramble around the country and reveals an engaging personality' (Oxford DNB). 'Mustard George' was one of the influential and prolific London caricaturists of the late 18th-century. He was not an academically trained artist, and his popular designs were frequently etched and engraved by Rowlandson and Cruikshank. This watercolour is an example of his early style before his breakthrough with the six caricatures published under the title Symptoms of Drunkenness of 1790. Many of his drawings were published after his death in November 1809, which occurred in the Brown Bear public house on Bow Street with a glass of brandy in his hand. Woodward's style of drawing was not impeded by academic training, and together with his ability to record minute and revealing incidents, he produced an unpolished picture of Regency society. Coloured plates in order: Middlesex. 1. Frontispiece. Contrasted Sketches of Mirth & Ennui. 2. Physiognomical Studies (many figs). 3. Six different methods of carrying a Stick with their Effects. 4. Characters sketched in the vicinity of London (6 figs). 5. View of a Skittle Ground at Hampstead (2 figs). 6. View of the Tea Gardens at Bayswater (2 figs). 7. View at the Old Hats. 8-9. A Countryman in London / A Londoner in the Country. 10. Un Table d'Hote. 11. Six of the most approved methods of appearing ridiculous on the Ice. 12. New River Head, Islington. 13. Islington Characters. 14. Shewing the Family Pictures. 15. Swearing at Highgate. Surrey. 16. A Country Farmer & Waiter at Vauxhall. 17. Law Sketches from Nature (9 figs). 18. Going to meet the Judge at the Assizes. 19. The Deaf Judge, or Mutual Misunderstanding. 20-21. A Lawsuit Gained / A Lawsuit Lost. Kent. 22. The Gravesend Boat. 23. The Royal George. [Coach] Berkshire. 24. [not captioned] Gentleman and Lady seated in a carriage, near Windsor. 25. The Guard tells his Passengers that all is in Readiness for their Departure. 26. [not captioned] Countryman astride an exhausted looking horse. Somersetshire. 27. A Jew and a Bishop. 28. The Cabinet Council. 29. [not captioned] Group of men reading the local newspaper and discussing some items of interest. Devonshire. 30. [not captioned] Three men are fast asleep in the front window of the 'Globe Inn,' Torrington. 31. [not captioned] Two men slake their thirst outside a public house (The Phoenix) in Hatherley. 32. A Justice's Meeting. Buckinghamshire. 33. [not captioned] A (female) Gipsy. 34. Hare Hunting. 35. [not captioned] A Gentleman amusing himself on a hand-organ. 36. [not captioned] A Lady amusing herself playing solo on a piano. 37. [not captioned] An agreeable companion in a post-chaise. 38. [not captioned] An ill-tempered hostess. 39. [not captioned] A contented Inn-keeper. 40. [not captioned] A Country School-master. Hertfordshire. 41. Lords of the Creation frightened at a Fly. 42. A Virtuoso and a Fly. 43. Armorial Bearings for Dealers in the Marvellous!! 44. Stage Coach Passengers asleep. Bedfordshire. 45. Interant Dealers in Dunstable Ware. 46. Stage Coach Passengers passing Wooburn Sands. Northamptonshire. 47. Antiquarians viewing Queen's Cross. Oxfordshire. 48. Strangers viewing Oxford. 49. An Oxford Procession. 50. Contrasted Oxonians. 51. College Portraits (9 figs). 52. Two heads before and after Ordination. 53. A Proctor without a Wig. 54. A Proctor with a Wig. 55. A Generous Customer. 56. A Scrutinizing Customer. 57. Love and Learning. 58. The Polite Preacher. 59. The Field Preacher. 60. The Effect of Imagination. "A Gown metamorphosed into a GHOST!" 61. The Effect of Imagination. "The end of a Barn transformed onto a Hobgoblin!" Gloucestershire. 62. Portraits of the Spiritual Quixote. 63. A Voluntary Victim to Patriotism!! 64. Tewkesbury Portraits. 65. A Recruiting Party. Worcestershire. 66-67. Provincial Wit / Provincial Politeness. Warwickshire. 68. A Fancy Sketch to the Memory of Shakespeare. Leicestershire. 69. The Effects of rough Pavements to tender-footed Passengers. 70. A Canal Meeting. 71. An Itinerant Theatrical Sketch. 72. Symtoms of Jolting (4 figs). 73. Jolting Preventives (4 figs). 74. Equestrian Sketches from an Inn at Loughborough. 75. Ancient & Modern Armour Contrasted. Lincolnshire. 76. Climbing the Hill at Lincoln. 77. Clerical Anticipation. 78. The Devil looking over Lincoln. 79. A Cursory Peep at Great Tom of Lincoln. Nottinghamshire. 80. A Convivial Meeting at Nottingham. 81. A Polite Congregation. 82. A Nottingham Card Party. 83. A Promenade to a Rout on a fair Evening. 84. Returning from a Rout on a Rainy Night. Derbyshire. 85. Pride and Exaltation on a Sedan Chair. 86. A Monkish Vision. 87. Joe Pick of Dale Abbey Derbyshire. 88. Characters in a Village Alehouse. 89. A Sketch at Burrows-Ash. Derbyshire. 90. A formal Introduction to an Assembly. 91. A Plain Minuet. 92. An Allemand. 93. Subterraneous Guides. 94. View of Elden Hole. 95. Manner of crossing the first River in Peak Hole. 96. View in Peak Hole after passing the first River. 97. Manner of Passing the Second River in Peake Hole. Staffordshire. 98. Itinerant Dealers in Staffordshire Ware. Part of South Wales. 99. Whole Length Figures of Welch Peasants. 100. Clerical Prosperity - or Riding with the Wind / Clerical Adversity - or Riding against the Wind!