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ATKINSON, George Francklin.
The Campaign in India. 1857-58.

London: Day & Son, 1859.
Abbey Travel 486.
26 + 2
London: Day & Son, 1859.

Tall folio expertly re-backed with 1/2 blind tooled calf on marble boards, spine in six compartments of raised gilt bands, red calf label with gilt to second compartment, numbered on sixth, endpapers renewed. Complete with 28 lithographs, (including an extra, duplicated plate). P. (4) engraved title blank dedication blank list of plates blank plates and text (37 leaves) (4). Some expert minor reinforcement of the edges otherwise a very good copy of this important military plate book on India. Plates are clean and fresh. Coloured plates in order: 1. Lithographed title page. Sepoys at Practice. 2. The 1st Bengal Fusiliers marching down from Dugshai. 3. Officers joining the Force. 4. Scene in Camp. 5. Troops hastening to Umballa. 6. Mutineers surprised by Her Majesty's 9th Lancers. 7. Storming the Batteries at Badle-Serai 8. Outlying Picket [**plate duplicated**] 9. Repulse of a Sortie. [**plate duplicated**] 10. Reinforcements proceeding to Delhi. 11. Horse Artillery in action. 12 Incident in the Subzee Mundee. 13. Interior of a Tent. 14. Hodson's Horse at Rhotuck. 15. Heavy Day in the Batteries. 16. Fusiliers bringing the Captured Guns into Camp. 17. Sappers at work in the Batteries. 18. The Search for the Wounded. 19. Advance of the Siege Train. 20. Troops of the Native Allies. 21. Storming of Delhi. 22. Mutinous Sepoys. 23. Prize Agents extracting Treasure. 24. Capture & Death of the Shahzadaghs. 25. Wounded Officers at Simla. 26. Wounded Men at Dugshai.