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BELLIARD, Zepherin.
Jean-Pierre Sudre & Charles Bazin.

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Paris, Delpech, quai Voltaire 3, 1895.
Paris, Delpech, quai Voltaire 3, 1895.

Folio book with blue marbled covered paper boards, a quarter leather spine, with gilt bands in six compartments, lettered in gilt in the second compartment. Showing signs of wear or slight damage. Title page and 26 full coloured lithograph illustrations and royal women seen at the French courts during the 12th to the 16th centuries. No text. No titles are given, or only faint pencil notations. Some names are the best guess only! Coloured plates in order: 1. [Regne de Louis.] A woman of a noble bloodline. 2. [no title] A woman is holding a religious relic in an ermine-lined royal blue cloak. 3. [no title] A noblewoman in an attractive blue and gold dress. 4. [Regne de Charles V.] Joanna of Bourbon. 5. [XIV siecle.] A noblewoman is standing on a balcony, holding a peacock feather fan. 6. Clemence Isaure, XIV siecle. 7. [Regne de Charles VII] Marie of Anjou. 8. [Regne de Charles VII] Marie of Anjou. 9. [Regne de Charles VIII.] Anne of Brittany. 10. [Regne de Charles VII.] A noblewoman is holding an open burgundy velvet purse. 11. Anne of Cleves, after the portrait painted by Hans Holbein. The fourth wife of King Henry VIII of England. 12. [Regne de Louis XII.] A noblewoman dressed in black, with beautiful white ermine sleeves. 13. [Siecle de Francois I.] A noblewoman in a pretty dress and cloak, holding a single pink rose. 14. [Regne de Henri II.] Catherine de Medici. 15. [Regne de Charles IX.] Elisabeth of Austria. 16. [Regne de Henri IV.] Margaret de Valois. 17. [Regne de Henri IV.] Marie de Medici. 18. [Regne de Louis XIII.] A young noblewoman is sitting in a satin striped chair, contemplating the contents of the letter she is holding in her lap. 19. [Regne de Louis XIII.] Anne of Austria. 20. [Regne de Louis XIV.] Françoise d'Aubigné. 21. [Regne de Louis XIV.] a young noblewoman is wearing an attractive off-the-shoulder dress with puff sleeves, lace, and ribbons. 22. [Cour de Regent.] A woman of noble birth sitting in a chair in a finely powdered wig, a lovely gown, gloves, and a delicate fan. 23. [Regne de Louis XV.] Marie Leszczynska. 24. [Regne de Louis XV.] Marie Leszczynska. 25. [Regne de Louis XVI.] A well-born woman of the 18th century. 26. [Jeanne d'Aragon.]

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