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DRANER, Jules Renard.
Auguste Guillaumot.
Costumes du Directoire Tirés des Merveilleuses. BOUND WITH: Costumes du XVIIIe Siècle Tirés des Prés Saint-Gervais

Paris: Rouquette, 1875. ; Paris: Rouquette, 1874
Colas 1700 895. Hiler 402-03
Paris: Rouquette, 1875. ; Paris: Rouquette, 1874

Two volumes in one. Quarto contemporary three-quarter red morocco raised bands elaborately gilt-decorated spine marbled boards and endpapers top edge gilt uncut. Second edition of this wonderful plate-book of Jules Draner's costumes for Sardou's Les Merveilleuses (1873) with 30 full-page hand-coloured etchings. Bound with the first edition of his 20 hand-coloured etchings of costumes for Lecocq's Les Prés Saint-Gervais (1874). French costume historian Auguste Guillaumot prepared several plate-books portraying the fashionable fads and foppery from the years of the French Revolution with the idea that fashion was a barometer of political and social change. These two works feature the costume designs of illustrator and caricaturist Jules Draner (the reverse spelling of his surname Renard) whose reputation as an artist resulted from his contributions to such popular magazines as 'Paris-Comique', 'L'Illustration', 'Le Monde Illustré' and 'Le Journal Pour Rire'. Draner chose his caricature subjects not only for their dress but also for their inherent rakishness. In addition he designed theater costumes-for Victorien Sardou's Les Merveilleuses (1873) first published in 1874 and Charles Lecocq's Les Prés Saint-Gervais (1874). Some of the plates corroborate the debt he owed to the raffish young men of the streets who altered prevailing styles by using dress not only as a means of propaganda but also for self-fashioning-or creating an identity through costume. In fact the garments they chose mark the true beginning of modern masculine dress" (Paula Baxter). Small bookplate. Plate impressions crisp and colours bright a few minor closed tears. A fine copy. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: Costumes du Directoire. 1. Lodoiska...Merveilleuse. 2. Lagorille...Incroyable. 3. Illyrine...Bourgeoise. 4. Saint-Amour...Chef de cabinet de Barras. 5. Pervenche...Parvenue. 6. Malincorne...Agent de police. 7. Egle...Merveilleuse. 8. Dorlis...Muscadin. 9. Mme Hinguerlot...Merveilleuse. 10. Desgouttiers...Secretaire du Directoire. 11. Mme de Contade...Merveilleuse. 12. Pouraille...Agioteur. 13. Mme Chateau-Regnault...Merveilleuse. 14. Valcourt...Muscadin. 15. Mme Raguet...Merveilleuse. 16. M. Ragot...Fournisseur. 17. Mme Tuffier...Merveilleuse. 18. Tournesol...Agent de police. 19. Mme Peters...Merveilleuse. 20. Mme Bezuchet...Parvenue. 21. Incroyable. 22. Incroyable. 23. Bourgeoise. 24. Bourgeois. 25. Merveilleuse. 26. Emigre. 27. Merveilleuse. 28. Giflard, agioteur. 29. Bourgeoise. 30. Dupuis...2e role incroyable Langorille. Costumes du XVIII Siecle. 1. Larose...Sergent aux Dragons de Conti. 2. Friquette...Marchande de Fleurs. 3. Le Prince de Conti...Ecolier au college d'Harcourt. 4. Madame Nicolle...Bourgeoise. 5. Harpin...Precepteur. 6. Angelique...Fille de marchande. 7. Narcisse...Paysan. 8. Toinon...Servante. 9. Nicolle...marchand mercier. 10. Goton...Grisette. 11. Fantassin. 12. Javotte...Menagere. 13. Gregoire...Commis marchande. 14. Madelon...Grisette. 15. Premier temoin. 16. Bourgeoise. 17. Deuxieme temion. 18. Bourgeoise. 19. Bourgeois. 20. Bouquetiere.