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[Collection de 254 images découpées coloriées à la main].

(Nuremberg ? Augsbourg ?, vers 1720-1730),
Circa 254
(Nuremberg ? Augsbourg ?, vers 1720-1730),

Collection of 254 decorative hand-coloured cut-outs by Engelbrecht. Meticulously cut-out and hand-coloured and pasted down, the paper (watermark dated 1749) is of French origin. 254 coloured pictures, cut-out and pasted on 87 leaves, folio album (36 x 24,5 cm), contemporary parchment, green silk ties. Collection of contemporary hand-coloured etched images and vignettes, cut-out and pasted in an album on red ink ruled leaves. Most pictures depict people in costumes but also included are imaginary landscapes, bouquets, animals, various sorts of trees, etc. 77 of these illustrations concern China (costumes, pagodas, landscapes) and numerous others depict Turkish scenes. These engravings (one of them bears the excudit of Johann Christoph Schmidhammer, publisher from Nuremburg) bear no signatures, which were removed when they were cut-out. But it is most probably the work of Martin Engelbrecht from Augsburg (1684-1756), aquafortist and etching merchant. He is particularly famous for his engravings of miniature theaters, but also made 3000 engraved plates, especially for cut-outs (Auschneidebogen) for decoration. This is precisely the case of the engravings in the present album, which have been meticulously cut-out and hand-coloured and pasted down, the paper (watermark dated 1749) is of French origin. Les superbes découpages décoratifs d'Engelbrecht à sujets chinois. 254 gravures coloriées, découpées et collées sur 87 ff. d'un album in-folio (36 x 24,5 cm), parchemin, lacets de soie verte [Rel. de l'époque]. Recueil de gravures et vignettes à l'eau-forte coloriées à la main à l'époque, découpées et collées sur les feuillets réglés à l'encre rouge d'un album. Elles représentent pour la plupart des personnages costumés mais on y trouve aussi des représentations de paysages imaginaires, des bouquets, des animaux, divers types d'arbres, etc. 77 d'entre elles concernent la Chine (costumes, pagodes, paysages) mais nombre d'autres représentent des « turqueries ».Ces gravures (dont l'une porte l'excudit de l'éditeur nurembergeois Johann Christoph Schmidhammer) ne portent pas de signature, celle-ci ayant disparu au découpage. Mais il semble bien qu'il s'agisse là de travaux de l'aquafortiste et marchand d'estampes Martin Engelbrecht, né en 1684 à Augsbourg, mort en 1756 dans la même ville. Prolifique graveur, il est célèbre notamment pour ses planches de théâtre d'optique mais il exécuta aussi plus de 3000 planches gravées, expressément destinées au découpage (Auschneidebogen) à des fins décoratives. C'est précisément le cas des gravures du présent album, méticuleusement découpées et coloriées à la main et collées sur un album dont le papier, au filigrane daté de 1749, dénote une origine française. Coloured plates in order: 1. Chinese nobleman. 2. Turkish woman of rank. 3. Chinese woman of rank. 4. A pair of pleasure scenes of people on boats. 5. 2 x musical scenes and 1 of a lady giving a gentleman a floral crown for his head. 6. 3 x assorted scenes. 7. A montage of 10 male figures, some brandishing weapons, others musical instruments. 8. A selection of 4 nobleman, some with axes, others with spears, arrows, swords and helmets. 9. [3 scenes] First scene is of 3 men playing either the trumpet of the drums. Second and third scenes are of military regalia. 10. Four male figures - one carrying a rifle, one on horseback, plus two others. 11. [5 scenes] Four armed males - some with guns, an axe bows and arrows; and a collection of military pennants arrows and flags. 12. [4 scenes] A pair of wealthy Turks, a Scotsman together with a blackamoor on horseback playing drums, flanked by two men also on horseback blowing Trumpets. 13. A montage of 6 assorted figures - including 2 females and a Scotsman. 14. A montage of 8 assorted figures. Some gentlefolk, some armed military men. 15. Six assorted figures, some European, others Oriental. 16. Five figures in beautiful and elaborate costumes. 17. A pair of decorative, rococo style designs. 18. A couple warm themselves by a brazier; another couple spin yarn and sit and stroke a pet dog respectively. 19. A montage of 9 assorted Turkish folk on horseback. 20. A male of rank stands beside his horse beneath a grape vine and a female of rank in a wood with a male deer standing behind her. 21. An Oriental scene. 22. As above. 23. As above. 24. A group of 5 figures, (one female) and a lone pennant. 25. A Far Eastern couple in lovely local costume, flanked by a Camel and an Elephant. 26. A moorish couple from the Near East in local costume, flanked by an Ostrich and a Lion. 27. A couple from the Americas in colourful costume, flanked by a Monkey and an Alligator. 28. A couple flanked by an Ostrich and a Lion. He has bow and arrows. 29. Chinese men enjoying a cup of tea. 30. An Oriental lady holding a large, heavy vase. 31. Juvenile Oriental amusements. 32. Four Chinese men of rank. 33. A Turkish nobleman sits with an audience of 3 other people. 34. A wealthy Chinese couple taking tea on a boat rowed by servants. 35. Three different Chinese 'characters'. 36. A Chinese man and woman stand beside flowering trees; together with fruit tied together with red ribbon. 37. Two Chinese 'characters'. 38. A woman stands by a flowering tree, below her is a scene of a man having his long silken hose removed by a woman. 39. Figures of a Horse, a Sea Monster and a Crane. 40. A flowering plant together with a scene in which two Chinese gentlemen smoke pipes, attended by a servant. 41. A montage of botanical engravings and a bird. 42. An engraving of a decorative design, a Chinese city and three sets of Chinese windows. 43. A pair of decorative designs. 44. Five assorted male figures. European and Turkish. 45. Six assorted Oriental figures. 46. A montage of 8 Oriental figures. 47. Five figures - four Chinese - one a European lady of wealth (a queen?) 48. Six assorted Chinese figures. 49. Three European ladies of rank and power. 50. Four assorted Chinese male figures. 51. An Oriental male with a pair of domestic cats (?) and an Oriental male with a pole with two exotic birds on each end. 52. A pair of high ranking Chinese females and a Chinese male (below) in costume with a mythical creature at his feet. 53. Four Ottoman figures - 3 males and a female. 54. A lady of considerable wealth and rank watches birds taken from cages. Many servants attend her. 55. A scene of an Oriental custom. 56. A collection of 5 Chinese males. 57. A montage of 16 assorted male and female figures; mostly European and from all walks of life. 58. Three decorative vignettes featuring putti, together with a selection of trades figures. 59. A sleeping Chinese figure in a hammock, serenaded by two musicians. 60. A pair of wealthy Chinese men take tea in an open air tent, attended by servants. 61. Chinese rituals. 62. As above. 63. Chinese dancing and music. 64. Scenes of dancing and singing. 65. A Chinese boy and his mother fish by a watercourse thats runs by their house. 66. Flowers and highly coloured Cranes. 67. A beautiful bouquet of flowers. 68. Flowers in bloom. 69. A collection of coral, wood, flowers, branches and leaves. 70. Tree with leaves and flowers. 71. A very Oriental scene of exotic birds, a lake, rocks and trees. 72. A pair of small Oriental trees. 73. A tree with a Chameleon on a branch and two other minor engravings. 74. An Oriental tree with flowers in bloom and leaves. 75. An exotic Oriental bird and tree. 76. An Oriental flowering tree with magnificent blooms. 77. Young Chinese children flying a kite in a strong breeze. 78. An Oriental scene. 79. A selection of five figures, both male and female. 80. Another very Oriental scene including dancing. 81. Chinese men hunting on horseback. 82. A collection of men paying homage to the Chinese Emperor. 83. Six assorted Oriental scenes. 84. A montage of 16 scenes; mostly featuring animals - including deer, rabbit, boar. 85. A selection of 9 various Oriental scenes. 86. Exotic Chinese birds sitting in branches of trees with beautiful flowers above a lake.