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LENTNER, Joseph Friedrich.
Chronica von dem Geschlosse und der Vesten zu Lebenberg.

Herausgegeben von Fr. Plant. Meran, Plant, 1879.
Lentner 11670; Kosch II, 1502
Herausgegeben von Fr. Plant. Meran, Plant, 1879.

Quarto. (37. 5 x 23 cm) 63 leaves. With over 100 hand-coloured illustrations. Bound in original illustrated cloth, richly gilt and blind-stamped. FIRST EDITION of this humorous chronicle, containing numerous hand coloured caricatures in text. "In Meran arbeitete (Lentner) dann an seinen Novellen, Romanen und dramatischen Entwürfen, saß auch in stiller Einsamkeit auf der Burg Lebenberg, deren 'bairisches Stüblein' er mit Frescobildern schmückte, und schrieb daselbst die 'Chronik' dieses Schlosses, welche mit dem ganzen Schmucke seiner stilgerecht dazu gemalten Aquarellminiaturen in genauester Reproductiondurch colorirten Zinndruck herausgegeben wurde"(ADB XVIII, 266). Humorous chronicle of the lives of the South-Tyrolien family Lebenberg, with caricatures of the life of the family, who were closely attached to wine and wine-making. In good condition throughout. Coloured plates in order: Chronica. 1. Title page. 2. Coloured initial letter 'D'. 3. Heraldic Arms of the family. 4. Red lettered words : 'Chronica' & 'Lebenberg'. 5. Red initial letter 'D'. 6. Pair of small heraldic arms. 7. Red lettered words: 'Einschoner Spruch' & 3 scenes: A girl being warmly greeted as she approaches a castle / Man asleep / 3 men perched on thick books. 8. Red initial letter 'W'. 9. Coloured word in red: 'Erhrnbrry' (?). 10. Coloured sentence: 'Die hebt das buech au von der Chronica'. 11. Coloured initial letter 'I'. 12. Small coloured illustration of a man (Noah) holding a glass of wine in one hand, and a grapevine in the other. Behind him are his animals and his Ark. 13. Small coloured illustration of a soldier admiring a glass of white wine, also a genealogy tree and a heraldic shield. 14. Small coloured illustration of 3 men in disguise, holding swords and spears, offer a tankard of beer to a knight. 15. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) The knight, asleep on the ground, after drinking the tankard of beer, while the 3 men in disguise attack, with cannon balls, the nearby castle / (2) The widow and the earl drink wine together. 16. Two small illustrations:(1) Knight, in the disguise of a fox, approaches a holyman holding a key in one hand, and extending a greeting with the other. Knights and Ladies sit in rows opposite each other in a chapel in the background / (2) Man sitting on a wooden stool, drinks deeply from a large wooden barrel. 17. Small coloured illustration of a man on horseback, smoking a pipe, wearing a hat with a long flowing yellow feather. 18. Small coloured illustration of a royal marriage procession proceeding along a path leading from the castle. 19. Small coloured illustration of a man standing, reading a page of music, beside him are a heraldic shield, and a very large glass of wine. 20. Small coloured illustration of a man shooting at a flag, or pennant. 21. Small coloured illustration of 3 men playing new art music. 22. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Althanasius Kerber / (2) Procession of men; two playing a flute and a drum, one carries a bottle, the others carry pikes or swords. 23. Small coloured illustration showing a man unfurling a large banner, or flag. 24. Small coloured illustration of a shield, with a glass of wine at its centre. 25. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Important man on horseback / (2) Two nights on horseback, prepared for battle. 26. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) A boy in a wicker basket, held aloft by two young boys, talks to a tall man, bearing a sword, and wearing spurs / (2) Man reaching out to assist a man in trouble in a body of water. 27. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) A man, some skittles and a young child / (2) Two gentlemen, one carrying a small dog under his arm, the other wears a long sword, leave a lively scene. 28. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Man sitting, naked, in a water trough / (2) A bear in a hat and coat, seen eating a bunch of grapes. 29. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Two men prepare to carve up a bear's claw / (2) A small man with a bag and a large hat, hands over to another man, smoking a pipe, a 'wine pass'. 30. Small coloured illustration depicting a man with a 'wine pass' in his hand. Two shields also seen. 31. Small coloured illustration showing three men: one pointing a rifle, a second holding a stein of beer, the third lighting a pipe / Red initial letter 'D' & these words in red: 'Maximilian, Herzog in Bayern'. 32. Small coloured illustration of a Coat of Arms, with the motto 'Vivat Maximilianus.' /Wood framed wording and signatures pertaining to the Chronica in 1546. 33. Decorative coloured border scenes to accompany some verse, plus the coloured word: 'Aus'. 34. As above, plus a coloured initial letter.. 35. Coloured initial letter 'A' and the coloured words: Steh-Wein'. 36. Coloured initial letter and two small coloured illustrations: (1) Caricature of the Prophet Moses / (2) A group of men standing around a table, upon which sits a 'stuck pig', drinking etc. 37. Four small coloured illustrations; (1) Caricatures of King David and Solomon / (2-3) Caricatures of Samson & Gideon / (4)Three soldier musicians, marching with their instruments and carrying pitchers of wine, plus a coloured initial letter. 38. Four small coloured illustrations: (1) The Prince and the God Bacchus / (2-3) Caricatures of Nestor and Ulysses / (4) Caricatures of Dido & Aeneas. 39. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Man with a lyre in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, wears a 'crown' of flowers in his hair / (2) Horatio and King Octavianus / (3) A king is about to devour a cooked chicken with his knife and fork. 40. Coloured initial letter, together with two small coloured illustrations: (1) A man pouring out wine to three foreign kings / (2) King Karl. 41. Three coloured illustrations: (1) Effigy of a royal knight / King Arthur and his knight's of the round table / A king in his castle. 42. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) A pair of medieval men drinking / Countess Margareta / A group of four musicians, all enjoying a glass of wine. 43. Small coloured illustration of some men smoking and drinking, seated around a table / coloured initial letter. 44. Coloured initial letter and a small coloured illustration featuring a parade of two important noblemen and their armed guards and playing musicians. 45. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Courtier, with his lance and glass of wine, standing beside a heraldic shield and a larger shield with a goblet of wine at its centre / 2) Montage of ribbons, guns, flags and flowers, together with the coloured words: 'Vivat, crescat. floreat!' & 'Maximilian Bauern'. 46. Small coloured illustration three men, two are playing musical instruments, the third is leaning on his sword. 47. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Man leading his followers into battle / (2) Three men attempt to follow and fourth man, dressed in a hat and cape, but only manage to trip, stumble or fall after him / (3) Caricature of the Prussian Dietrich Wilhelm Herford. 48. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Man drinking wine from a flagon, in front of a bear holding a cane and top hat / Man with wine flagon in hand, standing before a snowy mountain / A group of men make 'fun' of another man standing before them. 49. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Man on horseback / (2) Same man on horseback, but now with a group of men surrounding him, plus a coloured initial letter 'A'. 50. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Three men inspect the corpse of a dead horse / A king, with his sword tucked under his arm, approaches a horse, wearing specticles, plus a coloured initial letter and the coloured word 'Nere'. 51. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Chubby man riding a donkey / Burial tomb. 52. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Four men who are all playing musical instruments / Nobleman on horseback / Men 'fighting' broken bottles of wine, plus a coloured initial letter 'A' and the word 'Und'. 53. The coloured words: 'Vom Steh-Wein' and some coloured text embellishment. 54. Decorative coloured initial letter and four lines of coloured german text. 55. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Small man with papers under his arrm / Forearm, ribbon and a glass of wine / Salamander drinking form a beer stein. Coloured initail letter 'I' and ???, plus the coloured word 'Maximilian'. 56. Three small coloured illustrations; (1) Group of men 'merry' after a bout of drinking / (2) Shield, with motto, upside down, plus and candle falling after it has fallen from its holder / (3) Man with hat and cloak walks with two furled flags over his shoulder, plus the coloured words 'Steh-Wein' together with three wodden crosses at the foot of the page. 57. Four small coloured illustrations: (1) Two men and a fox in a monks habit, battle against a strong wind / (2) Two men either side of a 'Constitution' / An evil looking caricature of a centaur-like beast holding a clergymen in each hand, while squashing a church and its rector under foot. Seen in a bag slung over its shoulder are clerical relics etc / King (Italy?) seen at the head of a procession, together with the coloured initial letters of 'D' & 'I', plus 'Marz 1888.' 58. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Four men are seen acting as sentries for a town / (2) A small town in miniature / (3) Man with two dogs, smoking his pipe, heraldic shield also, plus coloured initial letter 'I'. 59. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) People fleeing from a giant / Man, standing in military uniform, with a rifle slung over one shoulder, and holding a sword in one hand, together with the coloured initial letters of 'U' & 'D', plus the coloured words 'Item' and a small embellishment to the foot of the page. 60. Small coloured illustration of a smaller man embracing a much taller man by standing on a chair. Coloured initial letters 'I' and the word 'Den.' 61. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Heraldic shield / Two men grinding a Halberd and swords, with cannon nearby, plus the coloured initial letters 'D' & 'I'. 62. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Man and boy drinking and smoking, with a lit fuse, standing by over a 'bomb shaped' pot / (2) people pushing/pulling a large implement / (3) Lady cooking a large pot of food, underneath is an illustration of a spit roasted bull, plus coloured initial letter 'A'. 63. Small coloured illustration of three men, two of whom are armed, 'sneaking up' on an armed man, who is fast asleep. 64. Small coloured illustration of a group of men fighting. 65. Three small coloured illustration: (1) Men falling over in a vegetable patch, watched by a farmer and his wife / (2) Man with a bayonet advances on a two men / (3) Two men smoking and drinking, whilst sitting in the shade of a tree. 66. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Armed men heading toward battle, others firing their rifles / (2) Men advancing on a fortified castle. 67. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Man sitting in a field / (2) Men sitting, eating and drinking. 68. Coloured initial letter 'I'. 69. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Two men shake hands, while also crossing swords with each other / (2) Samll man either side of a pair of heraldic shields / (3) Man standing with hand in pocket, holding a cane, plus initial letter 'I'. 70. Three small coloured illustrations: (1) Man picking grapes from vines / Same man fast asleep in bed, clutching a bunch of grapes, glass of wine and carafe on his bedside table / Same man ascending and descending a mountain. 71. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Heraldic shield / (2) Fox, with helmet and sword, holds a glass of wine, plus the coloured words: 'Sophey von Osterreich' & 'Anno 1850' & 'Item'. 72. Two small coloured illustrations: (1) Heraldic shield (2) Giant toasting three smaller men with a wine goblet, together with Coloured initial letter 'I' & the words 'Rainer' and 'Ain...' 73. Two coloured illustrations: (1) A pair of shields (2) Large decorative illustration and letters. 74. Coloured words: 'Hochzeit ze Lebenberg', 'Anna', 'Karl Kirchlechner', 'Lebenberg' and coloured letters 'A' & 'F'. 75. Coloured initial letters 'D' (plain) and 'G' (more decorative). 76. Small coloured decoration of a man waving a flag, with some embellishments. 77. Coloured words: 'Item' & Hie folgen noch die Namen der northen gaste'. 78. Coloured embellishments to a page of text. 79. Three small coloured heraldic shields, plus coloured initial letters 'I' & 'D', together with the words 'Anno di 1851', 'Item', and 'Johann von Osterreich'. 80. Coloured initial letters 'D', 'S', 'E' and 'H'. 81. Small coloured illustration a wine shield against three spears, together with the coloured initial letters of 'A' & 'D', plus the coloured words 'Steh-Wein', Stehivein [in] Meran' and 'Michel Grill'. 82. Coloured illustration of an artist beginning to colour the word 'Lebenberg' and a man beside him holding a glass of wine, plus the coloured initial letters 'W' & 'S', plus the words 'Das gelshlok zu Lebenberg. Weinspiegel. 83. The coloured words: 'Weinspiegel ' & 'des Steh-Weins Landsbrauch'. 84. The coloured words: 'Weinrecht' & 'Allgemeine satz und recht'. 85. The coloured words: 'Des Stehweins regiment'. 86. The coloured words: 'Weingericht' & 'Von dem Weingrafen, Schoffen...' 87. The coloured words: 'Von der pon und straf'. 88. Coloured illustration of a wine shield and a flag of the wine shield and a heraldic shield, plus the coloured words: 'Des Stehwins Wappen, Kreiden, farb'. 89. The coloured words: 'Von den Capituln oder offen Ding'. 90. The coloured word: 'Werbordnung'. 91. The coloured words: 'Erb-und Lehenrerht des Steh-weins.' & 'Von den Erb-Stehwein-Jung-Gesellen oder candidatis natis Stavinanis.' 92. The coloured words: 'Von den Erb-amtern'. 93. Large coloured illustrations of: (1) A saluting soldier and a Courtier, both in full uniform / (2) A wine shield, together with the following coloured words: 'Steh-Wein' & 'Machdem sich bei uns und in anserer Herberg' & 'Hug Philipp von und zu Goldegg' (twice) & 'Die feldobrist-Hauptmann schaft vom Steh-Wein'.