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HART, Captain Lockyer Willis.
Character and Costumes in Afghaunistan.

London: Henry Graves & Co., 1843.
Abbey Travel II 511; Bobins 254.
27 + 1
London: Henry Graves & Co., 1843.

FIRST EDITION. Large folio, hand-coloured engraved map, lithographed pictorial title, and 26 hand-coloured lithographed plates, letterpress description of the plates mounted on card, the whole loose in the original morocco-backed gilt folder, label in gilt to upper cover. The rare portfolio issue, with the plates hand-coloured and mounted on card. Hart was a Captain in the 22nd Regiment Bombay Infantry. The plates show scenes of everyday life in Kabul, for instance, one of a kebab stand, as well as portraits of Emir Dost Mohammed and other dignitaries. Coloured plates (not) in order: 1. [Map] Sketch map of Sinde & Afghaunistan. 2. Lithographed title page. 3. Kurachee / Lower Sinde / A Sindiau and his Attendants. 4. Ancient Castle of Sehwun on the Indus / State Barge of the Umeers of Sinde / A Sindian Woman, Priest and Soldier. 5. Dadur. / Hajee Ibrahim, Commandant of the Bolan Rangers and men of the Brahooee Tribe. 6. Kaukers of the Bolan Range. 7. Fort of Killeh Abdooleh / Troopers of the Auchukzye Horse. 8. A Doorance Noble & his attendant at the Palace, Candahar. 9. Fort of Kelat-e-Giljee, a Chieftain and Female of the Giljee Tribe, and Huzzah Peasants. 10. Yacoob Beg. Toorkumum, Ambassador from Khiva to Cabul / Guznee / Exterior of the Tomb of Sultan Mahmood / Abdool Rusheed, nephew of Dost Mohamed Khan. 11. Khan Sheereen Khan, Chief of the Juwansheer Kuzzilbashes / Tomb of Sultan Mahmood - Ghuznee / Hajee Khan Kauker. 12. Shahzadu Timoor / Shah Shoojau-ool-Moolk / Shahzadu Sufter Jung and Attendant. 13. Meer Alum Khan / Umleh Bashee / Dost Mahomed Khan / Chaoosh Bashee / Meer Alee / Umleh Bashee / Surfuraz Khan / Rikab Bashee / Officers of the Kings Household. 14. Umeer Dost Mahomed Khabn. 15. Aga Khan, (Kohistan Rangers) / Meer Humzu (1st Janbaz Cavalry) / A Sergeant, Afghan Infantry / Ahmed Khan (Kohistan Rangers). 16. Cabul - A Fulloodeh Stall and Huzzaras carrying snow &c, to Market. 17. Castle of Zohauk-i-Maran / British Commandant of Shah Shooja's 2nd Janbaz Cavalry & Afghan Troopers of the Corps. 18. Bameen Tajiks of Bameen and the Kohistan. 19. Mahomed Umeen Khan. Wales of Khooloom, with his Minister and Attendants. 20. Mahomed Shah. Chief Executioner. / Ghufoor / A Mutilator / Retinue of Shah Shoojau-ool-Moolk. 21. Cabul - Afghan and Kuzzilbash Ladies. 22. Cabul - A Kuttar, or String of Blind Beggars. 23. Cabul - A Cabaub Shop. 24. Jan Fishan Khan Pergamee. Naib Mahomed Shureef / Gholam Mahomed Barukzye. Atmaram P.M. of the Chief of Koondooz / View of the Plain of Begram, the Reg Ruwan and part of the Kohistan. 25. Perganeh near Istalif - Huzzarehs firing with Juzaeels. 26. Jellalabad, Sirdar Mahomed Ukbar Khan. 27. A Nephew of Dost Mahomed Khan, on the celebrated Horse Koh-i-Noor, or the Mountain of Light. 28. The Sandal Wood Gates of Somnauth.