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PERRAULT, Charles.
Cendrillon et Les Fees.

Asnieres-sur-Seine: Boussod-Valadon, 1886
Asnieres-sur-Seine: Boussod-Valadon, 1886

1 of 200 copies only on heavy paper. 32 illustrations (of which 29 are hand coloured) printed integrally with the text that reproduce the Edouard de Beaumont watercolours and drawings with astounding fidelity, making them appear original. This copy inscribed on Christmas from Robert Hoe to his granddaughter: "For Thupza Benson, with affectionate wishes for a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year from her Grandfather, Robert Hoe. Dec 25th '93". Truly sumptuously bound in full morocco, heavily gilt; blue silk endpapers. Some staining; affecting the verso of the front and rear boards; to a lesser extent, the margins of some of the pages. Still it is a beautiful book with a fine provenance, a family gift from of one of America's grandest book collectors. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. A Dainty Shoe surrounded by Roses. 3. Melon growing in the ground. 4. Plates, pots and pans in a kitchin. 5. Maid sitting by a large pot, boiling in a fireplace. 6. Violin and scattered sealed letters. 7. Ladies Corset and Ruff. 8. Young lady with her head in her hands (crying?). 9. Large Pumpkin being carved up. 10. Hand holding a stick / baton by a mouse shown standing on its back legs. 11. Watering can / funnel lying in a garden, with lizards around it. 12. A lady sitting on a stool with a wand in ine hand and a green pair of shoes in the other, talking to a young lady standing before her. 13. A King (?) courting a young lady. 14. Woman holding some citrus fruit. 15. Lady in a green dress waving a wand. 16. King and young lady stand beside an ornate drinking vessel and a plant. 17. Semi naked lady seen beneath a clock. 18. A flying wheel, a sheet , a glove and a piece of ribbon. 19. Trumpet, one green shoe, a scarf and an open document with a red wax seal. 20. A number of children's bare and stockinged feet and ankles all pointing towards a green shoe and a Trumpet, resting on a plush velvet cushion. 21. Flowers. 22. A lady wearing the pair of green shoes, resting on a crown. 23. A Glass of Champagne (?), a pair of Frogs, Roses and a Wand. 24. An Terracotta Wine Jug amongst vines. 25. Roses. 26. Snakes and Frogs. 27. A young lady startled by a horse and its rider. 28. Snakes and Frog (in the margins). 29. Glass of Champagne, a blue ribbon and insects.