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BIRCH, Walter De Gray.
Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum. (Vol 5)

A priceless reference book concerning historic seals and heraldic crests for hundreds of noblemen and shall we say people of more 'humble' origins. Filled with literally hundreds of exquisite small, but detailed, crests (mostly) beside the reference data for that person. A truly fascinating volume.

Longmans and Co., London, 1892.
Longmans and Co., London, 1892.

Royal octavo. Volume 5 only only (of 6 - missing vol 1) ca 4000pp, First edition. Whipstitch book block. Bound in matching original brown cloth boards and spine. Corners bumped, untrimmed edges. Lettered in gilt to spines. Embossed in blind to boards. Hundreds of beautifully hand illuminated heraldic crests. Many additional notes have been added by a contemporary hand. Vols 2 & 3 (see entry SPL 768) have been respined and had fresh endpapers and new inner hinges. Vol 5 in need of some repair. *Only coloured crests are listed. Coloured plates in order. Volume 5. France. Seals of Sovereigns. 2176. Louis VIII. 2177. Louis X. (x2) 2178. Louis XII. (x2) 2179. Francis II and Mary I. 2180. Louis XVIII. 2181. Louis Philippe I. Royal Offices and Officers. 2183. Francis II and Mary I. 2184. Marie D'Anjou, daughter of Louis II... 2185. Mary of England, daughter of Henry VII... 2186. Alfonse, son of John [de Brienne] King of Jerusalem...(x2) 2187. Gilles Le Brun. 2188. Marshalship of France. (x2) Ecclesiastical Seals. 2189. Jean De La Grange II, Bishop of Amiens. 2190. Guy II., De Mello, Bishp of Auxerre. 2191. Pierre de Longeuil, Archdeacon of Pontigny. 2192. Milo I., de Chatillon, Bishop of Beauvais. 2193. P. Pourtier, Canon of Besancon. 2194. Charles de Bourbon, Bishop of Cambray. 2195. Guillaume de Durfort, Bishop of Langres. (x2) 2196. Pierre de Savoye, Archbishop of Lyons. 2197. Henry de Villars, Archbishop of Lyons. 2198. Louis Aleman, Archbishop of Narbonne. 2199. Ademar de Monteil, Bishop of Metz. 2200. Henri de Lorraine. Bishop of Metz. 2201. Conrad II., Bayer von Boppard. Bishop of Metz. (x3) 2202. Louis de Harecourt, Archbishop of Narbonne. 2203. Harduin de Perefixe de Beaumont, Archbishop of Paris. 2204. Guillaume de Sayssac, Canon. 2205. Georges D'Amboise, Archbishop of Rouen. 2206. Hugolin, Archdeacon of Aunis. 2207. Guillaume II., de Melun, Archbishop of Sens. (x2) 2208. Enguerran de Crequi, Bishop of Terouane-Boulogne. (x2) 2209. Philippe de Coetquis, Archbishop of Tours. 2210. Liebault de Cutance, Bishop of Verdun. 2211. Aldebert de Peyre, Bishop of Viviers. Monastic Seals. 2212. Guillaume IV., D'Harcourt, Abbot of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Etienne, Caen.(x2) 2213. Guillaume IV., de Edua, Abbott of the Cistercian Abbey in Clairvaux. 2214. Louis de Lorraine, Cardinal de Guise, Archbishop and Duke of Rheims...(x2) 2215. Jacques de Veny D'Arbouze, Grand Prior and Abbot General of the Order of Cluny. 2216. Seal of the Sacrist. 2217. Denain, Abbey of Canonesses, in Hainault in Arras. 2218. Favernay, Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary, Diocese of Besancon. 2219. Pierre II. de Arrablai, Abbot. 2220. Eleonor de Bretagne, Abbess. 2221. Amauri de Nesle, King's clerk, provost. 2222. Moustier-Rousseille, St. Martin's near Aubusson, in La Marche. 2223. St. Claude in Franche-Comte, Priory of Barefooted Carmelites. 2224. Guido II., de Monceaux, Abbot. 2225. Jean de Chartres, Abbot. 2226. Semur, Carmelite Priory, in Auxois, diocese of Langres.(x2) 2227. Viviers, Chapel of Notre Dame, in Brie. Local Seals. 2228. Abbeville in Lower Picardy. (x2) 2229. Abort. 2230. Aire in Artois. 2231. Baudoin de Commines, (Aire) Chatelain. 2232. Alencon in Lower Normandy. 2233. Henri Destavilleton, Keeper. 2234. Julien Lemoulnier, Keeper. 2235. Angers, in Anjou. (x2) 2236. Bailleul in Flanders. 2237. Bar-Sur-Aube in Champagne. 2238. John Burnel, Vicomte. (x2) 2239. Beaune in Burgundy. 2240. Bologne-Sur-Mer, in Picardy. 2241. Briquebec in Normandy. 2242. Burgundy. (x2) 2243. Calais in Picardy. 2244. Carcassonne in Toulouse, Languedoc. 2245. Chartres. (x2) 2246. Chaumont. 2247. Clermont in Auvergne. 2248. Douai, in Flanders. 2249. Dun-Le-Roi in Berry. 2250. Essay in Normandy. 2251. Grand Loge des Maitres de L'Orient de France. 2252. Gaillefontaine, in Normandy. 2253. Gaillon, in Normandy. 2254. Jousselmyere et de la Tousche Daubigne. 2255. Lens in Artois. 2256. Luxueil in Franche-Comte. 2257. Macon in Burgundy. (x2) 2258. Marseille in Provence. 2259. Meri-Sur Seine in Champagne. 2260. Barony of Meulan. 2261. Moissac in Quercy. 2262. Monteil. 2263. Montpellier in Languedoc. 2264. Morey in the diocese of Autun. 2265. Mortagne in La Perche. 2266. Moulins-en Gilbert in Nivernais. 2267. Orange in Venaissin. 2268. Province of Normandy. 2269. Passavant in Champagne. 2270. Ponthieu in Picardy. (x2) 2271. Preuilly in Touraine. 2272. St. Florentin in Champagne. 2273. St. Omer in Artois / Guillaume de Fauquembourg. 2274. Strassbourg in Alsace. Uncertain Seals. 2275. Barony of -------? 2276. Seal of the Contracts de la Cour. Equestrian Seals. 2277. Gerard Ademar. 2278. Guigo Adzemar. 2279. Pierre, Count of Alencon...(x2) 2280. Dreux D'Amiens. 2281. Charles, Count of Anjou...(x2) 2282. Louis I., Duke of Anjou and Touraine... 2283. Guillaume L'Archeveque... 2284. Jean I., Count of Armagnac. 2285. Robert II., Count of Artois. 2286. Hughes D'Auxy. 2287. Henri D'Avaugour. 2288. Gautier D'Avesnes, Count of Blois. 2289. Jean D'Avesnes. 2290. Edouard I, Count of Bar. 2291. Jean de Bar. 2292. Jean de Baugency. 2293. Bertrand, Lord of Baux. (x2) 2294. Raimund de Baux, Prince of Orange. 2295. Imbert de Beaujeu, Lord of Montpensier. (x2) 2296. jean, Count of Beaumont. 2297. Raoul de Beaumont. 2298. Wilaume de Beausac. 2299. Aimeri Bechet. 2300. Jean, Duke of Berri and Auvergne. 2301. Guillaume de Bethune, Lord of Muelenbecca. 2302. Mahuis, Lord of Biauvoir. 2303. Thibaut Vi., Count of Blois and Clermont. 2304. Alphonse de Portugal. 2305. Renaud, Count of Boulogne and Danmartin. 2306. Archambaud IX., de Bourbon. 2307. Charles, Duke of Burgundy... 2308. Eudes, Count Palatine of Burgundy... 2309. Eudes IV., Duke and Count of Burgundy. 2310. Philippe, 4th son of King John King of France...(x2) 2311. Jean de Bourgogne. 2312. Renaud de Bourgogne. 2313. Hugues de Boville, Lord of Milly. 2314. Pierre de Braine. 2315. Arthur of Bretagne, Duke of Bretagne. 2316. Robert-Bertrand VII., de Briquebec. 2317. Antoine, Duke of Calabria, Lorraine and Bar-le-Duc... 2318. Hugues de Cardaillac. 2319. Geaufroi Chabot. 2320. Jean de Chalon, Lord of Rochefort. 2321. Jean de Chalon, Sire de Arlay. 2322. Pierre, Lord of Chambly. 2323. Hervee de Chaource. 2324. Geoffroi, Lord of Chateaubriand. (x2) 2325. Alard de Chateau-Gontier. 2326. Gaucher I., de Chatillon, Lord of Crecy. 2327. Gaucher de Chatillon, Lord of la Tour and of Dampierre. 2328. Hugues Vi., de Chatillon, Count of St. Pol. 2329. Jehan de Chatillon, Lord of Dampierre. 2330. Guillerme de Chavigny, Lord (de) Castro Radulphi. 2331. Dauphin, Count of Clermont and Auvergne. 2332. Raoul de Clermont, Lord of Nesle. 2333. Robert, Count of Clermont and Auvergne. 2334. Hughes de Conflans. 2335. Enguerrand III., Lord of Coucy. 2336. Thomas de Co[ucy]. 2337. Siger de Courtrai. 2338. Amaurai de Craon. 2339. Alard de Croisilles. 2340. Arnoul de Cysoing. 2341. Simon de Dammartin, Count of Ponthieu. 2342. Guy de Dampierre, Lord of St. Just. 2343. Guy [de Dampierre], Count of Flanders... 2344. Robert de Dampierre. 2345. Pierre de Dreux. 2346. Robert III., Count of Dreux... 2347. Louis II., Count of Etampes. 2348. Bernard de Firmitate. 2349. Fernando of Portugal. 2350. Willaumes of Flanders. 2351. Roger-Bernard III., Count of Foix...(x3) 2352. Charles of France, Dauphin of Vienne... 2353. Eudes, Lord of Grancey. 2354. Henry V., Count of Grandpre. 2355. Guillaume, Count of Hainault... 2356. Eudes, Lord of Ham. 2357. Jean, Lord of Harnes. 2358. Michel de Harnes. 2359. Philippe de Hondschoote. 2360. Pierre de Hondschoote. 2361. Guillaume de Humeto. 2362. Ademar V., Vicomte of Limoges. 2363. Christofre de Longin, Lord of Rahon. 2364. frederic, Duke of Lorraine. 2365. Guy de Lezignan, Count of La Manche... 2366. Guy de Lusignan, Lord of Cognac. 2367. Hardouin de Mailli. 2368. Guillaume Maingo, Lord of Surgeres. 2369. Guillaume de Maldeghem. 2370. Louis, Count of La Marche and of Clermont... 2371. Guy de Marchia. 2372. Enguerran de Marigny III., Count of Longueville. 2373. Dreux de Mello, Lord of Loches. 2374. Berault de Mercoeur. 2375. Raoul de Meulent. 2376. Ingelram de Montchevreil. 2377. Jean de Montfaucon. 2378. Amauri VI., Count of Montfort. 2379. Mathieu II., lord of Montmorency. (x2) 2380. Jean IV., de Montoire, Count of Vendome. 2381. Pierre, Count of Mortain. 2382. Philip de Nanteuil. 2384. Henri of Navarre, Count of Ronay... 2385. Gautier III., Lord of Nemours. 2386. Thibaut, Sire de Neufchatel. 2387. Miles, Lord of Noyers. 2388. Charles, Count of Blois and Beaumont-sur-Oise...(x2) 2389. Gherard, Lord of Oudenburg. 2390. Philippe de Pacy, Lord of Nanteuil-le-Haudouin. 2391. Aimar (III?)., de Poitiers, Count of Valentinois. 2392. Alfonse, Count of Poitiers...(x2) 2393. Guillaume III., Count of Ponthieu. 2394. Baudouin de Praet. 2395. Ildefonse, Count and Marquis of Provence. 2396. Beatrice, Countess of savoy and Italy, Countess of Provence. 2397. Hugues II., Count of Rethel. 2398. Guy de La Roche. 2399. Roger du Rosoy. 2400. Jean II., Count de Rouci. 2401. Rostagnus de Sabrano. 2402. Guillaume de Ste. Croix. 2403. Guillaume de Sancta Maura. 2404. Henri, Lord of Sully. 2405. Aimeri VII., Vicomte of Thouars... 2406. Raimond VII., Count of Toulouse... 2407. Jean de Tournebu, Lord of Bec-Thomas. 2408. Mathieu de Trie. 2409. Thibaut III., Count Palatine of Troyes. 2410. Gerard de Ventadour, Lord of Donzenac. 2411. Helie, Vicomte of Ventadour. 2412. Humbert II., Dauphin of Viennois... 2413. Andre, Lord of Vitre. 2414. Philippe de Wastine. Figures of Noble and Illustrious Ladies. 2415. Jeanne, wife of Guillaume L'Archeveque, Lady of Partenay... 2416. Isabel [de Paci], wife of Guillaume des Barres...(x2) 2417. Isabelle de Beaumont, Lady of Bec-Thomas. 2418. Ida (of Flanders), Countess of Boulogne and Dammartin. (x2) 2419. Marie (de Milly), wife of Hugues de Bouville. 2420. Jeanne de Bretagne, daughter of the Duke of Bretagne...(x2) 2421. Agnes de Brienne, Countess of Joigny. (x2) 2422. Mahaut of Burgundy, Countess of Artois...(x2) 2423. Marguerite of Burgundy, Viscountess of Limoges...(x2) 2424. Alix, wife of Jean de Chalon... 2425. Beatrix, Countess of Chalon. 2426. Isabelle, Countess of Chartres. 2427. Alix, daughter of Jean, Count of Bretagne... 2428. Jeanne de Chatillon, wife of Pierre, Count of Alencon and Chartres...(x2) 2429. Jeanne, daughter of Jean de Clermont, Count of Charolais...(x2) 2430. Helissende de Conflans, Lady of Cudo and of precy. 2431. Laurette, daughter of Matthieu II, Duke of Lorraine... 2432. Sidilla, Lady of Dampierre-sur-Boutonne. (x2) 2433. Aanor, Countess of Dreux. 2434. Jeanne de Fiennes, Countess of St. Pol. (x2) 2435. Jeanne de Flandres, Duchess of Bretagne...(x2) 2436. Jeanne de Flandres, widow of Enguerran IV de Couci. (x2) 2437. Marguerite, Countess of Flanders and Artois... 2438. Yolande of Flandres, wife of Henri IV...(x3) 2439. Jeanne of France, wife of Odo IV., Duchess of Burgundy. 2440. Isabella de Geroltzeck, Lady of Pacy and Nanteuil-le-Haudouin. (x2) 2441. Bearix, Countess of Joigny. 2442. Jeanne de Joygne, Lady of Villeneuve. (x2) 2443. Yolande de Lusignan, Countess of La Marche and Angouleme. (x2) 2444. Jeanne de Marchaux, lady of Viarmes. 2445. Yolande de Dreux, Countess of La Marche and Angouleme. 2446. Alix, wife of Foulques, Lord of matefelon. 2447. Elysabeth, Countess of Namur. (x2) 2448. Alix, Lady of Nemours... 2449. Yolande, Countess of Nevers... 2450. Beatrix de Olerguio, Lady of La Tour. 2451. Blanche, Countess of Ronay. (x2) 2452. Isabelle de Rooni, Lady of Chambli. (x2) 2453. Bearix de Roucy. (x2) 2454. Sibilla, Lady of Surgeres. 2455. Alice, Viscountess of Thouars? 2456. Helissandre de Traignel, lady of Cascant. 2457. Mahaut, Countess of Valois and Chartres. 2458. Jeanne de Vendome, Lady of Vendome and Sully. (x2) Heraldic Seals. 2459. Pierre II., Count of Alencon and Le Perche... 2460. Arnald Amanieu d'Albret, Lord of Lebret. 2461. Sibilla d'Anduse, widow of the Count of Aleth. 2462. Jehan d'Angennes, Lord of Rambouillet. 2463. Guichart d'Angle, Earl of Huntingdon... 2464. Charles Daniou, Count of Mortaing. 2465. Hugues L'Archeveque, Lord of Partenay and Vouvent. 2466. Geoffroi, Sire d'Argenton. 2467. Bernard D'Armagnac, Count de la Marche... 2468. Jehan, Count of Astarac. 2469. Guillaume d'Aunai. 2470. Hue, Lord of Auteil. 2471. Beraud, Dauphin d'Auvergne, Count of Clermont and Sancerre. 2472. Bandouin d'Avesnes. 2473. Jean de Avesnes. 2474. Marguerite d'Avaugour, wife of Henri d'Avaugour. 2475. Sohier de Bailleul. 2476. Colart de Barbancon, Lord of Villers. 2477. Arnault Guilhen de Barbezan. 2478. Guillaume des Barres. 2479. Hugues de Bauche. 2480. Bertrand de Baux, Lord of Monteil. 2481. Gaston VII., Vicomte of Bearn... 2482. -----de Beaufort, Lord of ----- 2483. Louis, Lord of Beaujeu. 2484. Alain de Beaumont. 2485. Raoul II., Vicomte of Beaumont. 2486. Thibaut de beaumont, Lord of Bressuire. 2487. Jean de Bellavilliers. 2488. Jaques Belle. 2489. Maurice de Belleville. 2490. Jehan, Lord of Bethencourt. 2491. Guy of Blois, Lord of Beaumont... 2492. Jacques Bochetel, Lord of La Forest. 2493. Jehan de Bouloigne, Count of Montfort. 2494. Jehan de Bourbon, Count of la Marche... 2495. Louis II., Duke of Bourbon, Count of Clermont and Forez... 2496. Eudes IV., Duke of Burgundy... 2497. Hugh de Bourgogne. 2498. Isabelle, wife of Philippe Le Bon, Duke of Burgundy...(x2) 2499. Jeanne of Burgundy, Queen of Philippe, King of France. 2500. Philippe "Le Bon", Duke of Burgundy... 2501. Anselm Le Bouteiller, Lord of Luzarches. 2502. Marguerite Of brabant, Countess of Flanders, Nevers, and Rethel. 2503. Guillaume, Lord of Braquemont. 2504. Jeanne, Duchess of Bretagne... 2505. John of Bretagne, Count of Richmond. 2506. Alelme de Bualet. 2507. Charles Le Grand, Duke of calabria, Lorraine Bar... 2508. Frremin de Cambresis, Burgess of Abbeville. 2509. Pons de Castillon. 2510. Guillaume de Caues. 2511. Jehan de Chabanes. 2512. Sabran Chabot, Lord of la Roche Cerviere. 2513. Guilles de Chamont. 2514. Francoys, Lord of Sassenage... 2515. Gaucher de Chasteillon, Lord of Creci. 2516. Jacques de Chateau-Gontier. 2517. Jacques de Chatillon. 2518. Andre de Chauvigny, Lord of Chateauroux. 2519. Mahieu de Chery. 2520. Humbert de Cholay, Lord of Lullins. 2521. Marie de Cleves, Duchess of Orleans, Milan, and Valois... 2522. Roger de Coieneshem. 2523. Gaucher de Commerceio. 2524. Guillaume, Lord of Corcondrai. 2525. Hugues de Cornehus. 2526. Enguerran VII., Lord of Coucy, Count of Soissons... 2527. Guillaume Coudren. 2528. Jehan de Couttes. 2529. Maurice, Lord of Craon and Sable. 2530. Pierre de Criquebeuf. 2531. Gilles de la Croix. 2532. Mansart Daisne. 2533. Huet Damboise, Lord of Chaumont... 2534. Guillaume de Dampierre. 2535. Guy de Dampierre. 2536. Karados Desquenes. 2537. Pierre de Douai, of Flanders. 2538. Pierre de Douai. 2539. Robert V., Count of Dreux. 2540. Alfonse d'Espagne. 2541. Louis II., Count of Etampes. 2542. Gerard de Faiel. 2543. Jehan, Lord of Faucoigny. 2544. Gilles de Fay. 2545. Olivier Ferron. 2546. Gaston II, Count of Foix... 2547. Isabella, Countess of Foix... 2548. Mathieu de Foix, Count of Cominges... 2549. Jehan de Fontaines. 2550. Hugues de Fontenelles. 2551. Guigues VI., Count of Forez. 2552. Aubert Foucaut. 2553. Guillaume Fouquault. 2554. Alphonse of France, son of King Louis VIII...(x4) 2556. Jehan of France, son of King [John I] of France... 2557. Nicolas de Freville. 2558. G----de la Garda. 2559. Guillaume de Garlande. 2560. Raimond Gaucelin, Lord of Lunel. 2561. Raoul, Lord of Gaucourt. 2562. Bernard de Girard. 2563. Guy Gouille. 2564. Guillaume de Grimberghe. 2565. Jehan Grimoult. 2566. Bertran du Guerclin. 2567. Isabella, Lady of La Haye-Passavent... 2568. Thomas de Hetehou. 2569. Rogier de Hobes. 2570. Gautier de Hondschoote. 2571. Anselm de Insula, Lord of L'Ile-Adam. 2572. Jean de Joux. 2573. Raoul de Jupilles. 2574. Lancelot du Lac. 2575. Amauri de Landast. 2576. Gerard de Lens. 2577. Geoffroi de Lesignan, Lord of Jarmac. 2578. The Prince de Ligne. 2579. Guillaume Lindelay. 2580. Vezia de Lomanha, Arnaudot de Lomanha and Daumas de Lomanha. 2581. Jean I., Duke of Lorraine and Marche. 2582. Robert de Louiz, Lord of Ermenoville, and of Biaurain... 2583. Walleran de Lucembourc, Count of Ligny... 2584. Guillem Lup. 2585. Sir Hue Luttrelle. 2586. Guillaume Maingou, Lord of Surgeres. 2587. Raoul de Malleone. 2588. Bouchard, Lord of Marly. 2589. Jehan Masquerel. 2590. Guy de Mauleon. 2591. Rene Charles de Maupeou. 2592. Guilleaume Mauvoisin. 2593. Juhel de Meduana. 2594. Dreux de Mello, Constable of France. 2596. Dreux de Mello, Lord of Loches. 2597. Jehan Le Mengre. 2598. Jean de Meudon. 2599. Roger de Meulan, Viconte of Evreux. 2600. Wus, Lord of Miraumont. 2601. Jehan, Lord of Montagu... 2602. Durand de Montal, of Auvergne. 2603. Durand de Montal, Lord of the castle de la Roca-Brau. 2604. Simon de Montbeliard, Lord of Montbeliard. 2605. Geoffroi de Monte-Basono. 2606. Gautier de Montfaucon. 2607. Eudes, Lord of Montferrant. 2608. Loys, Lord of Montlaur. 2609. Pierre de Mornay. 2610. Baudouin de Mortagne. 2611. Edmond Mulso. 2612. Philippe de Nemours. 2613. Ogier de Nentoillet. 2614. Jean d'Oiseler, Lord of Flagie. 2615. Guillaume Oldhalle. 2616. Ferdinand Philippe, Duke of Orleans...(x2) 2617. Jean of Orleans, Count of Angouleme... 2618. Jehan, Bastard of Orleans, Count of Pierregort... 2619. Sir James d'Ormond. 2620. Guillaume Painel. 2621. Archambaut III., Comte de Perigord. 2622. Denis des Planches. 2623. Margarete van Engelant, Duchess of Burgundy, Lothier, Brabant... 2624. Simonne, wife of Charles de Poitiers... 2625. Walter de Poka. 2626. Guy de Ponches. 2627. Jehan du Pont. 2628. Henry de Potes. 2629. Pierre de Precy. 2630. Geoffroi de Preuilly. 2631. Gervais de Pruille. 2632. Jehan de Quenus. 2633. Regnault de Refuge. 2634. Oudart de Renty. 2635. Rasse de Renty. 2636. Jehan de Robessard. 2637. Jean de Rocca. 2638. Guillaume de la Roche-d'Agout. 2639. Charles de Rochefort, Lord of Villers. 2640. Guillaume des Roches. 2641. Gaillart de la Rocque, Lord of Fontenilles. 2642. Pierre de Rosny. 2643. Jean de Roubais. 2644. Symon, Count of Roucy. 2645. Clement Rouhaut, Vicomte of Thouars... 2646. Jehan, Lord of Roussay. 2647. Pierre de Rouville. 2648. Jehan de Rye. 2649. Jehan de Saint John? 2650. Guillaume, Lord of St. Maure. 2651. Guillaume de Saint-Omer. 2652. Jehan de St. Quentin. 2653. Jehan, Count of Salebruche. 2654. Jehan Salvain. 2655. Jehan de Saquenville, Lord of Blarru... 2656. Pierre de Savari. 2657. Charles de Savoisy. 2658. Guillaume de Semillie. 2659. Jehan, Lord of Senecey. 2660. Berthelemy Sphifame. 2661. Henry Standyshe. 2662. George Stuart, Lord of Aubigny... 2663. Pierre Surreau. 2664. Aimeri VIII., Vicomte of Thouars. (x2) 2665. Guy II., Vicomte of Thouars. 2666. Guillaume de Tignonville. 2667. Guy Turpin. 2668. Herbert Turpin. 2669. Julius de Saint Severin. 2670. Beraud de Vaxilly. 2671. Robert Veer. 2672. Jehan de Vendome. 2673. Gilles de Versailles. 2674. Jehan de Versailles. 2675. Philippe, Count of Vertus. 2676. Baudouin de Le Veste. 2677. Jaque de Viane. 2678. Valentine des Vicontes de Milan, Duchess of Touraine, Countess of Valois... 2679. Jehan de Vienne, Lord of Mirebel. 2680. Pierre de Vignes. 2681. Philippe Viole. 2682. Andre de Vitre. 2683. Isabelle de Vivonne, Lady of Esnande. 2684. Thibaut de Willerval. Figures and Representations of the Owners of Seals. 2685. Bulla Domii de Petra. Seals Bearing Miscellaneous Devices. 2686. Francois de l'Ospital, Lord of Soisy-on-Loige. Appendix. Royal Offices and Officers. 2687. John Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford... Ecclesiastical Seals. 2687. Thibaut de Pouence, Bishop of Dol. Local Seals. 2688. Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle... 2689. Coutentin, in Normandy. Equestrian Seals. 2690. Hugues de Vianne, Lord of Longwy. Heraldic Seals. 2691. Jean, Count of Roucy. **Thereafter 18 plates of uncoloured seals. Not listed.** Volume 6. **Thereafter plates of uncoloured seals. Not listed.**