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SOLIS. Virgilius.
Bildnüsse der Graven zu Hohenzollern vom Orsprung ihrer historischen Zeiten bis zum jetzt regierenden Herrn, verzeichnet und gemalt... durch Virgilius Solis

Germany: 19th century.
Germany: 19th century.

Nineteenth-century manuscript, portraying the Hohenzollern family. Sm. folio (27.3 x 18.8 cm). Bound in vellum of a late-medieval antiphonary. With calligraphic title, 33 portraits and one heraldic miniature in water-coloured pen drawings, heightened with gold and silver. 37 leaves. Boards rubbed and worn with upper board antiphonal lettering fading. Curious and handsomely illustrated portrait gallery of the Hohenzollern family, in the style of the Nurnberg artist Virgilius Solis (1514-1562). The first portrait depicts Tassilo, the alleged ancestor of the Hohenzollern family, and the last one Eitel Friedrich VI, Duke of Hohenzollern-Hechingen (1545-1605). The heraldic miniature pictures the coat of arms of Eitel Friedricht as well as those of his three wives. From the 5th plate onwards, the portraits are signed with the monogram 'VS'. Vergilius Solis, however, wasn't in service of the Hohenzollern family, and Duke Eitel Friedricht is portrayed as a middle-aged man, whereas he was only seventeen years of age by the time of Solis's death. Moreover, the duke married his last wife only in 1601. This attractive nineteenth-century copy, therefore, must have been made after a somewhat later model, by an artist who was in service of the Hohenzollern family and working in the style of Solis. Coloured plates in order: 1. Tassilo comes de Hollern, Ano CCCCCCCCI. (801) 2. Banco gravzue Hollern und Saulgen, seine gemalin...gravin von Lilly. 840. 3. S. Minradus ex Comiti bus de Hohenzollen, et Saulgenor. Martyrus An. DCCCLXIII. (863) 4. Rudolph gravzu Zollern, gemalin Ana von Rhinek 903. 5. Otto gravzu Zollern, gemalin...von Uohingen. 926. 6. Wolfgang gravzu Zollern...gemalin Metha gravin von Nassaw. 948. 7. Erust gravzu Zollern 912. 8. Bernhardt gravzu Zollern 1011. 9. Fridrich I gravzu Zollern, seine gemalin Ursula von Hohenberg. 1021. 10. Fridrich II gravzu Zollern seine gemalin Sophia Pfalz...Tubingen 1060. 11. Burghard gravzu Hohenzollern, seine gemalin Anastasia gravzu Zeinfeld 1080. 12. Jodocus gravzu Hohenzollern...Bertha von Spoleto 1103. 13. FridrichIII genant Maute, gravzu H:zollern, seine gemalin Udlheid gravin von Dillingen und Kyburg 1114. 14. Rudolph gravzu Hozollern...Agnes gravzu Cundelfingen 1165. 15. Fridrich IV gravzu Hollern 1195...gemalin aine grav von Zweibrk. 16. Willibald gravzu Hozollern 1199. 17. Konrad gravzu Hohenzollern. 18. Ludwig gravzu Hohenzollern 1201. 19. Herman gravzu Hohenzollern 1203. 20. Eitel Fridrich gravzu Hohenzollern 1229. 21. Eberhard gravzu Hohenzollern 1242. 22. Eitel Fridrich II gravzu Hohenzollern, gemalin Hildegardis gravin zu Schisselburg 1290. 23. Eitel Fridrich III gravzu Hohzollern, seine gemalin Margaretha gravin zu Wirtenberg 1311. 24. Fridrich V genant Ostertag, grav zu Zollern 1324. 25. Bilhelm gravzu Hoh:zollern 1342. 26. Fridrich VI genant der Schwag seine gemalin Adelheit gravin zurfurstenberg. 27. Fridrich VII der Detinger gravzu Zollern...gemalin Ursula freim v. Zatzunss. 28. Ditrich gravzu H, Zollern. 29. Jost Niklas gravzu Hohenzollern seine gemahlin Agnes grav v. Werdenberg 1430. 30. Eitel Fridrich IV gravzu Hohenzollern, seine gemahlin Magdalena Marggrubin von Brandenburg 1476. 31. Eitel Friedrich V gravzu Hohenzollern, seine gemalin Johanna Freyin von Borsell 1525. 32. Carl gravzu Hohenzollern, seine gemalin Anna Margravin zu Baden 1588. 33. Mein gnadiger Hern, Hern Eitel Friedrieh VI. Grav zu Hohenzollern Hechinge. 34. [Armorial Arms of the Hohenzollern Family]