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Bible Stories. With Coloured Pictures of the Most Remarkable Events Therein Recorded. Old Testament Series. New Testament Series

London: Dean & Son. [1860].
London: Dean & Son. [1860].

Not dated but circa 1860. Bound in original blind stamped cloth with a small gilt design on upper board. Spine re-backed, new hinges, gilt letters to spine. Old and New Testaments bound together with two title pages. Aprox 250 hand-coloured illustrations - each page is printed on one side only, brightly illustrated with small original wood cut engravings. Bookplate to front pastedown. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: Old Testament. 1. Frontispiece. Cain brought of the fruit on the ground an offering unto the Lord; and Abel, he brought of the firstlimgs of his flock. 2-3. Offerings of Cain and Abel / Death of Abel. 4-5. Cain and Seth's descendants / Building the Ark. 6-7. Noah exhorting the people to repentance / Entering the Ark. 8-9. The Flood / Noah loosing the Raven. 10-11. Dove with Olive-leaf / The Flood subsided. 12-13. Leaving the Ark / Noah's Offering. 14-15. The Rainbow / The people wickedly praying to idols. 16-17. The Tower of Babel / The people separating. 18-19. Abraham's dream / Abram's Journey to the land of Canaan. 20-21. Abraham, Sarah, and the Infant Isaac / Abram's distress at the thought of sacrificing Isaac. 22-23. Abraham and Isaac / The Ram. 24-25. Sacrifice of the Ram / Abraham's kindred. 26-27. Abraham's Servant and Rebekah at the Well / Isaac beholding Rebekah afar off. 28-29. Jacob deceiving his Father / Esau returning from the Chase. 30-31. Jacob taking Leah as his wife / Rachel and her first-born son. 32-33. Jacob in sight of his Brother Esau / Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau. 34-35. Joseph's coat of many colours / Joseph's Dream. 36-37. Joseph in the pit, put there by his envious Bretheren / Joseph sold to the Merchants, and taken to Egypt. 38-39. Joseph's Coat brought to Jacob / Jacob's sorrow at the loss of Joseph. 40-41. Joseph sent to prison / Joseph explaining the Baker's and the Butler's Dreams. 42-43. The Butler promising Joseph his interest / Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's Dream. 44-45. The King honouring Joseph / Joseph in his Chariot. 46-47. Joseph's brothers going to Egypt / The brothers before Joseph. 48-49. Meeting of Joseph and his father / "Forgive us our trepasses". 50-51. Israelites working in Egypt / Destroying tjevMale Infants. 52-53. The hiding of the Infant Moses / Moses found by the King's daughter. 54. Pharaoh and his hosts drowned in tje Red Sea. 55. Moses with the Ten Commandments. 56-57. Samuel presented to Eli / Samuel praying. 58-59. Samuel and Eli / Eli reproving his sons. 60-61. David in pursuit of the stolen lamb / Davis slays a Bear. 62-63. Goliath champion ofvthe Philistines / David slays Goliath. 64-65. Elijah / Elijah warning Ahab and Jezebel. 66-67. Elijah fed by the Ravens / Elijah leaving the dried-up brook. 68-69. Elijah and the Widow at the gate / The Widow making Elijah a cake. 70-71. Ascent of Elijah / Elisha. 72-73. The Cruise of Oil / The Dying Child. 74-75. The dead child restored to life / The Hebrew girl taken. 76-77. The Hebrew maid tlking about Elisha / Naaman at the door of Elisha's house. 78-79. Naaman's servants persuading him to obey Elisha / Naaman washing in the river Jordan. 80-81. The seige of Jerusalem / the golden image. 82-83. The three Jews refusing to worship the image / The Jews before Nebuchadnezzar. 84-85. Binding the three Jews / The fiery furnace. 86-87. Coming forth from the furnace / The king proclaimed the worship of the true God. 88-89. Daniel / Darius signing the decree. 90-91. Daniel praying / Daniel in the lion's den. 92-93. Darius at the mouth of the den / the king's happiness at Daniel's escape. 94. [not captioned]. New Testament. 95. Frontispiece. Suffer little Children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven. 96-98. St. John writing his Gospel / Eve tempted by tje Sepent / The Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary. 99-101. Joseph's Dream / Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem / Mary and the infant Christ. 102-104. The Shepherds and their Flocks / The Angel appearing to the Shepherds / The adoration of the Shepherds. 105-107. Simeon / Simeon entering the Temple / Simeon blessing tje Child Jesus. 108-110. The Prophetess Anna / The Star in the East / Nerod sending the Wise Men to discover Jesus. 111-113. Herod, King of Judea / The Wise Men's Offerings / the Flight into Egypt. 114-116. The murder of the Innocents / A Mother weeping over the body of her dead Child / The Angel directing Joseph to return to Judea. 117-119. Jesus accompanying Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem / Joseph and Mary searching for the missing Jesus / Jesus disputing with the learned Doctors. 120-122. Zacharias and Elizabeth / The Angel appearing to Zacharias / Zacharias struck dumb. 123-125. Elizabeth visited by her cousin Mary / John the Baptist preaching in tje Wilderness / Je River Jordan. 126-128. John the Baptist kneeling to Jesus / John the Baptist baptising Christ / The Holy Ghost descending upon Jesus. 129-131. John the Baptist in Prison / The Daughter of Herodias dancing / Ne Nead of John the Baptist. 132-134. Jesus in the Wilderness / Satan tempting Jesus in the Wilderness / Jesus rebuking Satan. 135-137. Jesus on the pinnacle of the Temple / Children climbing and falling from a wall / Jesus on the high mountain. 138-140. Angels ministering to Jesus / Jesus reading in the Synagogue / Jesus meeting with simon and Andrew. 141-143. Jesus meeting with James, John and Zebedee / A little Child praying to Jesus / Christ's Sermon on the Mount. 144-146. Mary and Jesus at the Marriage Feast / Servants bearing water-pots / The Governor of the Feat tasting the Wine. 147-149. Christ healing the Leper / The Centurion's visit to Christ / The Centurion's Servant. 150-152. Christ restoring Peter's Wife's Mother / Jesus in the Tempest / Jesus stilling the Tempest. 153-155. Christ healing the Sick Man of the Palsy / The Man cured of the Palsy walking away with his bed / The afflicted Woman touching the Saviour's garment. 156-158. Jesus casting out an Evil Spirit / Jesus curing the Man with the withered Hand / Jesus healing the Lunatic Son. 159-161. Jesus blessing the Loaves and Fishes / Gathering the fragments, after the Feast / Feeding the Four Thousand. 162-164. The Blind and the Lame at the Porch of the Pool / Jesus curing a Cripple at the Pool of Bethesda / Christ walking on the Sea. 165-167. The Sisters of Lazarus sending for Jesus / Jesus comforting Martha and Mary / Christ raising Lazarus from the Dead. 168-170. The Unforgiving Servant / The Ten Virgins / The Multitude following Jesus. 171-173. The Prodigal Son leaving his father's house / The Prodigal Son among the Swine / The return of the Prodigal Son. 174-176. Peter and the Tax Gatherer / Peter taking the Tribute Money from the Fish / The Disciples plucking Ears of Corn on the Sabbath. 177-179. Jesus at the Well / The Samaritan Woman / Jesus and thevWoman at the Well. 180-182. Ass and Foal / The Disciples with the Ass and Foal / Christ's Entry into Jerusalem. 183-185. Jesus turning the Money Changers out of the Temple / The Transfiguration of Christ / The Transfiguration - Christ and the Disciples. 186-188. Sandals - as worn in the days of Jesus / Christ at the rich Pharisee's House / The Sister of Azarus anointing the Feet of Jesus. 189-191. The Last Supper / Christ blessing the Cup of Wine / Christ washing His Disciples feet. 192-194. Judas Iscariot / Judas betraying Christ / Judas returning the Money. 195-197. Peter denying Christ / Pilate washing his hands of the charge against Jesus / Christ crowned with Thorns. 198-200. The Soldiers casting los for the Rainent of Jesus / The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ / The Darkness at the Crucifixion. 201-203. Joseph of Arimathea, begging the dead body of Christ / Christ taken down from the Cross / The Entombment of Christ. 204-206. Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John / Angels in the Sepulchre / Jesus appearing to Mare Magdalene. 207-209. Disciples fishing at Night / The Miraculous Draught of Fishes / The Fishes in the Net. 210-212. Disciples on their Road to Emmaus / Christ talking with two of His Disciples / Jesus blessing Nread and giving it the Disciples. 213-215. Christ with His Disciples at Bethany / Christ's Ascension / Angels directing the Disciples to return to Jerusalem. 216-218. The Apostles receiving Contributions / The Death of Ananias / The Dead Body of Sapphira carried away. 219-221. Stephen relieving the Poor / Stephen defending himself before the Council / The Martyrdom of Stephen. 222-224. Death of James, the Son of Zebedee / Peter released from Prison by an Angel / Death of the cruel king Herod. 225-226. The Conversion of Saul / Saul restored to sight. 227-229. Saul escaping from the malice of the Jews / Paul and Silas in Prison / Conversion of the Jailer. 230-232. Paul before Agrippa and Festus / Paul in a Storm on his Voyage to Rome / Shipwreck and Escape of the Crew. 233-235. Peter curing the Cripple / Hohn embarking for the Island of Patmos / John in the Island of Patmos.