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KEUR, Hendrick and Jacob
Marcus van Doornick

Dordrecht, Amsterdam, 1682
Dordrecht, Amsterdam, 1682

Classic Dutch edition of the Bible, finely coloured by the hand of a master colourist. (engraved titlepage, 19) 302, (2) 134, (12) 164, (2) 66 folia. Contemporary gold-stamped Leather with raised bands, 8 corner-pieces and 2 clasps, Folio 48 x 30,5 x 13 cm. (Spine-ends restored and the binding is provided with modern brass fittings. Text block browned, mostly within the text. The margin of the first fol. of engravings is reinforced, verso of the maps restored -on the folding lines- at places.) Beautiful copy of this classic edition of the Keur-Bible, a Dutch Bible by one of the leading firms in the Bible market of that time. The Bible contains the Old and New Testament and the Apocrypha in the authorized States Translation and is illustrated with an engraved titlepage, the print series of Frederik de Witt after Cornelis Danckerts and Mattheüs Merian consisting of 6 times 16 engravings on 2 folio-leaves and 6 folding (Keur) maps, engraved by Daniël Stoopendaal. All finely coloured by one contemporary hand in deep colour and richly decorated with gilt. The colouring of the engravings and maps is striking and clearly done by the hand of a master colourist (meester-afsetter). The world map is an adaption of the well-known Visscher map from 1658, here printed in slightly smaller size matching the Bible edition. The other maps depict resp.: The exodus, paradise, a plan of Jerusalem, the Holy Land in Jesus’ time and the travels of Paul. Issues of the ‘Statenbijbel’ with coloured maps and engravings are scarce, even more in such good condition as this copy with a truly exceptional colouring. Coloured plates in order: 1. Decorative title page. 2. 'Orbis Terrarium Tabula Recens Emendata et in Luce Edita' (decorative twin hemisphere world map) 3. Sixteen finely engraved biblical scenes. (Creation of the World / Adam is Created / The fall of Adam & Eve / Adam & Eve driven out of Paradise / Adam & Eve miseries / Cain kills his brother Abel / Noah enters the Ark / The world drowned / Gods covenant made with the rainbow / The Tower of Babel / Abraham & Lot journey to the land of Canaan / Abraham entertains the Lord and two Angels / Lot departs out of Sodom with his daughters / Abraham's offering / Esau sells his birthright for pottage / Isaac blesses his son Jacob). 4. Decorative map of the Holy Land with vignettes. 5. Sixteen finely engraved biblical scenes. (Jacob sees the Angels ascending and descending / Josephs brothers throw him into a pit / Joseph tempted of his mistress / Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream / Moses & Aaron do wonders before Pharaoh / The plagues of Egypt / The Passover / Pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea / Moses smiteth the rock and water gushes out / Moses receives the law upon the mount / Joshua smiteth the Amalekites / Aaron with the glory of the Temple / The children of Israel dance before the calf / Moses reareth the brassen serpent in the wilderness / Samson kills a Lion in the wood / The Benjamites almost destroyed). 6. A decorative map of Israel and a portion of Egypt. 7. Sixteen finely engraved biblical scenes. (The image of Dagon is broken / Samuel's offer consumeth the Philistines / David spares Saul's life / David recovers the spoils of Ziclach / Saul falls upon his own sword / Uzzah dies touching the Ark / Jacob finishes the Ammonites / David lusts after Barsabah / Absalon kills Ammon / Shebah's head is thrown over the wall to Joab / The Queen of Sheba comes to see the wisdom of Solomon / Solomon's temple / Zimri burns himself in his palace / Solomon's first judgement / Elias fed the ravens in the wilderness / Elias offering is consumed by fire from heaven). 8. Sixteen finely engraved biblical scenes. (King Ahab is wounded in the battle / Elias with a burning chariot taken into heaven / The dogs lick the blood of Queen Jezebel / Elisah dies and is buried / Hoshea restores the true worship of God / Hezekiah's life is lengthened of God / Josiah caused the book of the Lord to be read / David of the three plagues chooses pestilence / Josaphat overcomes his enemies by prayer / King Joash causes Zechariah to be stoned to death / Ester frees her people from Hammon / Job tempted of Satan / The three children in the fire furnace / King Belshazzar sees the handwriting / Daniel in the Lion's den / Jonah is cast ashore of the whale). 9.A beautiful decorative plan of the city of Jerusalem, surrounded by vignettes. 10. A decorative map of the 'Promised Lands'. 11. Sixteen finely engraved biblical scenes. (John baptises Christ / Christ feeds the five thousand with five loaves / Christ is entertained by Martha & Mary / The Last Supper / The Wisemen of the east offer Christ their gifts / Christ raises the widdow's son from the dead / Christ casts the devil out of the lunatic / Christ drives out the money-lenders from the temple / Christ is born / Christ stills the water and the wind / Christ walks on the sea / Palm Sunday / the salutation of the Virgin Mary / Christ at Cana Galilee turns water into wine / John beheaded in the prison / Christ raises Lazarus from the dead). 12. Sixteen finely engraved biblical scenes. (Christ condemned of the Jews / Christ's resurrection from the dead / Ananias and his wife punished / Paul not hurt of a viper / Christ is beaten / Christ is laid in a new sepulchre / The Apostles receive the Holy Ghost / They of Lystra would sacrifice Paul & Barabas / Christ brought before Pilate / Christ crucified between two thieves / Christ ascended into heaven / St. Peter led of the Angel out of the prison / Christ betrayed of Judas / Christ bears his cross / Christ accompanies two apostles to Emmaus / Cornelius the Centurion baptised of Peter). 13. A decorative depicting the travels of St. Paul.