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LOTI, Pierre.

Aziyadé (1879; also known as Constantinople) is a novel by French author Pierre Loti. Originally published anonymously, it was his first book, and along with Le Mariage de Loti (1880, also published anonymously), would introduce the author to the French public and quickly propel him to fame; because of this, his anonymous persona did not last long. Aziyadé is semi-autobiographical, based on a diary Loti kept during a three-month period as a French Naval officer in Greece and Constantinople (now Istanbul) in the fall and winter of 1876. It tells the story of the 27-year-old Loti's illicit love affair with an 18-year-old "Circassian" harem girl named Aziyadé. Although Aziyadé was one of many conquests in the exotic romantic's life, she was his greatest love, and he would wear a gold ring with her name on it for the rest of his life.

Paris; Andre Plicque et Cie, 1928.
Paris; Andre Plicque et Cie, 1928.

Aziyade is a semi-autobiographical book based on Pierre Loti's diary during his three months as a Naval Officer in both Greece and Turkey (Istanbul) in 1876. It tells the story of his illicit love affair with an 18 y.o. Circassian harem girl 'Aziyade.' The book also describes Loti's 'friendship' with a Spanish manservant named Samuel. Henri Farge, a Parisian-born painter, engraver, and illustrator, illustrates the book that depicted figures and genre scenes in the main. Quarto with attractive coloured marble paper covers. Title in French and Arabic on front cover. Also, all the book illustrations are reproduced in black and white in their separate vanilla-covered folder, loose in front of the book. ("Suite des illustrations de Henri Farge pour Aziyade") This is number 21 of only 25 examples on Japanese paper with the additional illustrations inserted. Comes with its own matching cardboard three-sided box. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontis. Circular portrait of Aziyade. 2. Title page. 3. Half-page illustration of executions in Istanbul. 4. Full-page illustration of two Turkish women and a man. 5. End of chapter vignette illustration of a bowl. 6. Full page illustration of a Military parade in Istanbul. 7. Half-page illustration of Istanbul from the Bosphorus. 8. Full-page illustration of a pair of funeral coffins. 9. End of chapter vignette. 10. Half-page illustration of Eyoub (?) in Istanbul. 11. Full-page illustration of the Bosphorus and Istanbul in the background. 12. Full-page illustration of men firing their rifles into the night sky in Istanbul. 13. Full page illustration of a corner cafe in Istanbul. 14. Full-page illustration of two ladies riding in a carriage, escorted by two Ottoman men behind. 15. Full-page illustration of a Harem. 16. End of chapter illustration of a fighting Ottoman. 17. Half-page illustration of a headstone (?), surrounded by flowers. 18. Full page illustration of a man rowing passengers along the Bosphorus. 19. Full page illustration of a night watchman patrolling the city streets of Istanbul. 20. Small end of chapter illustration of a woman under an umbrella. 21. Full age illustration aboard a boat on the Bosphorus leaving Istanbul. 22. Full page illustration of a man berating a fellow man in the street. 23. End of book illustration of two men lying on the ground with birds cycling overhead.