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DURAND-BRAGER, Jean Baptiste Henri.
A Voyage in the Black Sea, the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmoria and the Dardanelles...

London: P. & B.D. Colnaghi...; Eugene Gambart & Co, Paris, Lemercier, [1855].
Blackmer 520; Atabey 383; Bobins 138; not in Abbey.
London: P. & B.D. Colnaghi...; Eugene Gambart & Co, Paris, Lemercier, [1855].

FIRST AND ONLY EDITION. Oblong folio, title, and list of plates, without text, unbound as issued, with original printed blue wrappers, 24 hand-coloured numbered lithographs. Preserved in a modern cloth-covered box, black morocco labeling piece, gilt, similar on spine. A SCARCE WORK, especially in colour as here. Durand-Braver was a marine artist attached to the French squadron in the Black Sea during the Crimean War. He was charged with the task of making plans of the Russian fortresses and taking views of the coasts for purposes of navigation. In 1852 he travelled to St. Helena as the official artist with the expedition commissioned to return Napoleon Bonaparte's ashes to France. He has been a pupil of Theodore Gudin and Eugene Isabey, and his career flourished until the July Monarchy and the Second Empire. Durand-Brager contributed to 'Le Monde Illustre' and 'L'Illustration' under his own name and to 'La Patre' under the pseudonym 'Rambal,' illustrated newspapers published during the Crimean War. Coloured plates in order: 1. Gallipoli. (Turquie d'Europe - Mer de Marmara) Landing place of the English and French troops. 2. Trebizonde. (Turquie d'Europe - Mer Noire) Storehouse of the European Commerce with Persia. 3. Varna. (Turquie d'Europe - Mer Noire) With Schumla, the chief defense of the Balkan lines. 4. Sebastopol. (Crimee - Mer Noire) The most important of the Russian military ports on the Black Sea. 5. Kaffa. (Crimee - Mer Noire) Anciently the Capitol of the Crimea. A military port of the second rank. 6. Soukoum-Kaleh. (Abasie - Mer Noire) Russian Establishment, occupied by the Turks, subsequently to the Expedition of Rear-Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons. 7. Batoum. (Turquie d'Asie - Mer Noire) A port much coveted by the Russians for the victualling of their army in Asia. 8. Bourgas. (Turquie d'Europe - Mer Noire) Safe roadstead for vessels going to Odessa. 9. Soujak-Bay. (Crimee - Mer Noire) Town well fortified. Good anchorage. 10. Platana. (Turquie d'Asie) An excellent anchorage, five miles from Trebizond, of which it is the port. 11. Redout-Kaleh. (Mingrelie - Mer Noire) The first Russian establishment on this coast. A very important station for the victualling of the Russian army in Asia. 12. Sulina. (Bessarabie - Mer Noire) The only navigable mouth of the Danube, recently obstructed by the Russians. 13. Touaps. (Abasie - Mer Noire) An important fortress, just abandoned by the Russians on the passage of the Cacic and the Sampson. 14. Anapa. (Abasie - Mer Noire) The most considerable and best-fortified town of all those on the Circassian coast. 15. Sotcha. (Abasie - Mer Noire) A fortified town where the Cacic & Sampson met with Russian steamers escorting their troops. 16. Ghelindjick. (Abasie - Mer Noire) One of the best anchorages of the whole coast, a manufacturing town and an establishment of great importance. 17. Kavarna. (Turquie d'Europe - Mer Noire) First anchorage of the English & French Squadrons. 18. Feu d'Europe. (Turquie d'Europe - Mer Noire) Light-house and fort on the coast of Europe, which indicate and defend the entrance of the Bosphorus by the Black Sea. 19. Odessa. (Gouvernement de Kherson - Mer Noire) The most important Commercial port of the Black Sea. 20. Baltchick. (Turquie d'Europe - Bosphore) Present anchorage of the allied fleets. 21. Therapia. (Turquie d'Europe - Bosphore) One of the most charming situations on the Bosphorus. Summer Residence of the French Ambassador. 22. Sinope. (Turquie d'Asie - Mer Noire) A town equally important as a war station and a place of commerce. State of the harbour at the passage of the Cacique and Sampson. 23. Dardanelles ou Kilid-Bar. (Turquie d'Europe - Detroit des Dardanelles) One of the two fortified old castles which defend the passage of the strait. Residence of the European Consuls. 24. Feu d'Asie. (Turquie d'Asie) Light house and fort situated on the coast of Asia at the entrance of the Bosphorus.