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WOOD, William, Junior.
A Series of Twenty-Eight Panoramic Views of Calcutta, extending from Chandpaul Ghaut to the end of Chowringhee Road...

London: William Wood, Covent Garden, 1833.
Abbey Travel 495; Bobins 277.
London: William Wood, Covent Garden, 1833.

Folio. 3/4 brown morocco, stamped in blind over (worn) marbled boards. Morocco title label affixed to upper board, elaborate gilt compartments to spine, marbled endpapers. 28 hand coloured lithographic plates. 83 sets of this work were subscribed in India and 38 in England. It is thought that the author is the son of William Wood (1774-1857), the Zoologist, surgeon, artist and bookseller. Coloured plates in order: 1. Chandpaul Ghaut. 2. Esplanade Row, with Town Hall. 3. Esplanade Row, with Treasury and Government House. 4. Esplanade Row, with the entrances to Government House etc. 5. Esplanade Row, with the Club House. 6. Esplanade Row and Chowringhee Road, showing the Cossitollah & Durrumtollah Roads and the Oil Bazaar. 7. Chowringhee Road. 8. Chowringhee Road, with the Juan Bazaar St. 9. Chowringhee Road. 10. Chowringhee Road, with the Monohur Doss's Tank. 11. Chowringhee Road showing the G.P.O., Lindsay St and Monohur Doss's Tank. 12. Chowringhee Road, showing Speke Street. 13. Chowringhee Road with the entrance to the Sudderdewany Adalut, Native Court of Justice. 14. Chowringhee Road, showing Kyd Street. 15. Chowringhee Road, with Park Steet and the Asiatic Society's House. 16. Chowringhee Road with General's Tank. 17-18. Chowringhee Road (different views). 19. Chowringhee Road showing the Bishop's Palace. 20. Chowringhee Road. Middleton Street. 21. Chowringhee Road with Elliott's Tank and Harrington Street. 22. Chowringhee Road with Theatre Road and the Theatre. 23. Chowringhee Road with Ballard's Buildings. 24. Chowringhee Road. 25. The New General Hospital, taken in 1829. 26. Kyderpoor Bridge. 27. The Fort. 28. Allipore Bridge.