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WILLYAMS, Rev. Cooper.
A Selection of Views in Egypt, Palestine, Rhodes, Italy, Minorca, and Gibraltar...

London: John Hearne, 1822.
Tooley 511, Abbey Travel 198; Blackmer 1814; Bobins I 173; SPL 150; BL; Weber 114; Gay 28; Lipperheide 570; Ibrahim-Hilmy Vol. II, p. 335; Atabey 1339;
36 + Frontis
London: John Hearne, 1822.

Second edition, second issue. Small folio, 36 hand-coloured aquatint plates, later 19th century half morocco over marbled boards, spine raised bands, gilt-ruled. This work depicts indigenous peoples' views, ancient architecture, customs, and culture (Old Cairo, Lacco, the Bey’s Palace in Rhodes, the Parade in Mahon, the Procession of the Sacred Camel...) With geographical and historical descriptions of each plate. Posthumous album. Reverend Cooper Willyams (1762-1816) was chaplain on the Swiftsure, a vessel of Admiral Nelson’s squadron in the Mediterranean. This second edition was published posthumously. The work first appeared in 1802, see above, as a Voyage up the Mediterranean, with 43 plates. This edition includes plates 3-11, 16, and 22-43 from the original edition, re-aquatinted and in places re-etched. Four new unsigned plates were added to this second edition. Willyams was Chaplain on H.M.S. Swiftsure during the Egyptian campaign against the French and was present at the Battle of the Nile. The first edition plates are after his own drawings. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontis. View of the Procession of the Sacred Camel preparatory to the Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca & Medina. 2. View of the Grand Procession of the Sacred Camel through the Streets of Cairo on their Pilgrimage to Mecca & Medina. 3. Perspective View of Cairo. 4. View of the Old Cairo opposite Mokkias towards Boulac. 5. The Pharos at Alexandria. 6. A Street in Caiffe. 7. The Bay of Acre, from the top of Carmel. 8. Caiffe and Mount Carmel 9. Agriculture in Syria. 10. The Arsenal at Rhodes. 11. Hassan Bey's Palace at Rhodes. 12. Mount Pelegrino, near Palermo. 13. Scylla, on the Coast of Calabria. 14. Landing Place at Syracuse. 15. Temple of Minerva, Syracuse. 16. Caverns near Syracuse. 17. Entrance into Dionysius' Ear. 18. Inside of a Cavern near Syracuse. 19. Grand Place, at Syracuse. 20. Garden and Monastery of the Capuchins near Syracuse. 21. Curious Cemetery under the Capuchin Monastery, near Syracuse. 22. The Castle and Town of Ischia. 23. View at Lago, in the Island of Ischia. 24. Palazzo di Aqua viva, near Lago. 25. Val Ombrosa, on the Appenines. 26. Cubillario on the Appenines. 27. Grand Canal and the Rialto, Venice. 28. View on the Lago di Guarda. 29. Flying Bridge on the Po. 30. Grand parade, Mahon. 31. Inhabitants of Minorca. 32. The Bay of Fournells. 33. Entrance to the Spanish Church, Gibraltar. 34. Inside of a Gallery, Gibraltar. 36. Interior of Poca Roca Cave. 37. St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar.