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A Season with the Southwold 1888-90.

54 + 1

Provenance: I. The artist (inscription); II. Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester (bookplate).Two volumes, landscape folio (37 x 26.5cm). 54 pen, ink, and watercolour drawings, including titles, most with penciled captions, the majority of those in the first album with small pen-and-ink drawings in the margins, all on wove paper. Contemporary dark blue half morocco lettered in gilt. Jalland's unpublished designs capture the humorous incidents of two seasons hunting with the Southwold. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1888-89. 1. Title page. 2. The above clever performer is for sale would suit a nervous gentleman. 3. The battering ram. 4. The pleasure of getting up early to go "cubbing." 5. The way to keep yourself warm. 6. **This is the incident which happened today [only small marginal vignettes - no coloured main image].** 7. Giving the master a lead. 8. "Yes, she's a nice little mare, know her well, a friend of mine drove her for years...." 9. Where's the field? 10. Don't ride too fast at a boggy spot. 11. "Come, sir! out of the way, please!". 12. Most splendid run - little too splendid for some of us. 13. "They said it was a fast run -bosh! Why I never went out of a trot". 14. A quick thing with the B-----. 15. Tom"s first and last attempt to side to hounds. 16. Slightly damp. 17. What's made 'em go so well? 18. "Have you fellows had good sport? Capital! Did you kill? Rather, a bullock, a sheep, and a brace of hares". 19. What abominably strong timber! 20. And this is what we keep horses for. 21. Out of the frying pan into the fire. 22. Almost a ducking. 23. "Yonder he goes!". 24. The morning after the fancy dress ball... 25. A time when the cobblers was really useful. 26. The proper costume for the 29th. 27. "Stick to him, Harry. Keep his head up!". 28. A dodge for opening a gate quickly. 29. "Hi sir! Confound you, mind my hat!". 30. War hole! 31. It isn't every day one has a chance to jump an M.P. 32. A capital day for the hard-riding contingent. 33. "Sprained the muscle of your thigh, eh? Generally takes about a couple of years to get sound, I think". 34. A free circus. 35. A regular misfortune. 36. The going has been frightfully hardl lately, but the rides in Tothill Wood are still delightfully moist. 37. Full cry! 38. Capital day for the [???] sir. 39. Sketch of a gentleman opening a gate. 40. "Does your horse always go backwards when it's standing still?" 41. Who--whoop. Till next season. Volume 2. 1889-90. 42. Title page. 43. "Your pretty well off for spirs, Tom..." 44. "Just ride my horse over the fence." 45. "Awfully deep-going, isn't it." 46. Hi, where your coming - mind my [???] 47. Ah, that's a good job - I should never have caught 'em. 48. Raithby. 49. Lost Sportsman: "Where are the hounds, man?" Yokel: "Gar on with yer - Woant know where th'ounds be - are got a red coat & a big 'oss - why yer ought to be ashamed of yessen." 50. South Brushby. 51. Stixwould. 52. Rolles & the Master - the rest nowhere. 53. I think it's a little too icy - hounds are not running, you know. 54. This comes of following a tired young man to convert. 55. A capital sport - hunting George.