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DANIELL, Thomas and William.
A Picturesque Voyage to India by the way of China.

London: T. Davis for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme and William Daniell, 1810
Bobins I 284; Abbey Travel 516; Tooley (1954) 173.
London: T. Davis for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme and William Daniell, 1810

FIRST EDITION; folio (360 x 260mm); 50 hand coloured aquatint plates; and guards throughout brown half morocco gilt spine gilt in compartments with raised bands. This work describes and illustrates the Daniell's long voyage to Chia and then to India which began in April 1785 onboard the Indiaman Atlas. They arrived in China at Whampoa in August 1785 and after several months in China they sailed on to Calcutta. The plates include views of Madeira the cape of good hope Indonesia (Java and Malay) China (Macao Canton river and Canton) the straits of Malacca the bay of Bengal and Calcutta. The accompanying text includes observations and descriptions of the people and places visited. Binding lightly worn & soiled rear joint starting light soil & foxing to plates. Coloured plates in order: 1. Gravesend. 2. Passing Beachy Head. 3. Madeira. 4. Off Madeira. 5. Crossing the Line. 6. Gale off the Cape of Good Hope. 7. A Man Overboard. 8. Cape of Good Hope. 9. Albatross. 10. Java Head. 11. Watering Place, Anjere-Point. 12. Dutch Residence at Anjere-Point. 13. Chinese Gentleman. 14. Chinese Lady. 15. Malays of Java. 16. Anjere-Point, Straits of Sunda. 17. Chinese Junks. 18. Malaye Proas & Canoes. 19. A Malaye Village. 20. Malaye Proas. 21. Malays of Java. 22. Cocoa Nut & Betel Tree. 23. Chinese Trading & Fishing Vessels. 24. Macoa, China. 25. Chinese Husbandman. 26. Hotun, on the Canton River. 27. Chinese Vessels. 28. Near Whampoa, China. 29. Whampona Pagoda. 30. Chinese Tomb. 31. Chinese Lady. 32. Scene on the Canton River. 33. Hoe Chu Fou, a Chinese Fort near Canton. 34. South West view of Canton. 35. Chinese Barber. 36. Chinese of Rank. 37. Chinese Pavilion. 38. An Offering to the God of Fire. 39. View in a Chinese Garden. 40. A Chinese Military Officer. 41. Chinese Duck Boat. 42. Camoens Cave, Macao. 43. Coat of Cochin China. 44. Pedro Branco, Straits of Malacca. 45. Cape Ricardo, Straits of Malacca. 46. Fowl Island, Bay of Bengal. 47. Near Gangwaugh Colly, on the River Hoogly. 48. Near Cucrahattee, on the River Hoogly. 49. View of Calcutta from the Garden Reach. 50. Old Fort Gaut, Calcutta.