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A Picture of Saint Petersburgh, represented in a Collection of Twenty interesting Views of the City, the Sledges, and the People. Taken on the spot at the twelve different months of the year: and accompanied with an Historical and Descriptive Account.

London: for Edward Orme, by J.F. Dove, 1815.
Abbey Travel 226; Cat. Russica, No. P604; Martin Hardie, pg. 138; Prideaux, p. 345; Tooley (1954), No. 355; Bobins 203.
London: for Edward Orme, by J.F. Dove, 1815.

Folio, title, text, pp. 1-26; explanation of the 12 plates, pp. 27-28, 20 hand coloured aquatint plates, title uncoloured, duplicating label on original front cover, plates are signed Mornay del. Clark & Dubourg sculp, all imprinted Edward Orme, half burgundy morocco gilt; coloured endpapers; title in gilt to spine; all edges gilt. The last eight plates show sledging scenes. One of the most beautiful plate books of St. Petersburg, the vision, architectural and engineering of Czar Peter the Great. His two aims in the project were defence against his neighbour Sweden and to bring European culture and scientific knowledge to Russia. Not only the exterior of the buildings, but the interiors, and the paintings and sculpture, provided an intentional and conspicuous display of splendour, aimed to give the Czar’s message to all beholders. It was the political capital of the empire and the residence of all the foreign ambassadors. Coloured plates in order: St.Petersburgh. 1. Frontis. View of the Imperial Bank and the Shops at St. Petersburgh (January). 2. View of the Marble Palace in the Grand Millione, St. Petersburgh (February). 3. View of the Square and the Grand Theatre at St. Petersburgh (March). 4. View of the Grand Parade & the Imperial Palace at St. Petersburgh (April). 5. View of the Palace of Peter the Great and the Senate House at St. Petersburgh (May). 6. View of the Neva, the Harbour and the Exchange at St. Petersburgh (June). 7. View of the Canal, of the Moika, the Bridge & the Police Establishment at St. Petersburgh (July). 8. View of the centre of the Great Bridge of the Neva of St. Petersburgh (August). 9. View of the Champ de Mars & the Summer Garden at St. Petersburgh (September). 10. View of the Square of Kassan and the Cathedral at St. Petersburgh (October). 11. View of the Canal of Fontanka and the Barracks at St. Petersburgh (November). 12. View of the Arsenal and the Foundry at St. Petersburgh (December). Sledging. 13. The stand of the Hackney Coachman. 14. Russian Females entering a Sledge. 15. The Russian Sledge or Public Carriage. 16. The Sledge of a Russian Citizen. 17. Public Vehicle for Summer. 18. The Russian Country Carriage. 19. The Winter Russian Travelling Carriage. 20. A Russian Courier conveying Dispatches.