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MEYRICK, Sir Samuel Rush.
A Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour as it Existed in Europe, but Particularly in England, from Norman Conquest to the resign of King Charles II...with a Glossary of Military Terms of the Middle Ages

One of the best works published on arms and armour. Meyrick was a keen historian and an avid collector of arms and armour.

London: Henry G. Bohn, 1842.
Bobins II 370. Landwehr 2093. Not in Colas.
London: Henry G. Bohn, 1842.

3 Volumes folio (370 x 268 mm) contemporary red half hard-grain morocco on marble boards, tan and maroon morocco labels, flat bands, spine gilt in compartments with large arabesque corner-pieces enclosing armour devices crossed swords helmet gauntlet and spurs, all edges gilt, cream surface paper-endpapers. 80 Plates 70 of them fine hand-coloured aquatints some heightened with gold other 10 detailed outline etchings 27 hand-coloured historiated initials. Light shelf wear only very mild foxing and little off-setting to the tissue-guards overall a very fresh and handsome copy in highly suitable binding - a corrected and enlarged second edition. (First published in 1824). Meyrick based this study on his magnificent collection of armour, most of which was eventually sold by his heir's son to Frederic Spitzer, the Parisian dealer, and collector, having previously been offered to the nation for £50,000, "some were later acquired by Sir Richard Wallace and are now in the Wallace Collection." (ODNB) Meyrick had received the Hanoverian Order from William IV in 1832 for his services in arranging the Tower and Windsor Castle Collections of arms and armour. "Meyrick's great work on arms and armour...beautifully coloured and illuminated in gold and silver...[was] practically the first on the subject" (DNB). Sir Walter Scott described it as "this most superb archeological work." The colour plates show knights and men-at-arms in armour from the 11th to the 17th century. The rest show details of weapons and armour. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. Battle of the Locks and Keys. 2. Initial letter 'S'. 3. Norman Knight and Archers. A.D.1066. 4. Initial letter 'A.' 5. A Knight performing Homage. A.D.1100. 6. Initial letter 'T.' 7. Alexander I, King of Scotland. A.D.1107. 8. David Earl of Huntingdon. A.D.1120. 9. Initial letter 'T.' 10. Richard Fitzhugh, Constable of Chester & Standard Bearer of England. A.D.1141. 11. Initial letter 'W.' 12. Initial letter 'S'. 13. Richard the First, King of England. A.D.1194. 14. Alexander II, King of Scotland. A.D.1214. 15. Initial letter 'H.' 16. A Knight armed with a Martel. A.D.1120. 17. William Longuesspee, Earl of Salisbury. A.D.1224. 18. A Spearman at Arms and a Slinger. A.D.1250. 19. Archer and Cross Bowman. A.D.1250. 20. Eudo de Arsic. A.D.1260. 21. Peter, Earl of Richmond and a Soldier. A.D.1248. 22. Initial letter 'C.' 23. Robert Rouse. A.D.1270. 24. De Vere, Earl of Oxford. A.D.1280. 25. A Knight of the Montford Family. A.D.1286. 26. A Soldier and Knight. A.D.1295. 27. The Attack of the Pel. A.D.1300. 28. Initial letter 'R.' 29. A King and his Mace-Bearer. A.D.1310. 30. Archers and Cross-Bow-Man. A.D.1312. 31. Aylmer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. A.D.1315. 32. A Knight. A.D.1320. Volume 2. 33. Initial letter 'E.' 34. John de Eltham, Earl of Cornwall. A.D.1329. 35. Sir John d'Aubernoun. A.D.1330. 36. Sir Oliver de Ingham. A.D.1343. 37. Sir Guy de Bryan, & Bernabo Visconti. A.D.1365. 38. Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. A.D.1370. 39. Sir John Arsich. A.D.1384. 40. Initial letter 'E.' 41. A Knight of the Blanchfront Family. A.D.1397. 42. Initial letter 'M.' 43. Sir George Felbridge. A.D.1400. 44. Richard de Vere, Earl of Oxford. A.D.1416. 45. Initial letter 'T.' 46. A Knight of the Birmingham Family. A.D.1420. 47. Thomas Montacute, Earl of Salisbury, and a Knight. A.D.1422. 48. Henry VI, King of England. A.D.1422. 49. Initial letter 'T.' 50. Two Cross-Bow-Men. A.D.1425. 51. Charles VII, King of France, and Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. A.D.1430. 52. A Cross-Bow-Man and his Paviser. A.D.1433. 53. Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. A.D.1439. 54. Sir John Cornwall, Lord Fanhope. A.D.1442. 55. John, Duke of Somerset. A.D.1444. 56. Sir Thomas Sherborne. A.D.1458. 57. Initial letter 'A.' 58. Duke of York. A.D.1470 59. Sir John Crosbie & a Sergeant at Arms. A.D.1475. 60. A Suit of Armour. A.D.1480. 61. Initial letter 'E.' 62. Man at Arms with a Standard. A.D.1483. 63. Sir Thomas Peyton. A.D.1484. 64. Initial letter 'N.' 65. Initial letter 'H.' 66. Henry VII, King of England and a Billman. A.D.1490. 67. Maximilian I, Emperor of Germany. A.D.1498. 68. Sir John Cheney. A.D.1499. 69. Initial letter 'H.' 70. Knight Armed a La Haute Barde. A.D.1512. 71. A Knight armed for the Bond. A.D.1512. 72. A Knight and one of the King's Guards. A.D.1525. 73. Henry VIII, King of England. A.D.1525. 74. Two Suits of Black Armour. A.D.1534. 75. Two Suits of Armour. A.D.1540. 76. A Suit of Genoese Armour. A.D.1543. 77. Long Bellied Armour. A.D.1545. Volume 3. 78. Initial letter 'C.' 79. Two Suits of Armour. A.D.1550. 80. Initial letter 'E.' 81. Group of Soldiers. A.D.1554. 82. Suit of Armour. A.D.1555. 83. Initial letter 'O'. 84. Federigo Oricono. A.D.1558. 85. Embossed Armour. A.D.1565. 86. An English Gentleman. A.D.1590. 87. A Suit of Jousting Armour. A.D.1600. 88. Initial letter 'O'. 89. An Officer of Pikemen. A.D.1616. 90. A Suit of Amour. A.D.1620. 91. Initial letter 'T.' 92. A Suit of Black Armour. A.D.1625. 93. Officer and Pistolier. A.D.1640. 94. Initial letter 'T.' 95. Harquebussier and Pikeman. A.D.1640. 96. Initial letter 'C.' 97. A Suit of Cuirassier's Armour. A.D.1650.