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ALKEN, Henry.
A Bound Album of Eighty-Five Hand-Colored Engravings, From Various Works by Alken, Many of Sporting or Equestrian Subjects, Including Specimens of Riding Near London [and] Humorous Miscellanies [and] Scraps from the Sketch Book [and] Moments of Fancy

London: Thomas M'Lean, 1823.
Schwerdt, p. 21 (Scraps from the Sketch Book); Tooley 51 (Specimens of Riding Near London); Tooley 30 (Humorous Miscellanies); Tooley 40 (Moments of Fancy); Tooley 59 (Tutor's Assistant); Siltzer (1929 ed.), p. 60 (Fox Hunting, Etc) Bobins III 1172 & Bobins II 766.
London: Thomas M'Lean, 1823.

Six Rare Alken Color-Plate Series Bound in One Volume cont: ...[and] Tutor's Assistant [and] Fox Hunting, Etc. A Total of Eighty-Five Hand Coloured Engravings and Lithographs Large folio (21 x 14 inches; 530 x 360 mm). Eighty-five hand coloured plates, trimmed (with loss of imprint) and inlaid on to forty-nine leaves, (many with two images per leaf). Title-page to Scraps from the Sketch Book inlaid on to first leaf (making 50 leaves in all). Mid-nineteenth century full crimson morocco, re-backed preserving most of the original spine. The prints are in spectacular condition, bright, vivid, and clean. A singular collection of Henry Alken, including six suites, two of great rarity (Humorous Miscellanies 1823 - Complete, six plates and Fox Hunting, Etc. 1823 - Complete, six plates), that represent both the comic and realistic aspects of his work. Scraps from the Sketch Book 1823 (Title leaf and thirty-seven of forty-two plates). Specimens of Riding Near London 1823 (Complete, eighteen plates). Scarce Humorous Miscellanies 1823 (Complete, six plates). Very Scarce. Moments of Fancy and Whim 1823 (thirteen of fourteen plates, incl. plus one duplicate). Tutor's Assistant 1823 (four of six plates). Fox Hunting, Etc. 1823 (Complete, six plates). **Very Scarce indeed.** Coloured plates in order: 'Scraps from The Sketch Book of Henry Alken'. [Without captions] 1. Rider, horse and hounds taking refreshment outside a tavern. 2. A pair of Huntsmen on horses, one seated, one opening a gate, with hounds. 3. A pair of Fox Hunters setting off with their hounds from the kennels. 4. A pair of Fox Hunters out in the days hunt, with hounds. 5. A pair of Huntsmen, one seated on his horse, the other, holding aloft 'the kill' with hounds at his feet. 6. A pair of Fox Hunters taking refreshment outside a Tavern. 7. Four horses about to be fed some hay. 8. A pair of Gentlemen shooting game, with gun dogs. 9. A montage of racing, shooting and sporting scenes. 10. A pair of retrievers with their master. 11. A montage of coaching scenes. 12. A couple riding in a carriage. 13. A coaching scene. 14. A pair of Gentlemen going for a leisurely ride with their mounts. 15. A Jockey and mount with possible owners. 16. A horse race. 17. A Gentleman attempting to mount his horse, the reigns being held by another. 18. A game of Skittles outside a Tavern. 19. A small crowd of onlookers watch a dog fight. 20. Dog Baiting in a barn with interested onlookers. 21. A fierce, bucking bull sends Gentlemen flying in all directions. 22. A group of mounted cavalry soldiers on a break. 23. A pair of mounted cavalry officers. 24. A mounted Saracen looking fierce some 25. A mounted officer pointing a gun. 26. A pair of mounted cavalry officers. 27. Three cavalry officers with horses. 28. Mounted North African soldiers in the desert. 29. A pair of mounted North African soldiers fighting whilst galloping at top speed. 30. A mounted (Middle Eastern?) soldier, with long spear. 31. A montage of Central Asian fighting scenes. 32. [Captioned]. 'Post Lads'. 33. [Not Captioned] Montage of scenes including: dogs, horde trotting, horse in a stable and a rider giving his mount a good gallop. 34. [Captioned] 'Poachers'. 35. [Not Captioned] Montage of scenes including: horse head, a pair of dog heads, a Gentleman smoking a clay pipe, a horse in a field and an old woman reading a book. 36. [Captioned] 'Fox Hunter'. 37. [Not Captioned] Four scenes depicting horses. 38. [Captioned] 'Huntsman & Whipper In'. 39. [Not Captioned] Montage of scenes depicting assorted hunting dogs, a badger and a cat. 40. [Captioned] 'Earth Stopper'. 41. [Not Captioned] Montage of scenes involving Retriever dogs. 42. [Captioned] 'Game Keepers'. 43. [Not Captioned] Montage of scenes including: a lady riding side saddle, a old horse in a field, the heads of a pair of dogs and a game keeper resting with his dogs. 'Moments of Fancy and Whim' 44. A Phaeton and Four. 45. As the thing used to be done / As the thing is done ( 2 scenes). 46. Good for neither one nor the other...( 4 scenes) 47. Playing at Soldiers / Not Playing at Soldiers ( 2 scenes). 48. Not a bit of Fancy...(5 scenes). 49. How dangerous is it that this man goes loose...( 4 scenes). 50. Got an Engagement...( 4 scenes). 51. Real English Fancy...( 3 scenes). 52. A Fancy Man...( 4 scenes). 53. There is a pleasure in being mad...( 4 scenes). 54. Past Consideration...( 7 scenes). 55. [As per number 52]. 56. No fancy for a Waggon...( 3 scenes). 57. Who would bear the many shocks that flesh is heir to...( 6 scenes). 'Specimens of Riding, near London, etc'. 58. Symptoms of Things going down hill. 59. One of the comforts of riding in company. 60. Preparing for the Easter Hunt ( I shall be over Jack). 61. The pleasure of riding in company ( One would stop if the other Could). 62. A thing of the last consequence. 63. The consequence of having plenty of company on the Road. 64. Terrified. 65. Delighted. 66. Yeomanry of England paying a visit. 67. Fancy - View near Gray's Inn Road 68. Perfectly Satisfied. 69. Dissatisfied. 70. Surpris'd. 71. Displeas'd. 72. Taste - View near Knightsbridge. 73. Lords - View in Hyde Park. 74. Folly - View near Acton. 75. Knights - View in the City Road. 'Humorous Miscellanies'. 76. The Prospect of Hunting...all Right. 77. The Reality of Hunting...all Wrong. 78. Learning to drive Tandem. 79. Learning to drive a Dennett. 80. A Horse! A Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse! / I don't know nothing about that 'ere - but here's one you shall have or Forty shillings. 81. Give me nother Horse - bind up my wounds - the lights burn blue / Vy - that ere's the Moon mix'd with Gash light. 'Tutors Assistant, containing a Variety of Amusing Scenes'. 82. A Diphthong is the meeting of Two Vowels: U & I perhaps (4 scenes). 83. Letters are divided into Vowels & Consonants...( 5 scenes). 84. Imperative Mood, or do you die... ( 4 scenes). 85. A Verb Neuter expresses neither action nor passion... ( 4 scenes).