SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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Nette Afbeeldingen der Eyge Dragten van alle Geestelyke Orders; (and) Nette Afbeeldingen der Eygene Dragten van alle Geestelijke Vrouwen en Nonnen-Orders;

(1) Amsterdam: By den Auteur, in de Kalverstraat, 1688. (2) Amsterdam, By den Auteur, in de Kalverstraat, 1691.
BCNI 14845 (ad 1), 15104 (ad 2); Colas 2679 (ad 1), 2683 (ad 2); Hiler, p. 786; Hollstein (Dutch & Flemish) XXVI, p. 38, 60-61; Lipperheide 1857 (ad 1), 1861 (ad 2); for the author: Thieme & Becker XXX, p. 256
(1) Amsterdam: By den Auteur, in de Kalverstraat, 1688. (2) Amsterdam, By den Auteur, in de Kalverstraat, 1691.

164 truly splendid hand coloured plates of Monastic costumes bound for the book collector Paulus van Uchelen.(1) With engraved title-page, letterpress title with engraved vignette, 73 full-page numbered copperplate engravings, engraved headpiece and two initials (one etched, one woodcut), all in fine contemporary hand colouring and many of them heightened in gold. [8], 144, [8] pp. 2 works in 1 volume. 8vo. (2) With engraved title page, letterpress title with vignette, 91 full-page numbered engravings, copper engraved headpiece and two initials (one etched, one woodcut), all in fine contemporary hand colouring, some heightened in gold. [12], 182, [10] pp. Contemporary strong ivory vellum, sides with double gilt fillet borders, inner triple borders with gilt crowns for corner pieces; gold-tooled spine with five raised bands, bound by / in the style of Albert Magnus for book collector Paulus van Uchelen (1641/42-1702). The original and only Dutch editions of Adriaan Schoonebeek's beautiful costume books showing the world's monastic dress of men and women, here with all plates in fine and exquisite colouring reminiscent of the labour by the great master and famous 'afsetter' Dirck Jansz. van Santen (1638-1708). With explanatory text on the history of the different orders to each plate. French editions were published in 1688 and 1695; German editions, based on the French text appeared in 1692 and 1695. Adriaan Schoonebeek (Amsterdam ca. 1661 - Moscow 1705) was an etcher, editor of prints and pupil of Romeyn de Hooghe. When the Czar 'Peter the Great' was visiting Amsterdam in 1698, Schoonebeek educated him in the art of etching and engraving. That same year he was invited by the Czar to come to Moscow to set up an engraving school and make glorious prints. Joints are cracked; some marginal spotting and soiling, but really fine examples. Religious costumes in fine hand colour. Coloured plates in order: Book 1. 1. Frontispiece. Afbeeldinge der dragten en korte beschryvinge van d'instellinge der ~Geestelyke Orders. 2. Title page. Ars Illustrem Redditii. [Initial letter 'V'] [Coloured headpiece: 'Histoire van d'Instellinge der Geestelyke Orders'. & Initial letter 'I'.] 3. Canonicus Sancti Johannis Lateranensis Romae. 4. Canonicus Regularis St. Sepulchri. 5. Clericus Hospitalaris Spiritus Sancti Romae. 6. Cononicus Mantuanus Sti. Marci. 7. Canonicus Sti. Georgii in Alga Venetiis. 8. Canonicus Regularis Sti Georgii in Sicilia. 9. Canonicus Sti. Salvatoris. 10. Canonicus Regularis vallis viridis. 11. Frater vitae Communis. 12. Religiosus Theatinus. 13. Religiosus Somascus. 14. Sacerdos Societatis Jesu. 15. Sacerdos Oratorii Sti. Philippi Netri. 16. Religiosus Ordinis Agonizantium. 17. Clericus Ordinis Minorum. 18. Monachus Sti. Pachomii. 19. Monachus Sti. Macarii. 20. Monachus Sti Basilii. 21. Monachus Sti. Basilii Apud Messinenses. 22. Monachus Sti. Basilii in Germania. 23. Monachus Sti Sabbae. 24. Monachus Lirinensis. 25. Monachus Sti. Benedicti Monasterii Cluniacensis. 26. Monachus Congregationis Sti Justiniae. 27. Monachus Cassinensis. 28. Monachus Camaldulensis. 29. Eremita Camaldulensis. 30. Eremita Camaldulensis Montis Corona 31. Monachus Vallis Umbrodse. 32. Carthusianus. 33. Monachus Cisterciensis. 34. Monachus Floriacensis. 35. Monachus Fuliensis. 36. Religiosus Grandimontensis. 37. Monachus Congregationis Humiliatorum. 38. Monachus Sti. Silvestri. 39. Monachus Celestinus. 40. Monachus Olivetanus. 41. Monachus Vallis Josaphat. 42. Monachus Sti. Benedicti in Indiis. 43. Monachus Sti. Antonii. 44. Canonicus Praemonstratensis. 45. Trinitarius. 46. Dominicanus. 47. Armenus Monachus. 48. Monachus Mercedis Captivorum. 49. Servita. 50. Augustinianus. 51. Eremita Sti. Pauli. 52. Eremita Sti. Hieronijmi. 53. Hieronijmita Reformatus. 54. Relgiosus Ordinis Jesuatorum. 55. Ordinis Stae. Brigidae. 56. Monachus Bellimontanus. 57. Eremita Sti. Hieronijmi Fesulanus. 58. Barnabita. 59. Barnabita Ambrosianus. 60. Hospitalarius Joannis Dei. 61. Augustinianus Discalceatus. 62. Carmelita. 63. Carmelita Discalceatus. 64. Monachus Ordinis Crucigerorum. 65. Monachus Crucigerorum in Belgio. 66. Monachus Crucigerorum in Lusitania. 67. Monachus Crucigerorum in Sijria. 68. Minorita Observantiae. 69. Minorita Discalceatus in Hispania. 70. Minorita Conventualis. 71. Capucinus. 72. Frater Str. Joannis de Paenitentia. 73. Minimus Sti. Francisci de Paula. 74. Monachus Sti. Caritonis. 75. Ordo distinguendi Colores. Book 2. 1. Frontispiece. Afbeeldingen der eygene dragten ...Geestelyke Vrouwen en Nonne Ordres. 2. Title page. [Initial letter 'D'.] [Headpiece] 3. Sta. Maria Magdalena vitae Eremiticae patrona. 4. Sta. Maritha vitae Coenobiticae & Clericorum Hospitalarium patrona. 5. Sta. Phoebe Diaconissa. 6. Sta. Thecla. 7. Sta. Flavia Domitilla. 8. Sta. Basilissa Antiochena mille Monialium priorum mater. 9. Sta. Thaisis. 10. Sta. Marcella. 11. Canonissa Sti. Johannis Lateranensis. 12. Canonissa Regularis Sti. Sepulchri. 13. Canonissa Regularis Sti. Augustini. 14. Canonissa Belgica Germanica & Lotharingica. 15. Canonissa Hodierna, Montis in Hannonia. 16. Canonissa Noblis Coloniensis Ste. Mariae in Capitolio. 17. Ursulina. 18. Ursulina Parisiensis. 19. Monialis Regularis Dordracena Ste. Agnetis. 20. Beggina Amstelaedamensis. 21. Beggina Antverpiensis. 22. Paulina sive Gastaliana. 23. Virgo boni Jesus Ravennae. 24. Monialis Sti. Caesarii. 25. Matrona Congregationis doctrinae Christianae. 26. Mulier congregationis mediolanensis. 27. Virgo Visitationis B. Mariae. 28. Congregata B. Mariae Virginis. 29. Hospitalaria Sti. Joanins Hierosolyinitam. 30. Hospitalaria Reformata Sti. Joannis Hierosolymitani. 31. Hospitalaria Sti. Spiritus. 32. Hospitalaria Antverpiana. 33. Hospitalaria Ministrans. 34. Mulier Infermis Ministrans. 35. Monialis ordinis Equestris Sti. Jacobi de Spata. 36. Monialis Insulae Tabennis. 37. Canonissa Sti. Basilii. 38. Monialis Sti. Basilii. 39. Monialis Acoemeta. 40. Monialis Aegyptiaca. 41. Monialis Hierosolymitana Sti. Hilarionis. 42. Monialis Aethiopica. 43. Benedictina. 44. Benedictina Cluniacensis. 45. Benedictina Reformata. 46. Benedictina Montis Calvariae. 47. Monialis Camaldulensis. 48. Carthusianae. 49. Monialis Cisterciensis. 50. Monialis ordinis Equestris de Calatrava & Alcantara. 51. Monialis Sti. Gregorii. 52. Monialis Sti. Ambrosii. 53. Monialis Sti. Columbani. 54. Monialis Observans Regulas Episcoporum. 55. Foliantina. 56. Laica Turris Speculorum montis Oliveti. 57. Monialis Praemonstratensi. 58. Monialis primi ordinis Sti. Dominici. 59. Monialis secundi ordinis Sti. Dominici. 60. Monialis Clausa tertii Ordinis Sti. Dominici. 61. Paenitens tertii Ordinis Sti. Dominici. 62. Monialis mercedis Captivorum. 63. Monialis Servita. 64. Sta. perpetua Sorer Sti. Augustini. 65. Augustiniana. 66. Eremitissa Sti. Hieronymi. 67. Abbatissa Sti. Cassiani. 68. Mionalis Sti. Isidori. 69. Brigittina. 70. Abbatissa fontis Ebraldi. 71. Abbatissa Reformata fontis Ebraldi. 72. Carmelitana Antiqua. 73. Carmelitana. 74. Carmelitana Gallica. 75. Sta. Theresia Carmelitarum Discalceatarum Fundatrix. 76. Discalceatarum mater, & soror Carmelitarum. 77. Virgo Collegii Caesar Augustae. 78. Monialis Conceptionis B Mariae Viginis. 79. Ordinis Stae. Clarae. 80. Laica Clarissarum. 81. Monialis tertii Ordinis Sti. Francisci. 82. Monialis tertii Ordinis Sti. Francisci Clausa. 83. Poenitens tertii Ordinis Sti. Francisci. 84. Poenitens tertii Ordinis Sti. Francisci, apud Germanos. 85. Reformata trium Ordinum Sti. Francisci. 86. Capucinissa. 87. Recollecta Sti. Fructuosi. 88. Saccaria. 89. Urbanista. 90. Annuntiata. 91. Annuntiata altera. 92. Minima. 93. Distinctio Colorum.