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Encyclopaedia Londinensis: Volume IX (Heraldry)....

London: 1811.
London: 1811.

Half calf over Fleur-des-Lis and Lions Rampant patterned paper boards; title in gilt and attractive Heraldic designs to spine raised bands; patterned endpapers to match boards; edges browned; some wear to board extremities; top of spine repaired; fresh cloth hinges; some offset to text; thick 4to; 404-615pp with 123 brightly coloured copperplate engravings. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. Engraved frontispiece. 'Heraldry'. 2. Heraldry: Metals / Colours / Partitions of the Shield etc. 3. Heraldry. Ordinaries No.1 (42 figs). 4. Heraldry. Ordinaries No. 2 (42 figs). 5. Heraldry. Common Charges No. 1 (42 figs). 6. Heraldry. Common Charges No. 2 (42 figs). 7. Heraldry. Common Charges No. 3 (42 figs). 8. Heraldry. Crowns and Helmets, Caps and Wreaths, and Family Distinctions. (16 figs) 9. Heraldry. Common Charges No. 4 (42 figs). 10. Heraldry. British Flags, Crests & Badges of the 3 Kingdoms, Royal & Coronets of the Nobility, Armorial Bearings of the College King of Arms etc. (28 figs) 11. Heraldry. Armorial Ensigns and Flags of Foreign Nations. (26 figs) 12. Heraldry. Genealogical Table of Quatering Arms (3 figs). 13. Heraldry. Funeral Achievements. (16 figs) 14. Heraldry. Armorial Bearings of King George III and Queen Charlotte. (2 figs) 15. Heraldry. Princes of the Blood Royal. Prince of Wales and the Dukes of York & Clarence (3 figs). 16. Heraldry. Princes of the Blood Royal. The Dukes of Kent, Cumberland, Sussex, Cambridge, Gloucester (5 figs). 17. Heraldry. Princesses of the Blood Royal. Charlotta Augusta Mathilda-Princess Royal, Princesses Augusta Sophia, Elizabeth, Mary, Sophia, Amelia (6 figs). 18. Heraldry. English Dukes: Norfolk (Premier Duke), Somerset, Richmond, Grafton, Beaufort, St. Albans, Leeds (7 figs). 19. Heraldry. English Dukes: Bedford, Devonshire, Marlborough, Rutland, Brandon, Ancaster, Portland, Manchester, Dorset, Newcastle, Northumberland (11 figs). 20. Heraldry. English Marquisses: Winchester, Buckingham, Landsdowne, Stafford, Townsend, Salisbury, Bath, Abercorn, Cornwallis, hertford, Bute, Exeter (12 figs). 21. Heraldry. English Earls: Shrewsbury, Derby, Pembroke & Montgomery, Suffolk & Berkshire, Bridgewater, Northampton, Denbigh, Westmoreland, Peterborough & Monmouth, Stamford & Warrington, Winchilsea & Nottingham, Chesterfield (12 figs). 22. Heraldry. English Earls: Thanet, Sandwich, Essex, Cardigan, Carlisle, Doncaster, Shaftesbury, Berkeley, Abingdon, Plymouth, Scarborough, Rochford (12 figs). 23. Heraldry. English Earls: Albermarle, Coventry, Jersey, Poulett, Cholmondeley, Oxford & Mortimer, Ferrers, Dartmouth, Tankerville, Aylesford, Bristol, Cowper (12 figs) 24. Heraldry. English Earls: Stanhope, Harborough, Macclesfield, Pomfret, Waldegrave, Ashburnham, Effingham, Harrington, Portsmouth, Brooke & Warwick, Buckinghamshire, Fitzwilliam. (12 figs). 25. Heraldry. English Earls: Egremont, Harcourt, Guilford, Hardwicke, Darlington, Ilchester, Delawarr, Radnor, Spencer, Chatham, Bathurst, Ailesbury (12 figs). 26. Heraldry. English Earls: Clarendon, Abergavenny, Uxbridge, Talbot, Grosvenor, Camden, Mount-Edgcumbe, Fortescue, Digby, Beverley, Mansfield, Carnarvon (12 figs). 27. Heraldry. English Earls: Liverpool, St. Vincent, Cadogan, Malmesbury, Rosslyn, Craven, Onslow, Romney, Chichester, Wilton, Powis, Nelson (12 figs). 28. Heraldry. English Earls: Manvers, Orford, Grey, Lonsdale, Harrowby (5 figs) / English Viscounts: Hereford, Fauconberg, Bolingbroke (3 figs). 29. Heraldry. English Viscounts: Falmouth, Torrington, Wentworth, Courteney, Dudley & Ward, Maynard, Hampden, Sacville, Sydney, Hood, Duncan, Bridport (12 figs). 30. Heraldry. English Viscounts: Curzon, Melville, Sidmouth, Anson, Catheart, Whitworth (6 figs). 31. Heraldry. English Barons: Le Despencer, De Clifford, Audley, Clinton, Grey de Ruthyn, Saye & Sele, Stourton, Willoughby de Broke, St. John, Howard of Walden, Petre, Spencer (12 figs). 32. Heraldry. English Barons: Arundel of Wardour, Dormer, Teynham, Byron, Tynedale, Clifford, Ashburnham, Middleton, King, Monson, Montfort, Stawell (12 figs). 33. Heraldry. English Barons: Sondes, Grantham, Scarsdale, Boston, Holland, Vernon, Ducie, Hawke, Brownlow, Rivers, Harrowby, Foley (12 figs). 34. Heraldry. English Barons: Dynevor, Walsingham, Bagot, Southampton, Ashburton, Grantley, Rodney, Carteret, Earl of St. Germains, Somers, Earl Morley, Berwick (12 figs). 35. Heraldry. English Barons: Sherborne, Delaval, Suffield, Dorchester, Heathfield, Kenyon, Braybrooke, Amherst, Douglas, Thurlow, Auckland, Mulgrave (12 figs). 36. Heraldry. English Barons: Lyttleton, Earl Bradford, Selsey, Dundas, Yarborough, Hood, Rous, Calthorpe, Gwydir, Dunstanville, Earl of Harewood, Rolle (12 figs). 37. Heraldry. English Barons: Cawdor, Carrington, Bayning, Glastonbury, Bolton, Earl Minto, Wodehouse, Northwick, Lilford, Ribblesdale, Seaforth, Eldon (12 figs). 38. Heraldry. English Barons: Alvanley, St. Helens, Viscount Keith, Hutchinson, Redesdale, Ellenborough, Arden, Earl of Sheffield in Ireland, Barham (deceased), Collingwood, Erskine, Crewe (12 figs). 39. Heraldry. English Barons: Earl Beauchamp, Ponsonby, Viscount Gardner, Manners, Gambier, Combermere, Beresford, Exmouth, Stuart, Churchill, Harris (11 figs). 40. Heraldry. English Peeresses: Mansfield, De Ros, Dacre, Willoughby de Eresby, Lucas, Howe, Abercromby, Sandys (8 figs). 41. Heraldry. Archiepiscopal and Episcopal Sees in England: Archbishops; Canterbury & York / Bishops; London, Durham, Winchester, Bath & Wells, Ely, Worcester, Hereford, Bangor, Litchfield, St. Asaph, Landaff, Oxford, Lincoln, Salisbury, Chester, Rochester, Gloucester, Norwich, Carlisle, Peterborough, Exeter, St. David, Bristol, Chichester (26 figs) 42. Heraldry. Scotch Dukes and Marquisses: Buccleuch, Gordon, Queensbury, Argyll, Atholl, Montrose, Tweedale, Lothian (8 figs). 43. Heraldry. Scotch Earls: Graufurd, Errol, Caithness, Morton, Buchan, Eglington, Cassilis, Moray, Home, Rothes, Strathmore, Kellie (12 figs). 44. Heraldry. Scotch Earls: Haddington, Gallaway, Lauderdale, Kinnoul, Dumfries, Kincardine, Wemyss, Dalhousie, Traquair, Finlater, Leven & Melville, Dysart (12 figs). 45. Heraldry. Scotch Earls: Selkirk, Northesk, Balcarras, Aboyne, Newburgh, Dundonald, Kintore, Breadalbane, Aberdeen, Dunmore, Hyndford, Stair (12 figs). 46. Heraldry. Scotch Earls, Viscounts & Barons: Roseberry, Glasgow, Hopetoun, Portmore, Falkland, Arbuthnot, Somerville, Forbes, Gray, Cathcart, Sinclair, Semple (12 figs) 47. Heraldry. Scotch Barons: Elphinstone, Torphichen, Blantyre, Colville, Cranstoun, Napier, Fairfax, Aston, Reay, Kirkcudbright, Elibank, Ruthven (12 figs). 48. Heraldry. Scotch Peeresses: Rollo, Belhaven, Kinnaird, Sutherland, Rothes (passed to the Male heir), Loudon, Orkney, Forrester (passed to the Male heir) (8 figs). 49. Heraldry. Irish Dukes and Marquisses: Leinster, Waterford, Downshire, Donegall, Drogeda, Wellesley, Thomond, Headfort, Sligo, Ely (10 figs). 50. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Ormond & Offory, Clanricarde, Cork & Orrery, Westmeath, Roscommon, Meath, Barrymore, Fingal, Cavan, Inchiquin, Granard, Athlone (12 figs). 51. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Kerry, Darnley, Egmont, Besborough, Carrick, Upper Ossory, Shannon, Massereene, Lanesborough, Belvidere, Fife, Ludlow (12 figs). 52. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Tyrconnel, Moira, Arran, Courtown, Miltown, Charlemont, Mexborough, Winterton, Howth, Kingston, Sefton, Roden (12 figs). 53. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Lisburne, Clanwilliam, Glandore, Aldborough, Mount-Cashel, Longford, Portarlington, Farnham, Carhampton, Mayo, Annesley, Enniskillen (12 figs) 54. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Erne, Carysfort, Kilkenny, Montnorris, Desart, Wicklow, Clonmel, Clare, Leitrim, Lucan, Londonderry, Belmore (12 figs). 55. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Conyngham, Landaff, O'Neil, Bandon, Castle-Stuart, Donoughmore, Caledon, Kenmare, Limeric, Clancarty, Gosford, Ross (12 figs). 56. Heraldry. Irish Earls: Normanton, Charleville / Irish Viscounts: Gormanston, Dillon, Netterville, Kilmorey, Strangford, Toaffe (8 figs). 57. Heraldry. Irish Viscounts: Ranelagh, Fitzwilliam, Cullen, Bulkeley, Downe, Howe, Molesworth, Chetwynd, Middleton, Boyne, Allen, Grimston - Earl Veulam of the UK (12 figs). 58. Heraldry. Irish Viscounts: Barrington, Gage, Palmerston, Galway, Powerscourt, Ashbrook, Montmorres, Dungannon, Southwell, De Vesci, Clermont, Lifford (12 figs). 59. Heraldry. Irish Viscounts: Bangor, Melbourne, Clifden, Baron Cremorne, Doneraile, Northland, Harberton, Harwarden, Earl of Blessington, Carlton, Avonmore, Longueville (12 figs). 60. Heraldry. Irish Viscounts: Earl of Bantry, Monck, Kilwarden, Templetown, Lismore, Lorton (6 figs) / Irish Barons: Kinsale, Trimlestown, Dunsany, Louth, Earl of Glengal, Blaney (6 figs). 61. Heraldry. Irish Barons: Carbery, Aylmer, Lisle, Coleraine, Milford, Newborough, Kensington, Macdonald, Ongley, Massey, Rokeby, Muskerry (12 figs). 62. Heraldry. Irish Barons: Riversdale, Muncaster, Sunderlin, Kilmaine, Cloncurry, Eardley, Callan, Clonbrock, Waterpark, Graves, Rancliffe, Huntingfield (12 figs). 63. Heraldry. Irish Barons: Rossmore, Hotham, Tyrawley, Headley, Teignmouth, French, Henley, Earl Whitworth of the UK , Castlecoote, Langford, De Blaquiere, Viscount Frankfort (12 figs). 64. Heraldry. Irish Barons: Henniker, Dufferin & Claneboye, Viscount Mount Earl, Ventry, Viscount Ennismore & Listowel, Wallscourt, Mount Sandford, Dunalley, Tara, Hartland, Clanmorris, Lecale (12 figs). 65. Heraldry. Arms of the Archiepiscopal and Episcopal Sees in Ireland; Archbishops: Armagh, Dublin, Cashel, Tuam / Bishops: Rapho, Fernes & Leighlin, Elphin, Clonfert, Dromore, Clogher, Ossory, Limerick, Cloyne, Waterford & Lismore, Cork & Ross, Killala & Anchonry, Kildare, Derry, Killaloe, Meath, Down & Connor, Kilmore (22 figs). 66. Heraldry. Irish Peeresses: Antrim, Ferrard, Newcomen, Fermanagh, Norwood, Crofton, Nugent (7 figs). 67. Heraldry. Irish Barons: Radstock, Glenbervie, Norbury, Ashtoun, Clarina, Rendlesham, Nugent, Viscount Gort, Castlemaine, Decies (10 figs). 68. Heraldry. Baronets: Hoghton, Bacon (Premier), Peyton of Isleham, Clifton, Gerard, Shelley of Michel Grove, Barrington, Musgrave, Cope of Hanwell, Gresley, Molineux, Harrington, Mordaunt, Worsley Holmes, Twysden of East Peckham, Hales of Woodchurch, Temple, Wray, Englefield (19 figs). 69. Heraldry. Baronets: Clarke of Salford, Boynton, Burdett of Foremark, Mackworth of Normanton, Hicks, Mill, Foulis, N Berney, Pakington, Bishopp, Vincent, Titchborne, Palmer of Wingham, Rivers Gay, Hewet, Jerningham, Stepney, Wake, Hotham (20 figs). 70. Heraldry. Baronets: Mansel, Prideaux, Hesilrigge, Burton, Drake, Skipwith, Crewe, Sebright, Dering, Style, Isham, Littleton, Goring, Stonhouse, Wrey, Trelawny, Conyers (17 figs). 71. Heraldry. Baronets: Aston, Wiseman, Nightingale, De la Pole, Vavasour, Wolseley, Everard, Every, Langley, Cave, Hatton, Abdy, Bamfylde, Cotton of Landwade, Burgoyne, Northcote, Strickland, Rouse Boughton, Chichester (19 figs) 72. Heraldry. Baronets: Knatchbull, Owen, Briggs, Heyman, Goodricke, Lawley, Davie, Andrews, Kaye, Trollope, Williamson, Thorold, Throckmorton, Wrottesley, Halton, Blount of Soddington, Hunloe (17 figs). 73. Heraldry. Baronets: Haggerston, Hampson, O'Neil, Bathurst, Acton, Webb, Vyvyan, Acland, Edwardes, Whichcote, Palmer, Langham, Cullum, Stapylton, Bathurst, Hildyard, Astley, Bowyer, Stanley (19 figs). 74. Heraldry. Baronets: Stuart, Shuckburgh, Hudson of Melton Mowbray, Hales of Beaksbourne, Clerke, Boothby, Dixie, Honywood, Aubrey, Mostyn of Mostyn, Leycester, Wheeler, Lee, Hales of Coventry, Swinburne, Wynne of Nostell, Monnoux, Anderson, Fagg, Frankland (20 figs). 75. Heraldry. Baronets: Legard, Bedingfield, Osborn, Colleton, Beaumont, Smythe, Wilson, Read, Broughton, Parsons, Cayley, Cooke, Ashburnham, Glynne of Bisseter, Clavering, Stanley of Hooton, Williams of Penrhyn, Carew, Milbanke, Yonge (20 figs). 76. Heraldry. Baronets: Smyth of Hill Hall, Trevelyan, Gage, Monck, Graham, Tancred, Brooke, D'Oyley, Pennyman, Tempest, Loraine, Biddulph, Wolstenholme, Jacob, Smyth of Upton, Shaw, Duckinfield, Lawson, Burdet, Oglander (20 figs). 77. Heraldry. Baronets: Nelthorpe, Twisden, D'Oyley, Martin, Hanham, Mostyn, Croft, St. Aubyn, Eden, Blackett, Clarges, Williams of Eltham, Filmer, More, Barker, Head, Hoskyns, Standish, Dyke, Cotton now Lord Combermere (20 figs). 78. Heraldry. Baronets: Poole of Poole, Oxenden, Dyer, Beckwith, Bunbury, Parker of London, Richards, Dashwood, Blois, Williams Vynn, Molesworth, Ramsden, Leighton, Colt, Thomas, Wheate, Buckworth, Rogers, Wescombe, Chetwode (20 figs). 79. Heraldry. Baronets: Webster, Dolben, Le Fleming, Miller of Chichester, Dashwood King, Lambert, Lake, Freke, Evelyn, Cope of Brewern, Eyles Syles, Smyth of Isfield, Warrender, D'Aeth, Milner, Elton, Bridges, Blunt of London, Codrington, Frederick (20 figs). 80. Heraldry. Baronets: Mitchell, Hill, Clayton of Marden, Brown of Westminster, Heathcote of London, Heathcote of Hursley, Page Turner, Payne, Armytage, Hulse, Beauchamp (Proctor), Gooch, Fetherstonhaugh, Ibbetson, Gibbons, Winnington, Sheffield, Mann, Johnson of New York, Ridley (20 figs). 81. Heraldry. Baronets: Pauncefote, Lade of Warbleton, Wilmot of Chadesdon, Cunliffe of Liverpool, Yea, Glyn of London, Colebrooke, Fludyer, Watson, Asgil, Hesketh, Bayntun, Paul, Smyth of Long Ashton, Blackiston, Horton, Amyand-Cornewall, Gordon, Pigot, Mawbey (20 figs). 82. Heraldry. Baronets: Knowles, East, Cheere, Andrews, Thomas, Wolff, Champneys, Hort, Burnaby, Burrard, Hume, Bernard, Alleyne, Young, Harland, Blake of Langham, Mildmay, Wilmot, Leigh, Sutton (20 figs). 83. Heraldry. Baronets: Wright, Palliser, Hughes, Coote, Clayton of Adlington, Edmonston, Hanmer, Lemon, Blake of Twisel Castle, Folkes, Burrel, Gibbes, Smith of Sydling, Duntze, Pepperell, Montgommery, Borlase Warren, Boyd, Etherington, Leith (20 figs). 84. Heraldry. Baronets: Hamilton, Mackworth of Gnoll, Laroche, Peyton of Doddington, Baker of Modbury, Eden, Douglas of Cars, Bickerton, Heron of Newark, Coghill, Lloyd of Pengwern, Hawkins, Lippincott, Taylor, Copley, Wombwell, Riddell, Gunning, Rumbold, Farmer (20 figs). 85. Heraldry. Baronets: Banks, Ingleby, Crawfurd, Sykes of Baseldon, Mosley, Lovett, Turner of Kirkleatham, Fletcher, Palk, Affleck, Briscoe, Apreece, Vane Tempest, Kent, Geary, Parker, Gardiner, Graham, Dalling, Guise (20 figs). 86. Heraldry. Baronets: Hamond, Boevey, Morshead, Rycroft, Smith of Newland, Lombe, Durrant, Pepys of London, Wood, Fitzherbert, Beevor, Sinclair, Macpherson, Colquhoun, Douglas of Springwood, Shirley, Green, Rowley, Corbet, Fletcher Vane (20 figs). 87. Heraldry. Baronets: Hoare, Hunter Blair, Skeffington, Miller of Glenlee, Laforey, Buller, Oakley, Orde, Malet, Kennaway, Lushington, James, Erskine, Marin of Lockinge, Boughton Rouse, Hawkins, Call, Duckett, Woodford, Pole of Wolverton (20 figs). 88. Heraldry. Baronets: Vaughan, Rich of Rose Hall, Hudson, Tapps, Chad, Brograve, King, Sterling of Uppal, Morgan, Manners, Ford, Baring, Saxton, Pasley, Curtis of Gatcomb, Willoughby, Prescott, Stephens, Chetwynd, Dryden (20 figs). 89. Heraldry. Baronets: Salusbury, Gamon, Pollen, Darell, Neave, Hawley, Wentworth, A'Court, Johnston, Hamlyn, Poore, Murray, Burgess, Farquhar, Pellew, Bellingham, Hippisley, Ingilby of Kettlethorpe, Baker of Upper Dunstable, Hartopp (20 figs). 90. [All engravings are uncoloured] 91. Heraldry. Baronets: Dance Holland, Milman, Peel, Stirling of Faskine, Vavasour of Spaldington, Milnes, Inglis, Strachey, Saumarez, Pepys, Ball, Welby, Baynes, Lennard, Crofton, De Bathe, Montgomery, Douglas of Castle Douglas, Dillon, Keane (20 figs). 92. Heraldry. Baronets: Homan, Chatterton, Hardinge, Fitzgerald, Kellett, Goold, Synge, Poole, Ferguson, Nepean, Littlehales, Dixon, Braithwaite of Boughton, White, Metcalf, Smith, Curtis, Peacock, Stronge, De Capel Brooke (20 figs). 93. Heraldry. Baronets: Stewart, Barlow, Wedderburne, Brook Watson, Price, Maxwell, Cumming Gordon, Honyman, Lethbridge, Middleton of Crowfield, Sullivan, Smith of Tring Park, Walsh, Mainwaring, Fettes, Coffin, Lees, Meyers, O'Malley, Clark of Cork ( 20 figs). 94. Heraldry. Baronets: Rae, Bruce, Ainslie, Burroughs, Cotterell, Lopez, McKensie, Hillary, Hartwell, Doyle, Wigram, De Crespigny, Green, Prevost, Bromhead, Hardy, Cholmeley, Hastings, Shelley, Sutton (20 figs). 95. Heraldry. Baronets: Louis, Scott, Lubbock, Morris, Ramsay, Lockhart, Nugent, Bateman, Fraser, Thompson, Berry, Sibbald, Jones of Boultebrook, Burrard, Blomefield, Stanhope, Campbell, Buller, Wood, Montgomery (20 figs). 96. Heraldry. Baronets: Jones of Stanley Hall, Graham, Sitwell, Corbet, Medlycott, Harland, Perring, Pigott, Ouseley, Hood, Baird, Seymour, George, Irving, Roberts, Shaw, Blennerhasset, Smith, Cockerell, Sandys (20 figs). 97. Heraldry. Baronets: Halford, Tyrell, Sheppard, Flower, Alexander, Stamer, Congreve, Payne, Bertie, Russell, Baillie, Close, Fletcher, Hunter, Falkiner, Hobhouse, Bruce, Blane, Kaye, Ormsby (20 figs). 98. Heraldry. Baronets: Knighton (blank), Nagle, Owen, Galbraith, Andersen, Bate Dudley, Brenton, Leeds, Home, Mackintosh (blank), Jackson (blank), Kennedy (blank), Sheaffe, Oakes, Ratcliffe, Broke, Puleston, Jervoise, Denys, Fowke (20 figs). 99. Heraldry. Knights. Knights of the Garter: The Duke of Wellington / The Emperor of Russia. Knights of the Bath: Lord Niddry, Lord Lyndock, Lord Hill / Knights Bachelors: Sir James Earle, Sir Sidney Smith, Sir John Eamer (8 figs) 100. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: T. Kington Esq., R. Farquhar Esq., E. Chinn Esq., W.H. Yate Esq., H.Daveney Esq., Adm. Grindall, T. Hankins Esq., P. Rashleigh Esq., P. Barfoot Esq., W. Chippindall Esq., Col. Fred. White, Rev. J.F. Fearon, J. Meyrick Esq., F. Marsh Esq., H. Warren Esq., E. Prichard Esq., E. Greenly Esq., J. Ward Esq., R. Fowke Esq., M. Browne Esq (20 figs) 101. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: F.N. Rogers Esq., Rev. J. Symonds, Rev. W. Hayne, W. Pearse Esq., Rev. R. Huntley, Rev. D.F. Pryce, W.C. Jackson Esq., H.C. Bowles Esq., R. Pickering Esq., F. Gostling Esq., S. Chambers Esq., G.F. Bates Esq., T. Bolger Esq., W.W. Tait Esq., J.B. Bosanquet Esq., G. Collins Esq., T. Rider Esq., J.J.J. Gourgas du Pan Esq., H. Fraser Esq., J.W. Adam Esq. (20 figs). 102. Heraldry. Esquiries and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: T.W. Field Esq., A. Harrison Esq., Col. R.T. Nelson, Rev. B. Chapman, T. Star Esq., W. Lewis Esq., B.D. Hook Esq., R. Hicks Esq., J. Heywood Esq., R. Wilson Esq., P. Furse Esq., H. Hodgson Esq., W. Child Esq., J. Paul Esq., J. Williamson Esq., E. Holl Esq., G.D. Goodere Esq., J. Read Esq., J. Goodwin Esq., J. Hepburn Esq. (20 figs). 103. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: C.H. Simpson Esq., W. Bradshaw Esq., W. Wharton Esq., C. Croxford Esq., Rev. J.S. Breedon, F.C. Negus Esq., Rev. J. Hallam, J. Penwarne Esq., G. Daubeny Esq., A. Grebell Esq., W. Franklin Esq., J.S. Champion Esq., R. Freeman Esq., H. Salisbury Esq., G.C. Ascough Esq., J. Cann Esq., H.B. Barnard Esq., J. Taylor Esq., S. Freeman Esq., T. Wirgman Esq. (20 figs). 104. Heraldry. Esquires, Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: J. Lenthal Esq., C.E. Reynolds Esq., C. Bicknell Esq., J. Wadman Esq., Rev. C.W. Baker, J. Cocker Esq., Rev. W. Edwards, J. Adams Esq., J. Hodsoll Esq., E. Wigge Esq., J.A. Carter Esq., W. Cantrell Esq., J. Scott Esq., Rev. N. Spencer, T. Fleming Esq., T. Richardson Esq., Mrs C. Rogers, Mrs Bissett, Miss Greenly, Miss Freeman (20 figs). 105. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: Rev. J. Robinson, F. Rishton Esq., W. Hunt Esq., J. Perkins Esq., N. Gay Esq., C. Pinker Esq., J. Bigg Esq., J. Clarke Esq., V. Simpson Esq., S. Favell Esq., M. Rowe Esq., G. Brewer Esq., J.G. Stanton Esq., W. Worth Esq., W. Bucknell Esq., J. Hill Esq., J. Allen Esq., D. Stidolph Esq., J. Gooch Esq., R. Petley Esq. (20 figs). 106. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: W. Spratt Esq., R. Codrington Esq., W.H. Stead Esq., Rev. Henry White, R. Gregory Esq., R. Russell Esq., C. Welstead Esq., S. Fryer Esq., R. Dewhurst Esq., T. Foljambe Esq., J. Curtis Esq., G. Tarbutt Esq., T. Brockhurst Esq., J. Hankinson Esq., T. Mortimer Esq., D. Browne Esq., T.F. Grosvenor Esq., R. Crawley Esq., J. Gilbert Esq., G. Galway Mills Esq. (20 figs). 107. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: J. Morris Esq., G. Lone Esq., Vickary Esq., Newman Esq., Hodgkinson Esq., J. Dorn Esq., B. Smith Esq., W. Page Esq., Fletcher Esq., J. Bleadon Esq., Longridge Esq., W. Stable Esq., W.H. Clarke Esq., R. Eaton Esq., Evans Esq., T. Dawson Esq., J. Clutton Esq., T.G. Seaton Esq., W. Beckford Esq., A. Nowell Esq. (20 figs). 108. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: F.B. Fynney Esq., J. Silver Esq., Hawkins Esq., E. James Esq., J. Hornbrook Esq., W. Young Esq., J. Breton Esq., T. Marshall Esq., W. Gover Esq., C.B. Trye., Col. Sergison, Rev. Geo. Norris M.A., T. Graham Esq., T. Buckland Esq., Rev. R.P. Packwood, T. Irving Esq., Rev. S. Rooker, S. Fox Esq., C. Taylor Esq., J. Underwood Esq.. (20 figs). 109. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: J. Simpson Esq., Isaac Titford Esq., S.P. Pennell Esq., Pierce Edgecombe Esq., Rev. J. Francis Esq., R. Fisher Esq., C. Nutt Esq., R. Young Esq., Rev. N.D'Eye, T. Roberts Esq., J. Bunce Esq., H. St.George Griffiths, Gent., N. Parkinson Esq., Hill Dawes Esq., C.W. Drury Esq., Capt. I.S. Ballard, R. Lloyd Esq., Townsend Compton Esq., E. Chapman Esq., H. Colbatch Esq (20 figs). 110. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: Hagen Esq., Edward Everard Esq., Granville Sharpe Esq., S. Kingsford Esq., J. Owen Esq., Rev. J.N. Ewen Esq., J. Brereton Esq., J.B. Cary Esq., J. Marriott Esq., J. Brown Esq., S. Pemberton Esq., J. Keating Esq., Rev. B. Walker, J. Hunter Esq., M.A. Magrath Esq., R. Pettit Esq., R. Dunham Esq., Phillips Esq., B. Shelton Esq., R. Matthews Esq. (20 figs). 111. Heraldry. Esquires and Gentlemen & Ladies, Patrons of the Work: T. Croft Esq., W. Neville Esq., F. Beavan M.D., W. Cole Esq., R.B. Holloway Esq., E. Knapp Esq., T. Smith Esq., L. Lane Esq., Capt. Dauvell, I.T. Mayne Esq., J.C. Smart Esq., Wale Esq., Varty Esq., T. Walford Esq., S. Freeman Esq., Moore Esq., B. Dickens Esq., Edmonston Esq., Miss E. Doughty, N. Wright Esq. (20 figs). 112. Heraldry. Esquires & Gentlemen, Patrons of the Work: E. Dadley Esq., J.M. Bell Esq., Col. W. Rattray, Aubrey Esq., T. Huxley Esq., T. Coltman Esq., J. Maddison Esq., W. Bland Esq., I.H. Baker Esq., Col. Houlton, W. Welfitt Esq., T. Oldham Esq., N. I. Greenall Esq., J. Price Esq., J. Furnell Esq (15 figs). 113. Heraldry. Table of Descents: Paternal Line / Maternal Line. 114. Heraldry. Tables of Descent: Dudley & Ward / Douglas of Lochleven. 115. Knighthood. Insignia of Knighthood (21 figs). 116. Knighthood. Insignia of Knighthood (17 figs). 117. Knighthood. Insignia of Knighthood (18 figs). 118. Knighthood. Insignia of Knighthood (21 figs). 119. Knighthood. Insignia of Knighthood (10 figs). 120. London. Arms of the City of London and the Twelve Principal Livery Companies: The Arms, Crest and Supporters of the City of London, Mercers, Grocers, Drapers, Fishmongers, Goldsmiths, Skinners, Merchant Taylors, Haberdashers, Salters, Ironmongers, Vinters, Clothworkers (13 figs). 121. London. Livery Companies No. 2: Dyers, Brewers, Leather-sellers, Pewterers, Barbers, Cutlers, Bakers, Wax Chandlers, Tallow Chandlers, Armoureres & Braziers, Girdlers, Butchers, Sadlers, Carpenters, Cordwainers, Painter-stainers, Curriers, Masons, Plumbers, Innholders (20 figs). 122. London. Livery Companies No. 3: Founders, Poulterers, Cooks, Coopers, Tylers & Bricklayers, Bowyers, Fletchers, Blacksmiths, Joiners, Weavers, Woolman, Sciveners, Fruiterers, Plasterers, Stationers, Embroiderers, Upholders, Musicians, Turners, Basketmakers (20 figs). 123. London. Livery Companies No. 4: Glaziers, Horners, Farriers, Paviors, Loriners, Apothecaries, Shipwrights, Spectacle-makers, Clock-makers, Glovers, Comb-makers, Felt-makers, Frame-work Knitters, Silk-Throwsters, Carmen & Woodmongers, Pin-makers, Needle-makers, Gardeners, Soap-makers, Tin-plate-workers (20 figs). 123. London. Livery Companies No. 5: Wheel-wrights, Distillers, Hatbandmakers, Patternmakers, Tobaccopipe-makers, Coach & Coach Harness makers, Gun-makers, Gold & Silver Wire drawers, Glass sellers, Longbowstring-makers, Card-makers, Fan-makers, Starchmakers, Silkmen, Parish Clerks, Watermen, Brownbakers, Marbles.