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DAVIDOV, Vladimir P.
Views in the Ionian Islands, Greece and Asia Minor.

St. Petersburg: Latronne for Fisher, 1840.
Not in Abbey nor Weber; Blackmer 461; Bobins 132.
St. Petersburg: Latronne for Fisher, 1840.

FIRST EDITION. Folio, text in Russian, vignette title. Thirty-three hand-coloured lithographed plates, of which 5 are double-page and folding, some plates captioned in French and English. Loose in original printed wrappers, in contemporary cloth cover with original green printed paper label to upper cover, preserved in a modern half green morocco over green cloth box, matching label in gilt to upper board. RARELY found complete as here. An outstanding set of views of Greece and Turkey, combining the dual techniques of aquatints and lithography. Most of the plates are after the artists Bryulov and the Swiss J.J. Wolfensberger. Coloured plates in order: 1. Village de St. Roche, pres la ville de Corfou. 2. Ruines du Temple de Jupiter a Olympie. 3. [Captioned in Russian] An Olive Grove with a Temple and many Statues etc (double page.) 4. Matinee d'une Famille Grecque a Miraux. 5. Temple d'Apollon Epicurien a Phigalie. 6. Vallee de Delphes. 7. Plaine de Cheronee, Parnasse. 8. Caverne de Trophonius pres de Livadie. 9. [Captioned In Russian] A Ruined Temple of Jupiter. 10. [Captioned in Russian] A Memorial amidst Ruins. 11. [Captioned in Russian] A Ruined Temple. 12. Panhellenium a Egine. 13. Ecole d'Homme a Ithaque. 14. Vue d'Arcarnanie prise de la Source d'Arethuse. 15. Bord de la Moree et Golfe Cataculo. 16. Interieur du Temple d'Apollon Epicurien. 17. Parthenon. 18. Matinee dans la Vallee de Phigalie. 19. Vallee d'Ithome avant l'Orage. 20. Chemin de Sinano apres l'Orage. 21. Eglise a Sinano (Megalopolis.) 22. Capitaine de Mavire Grec. 23. Temple de Jupiter Nemeen. 24. Cafe a Smyrne. 25. [Captioned in Russian] Constantinople and the Golden Horn. 26. [Captioned in Russian] Fresh Spring Water. 27. Mosquee dans le Faub. D'Eymb. 28. Platans pres de Buyukdere. 29. [Captioned in Russian] Monasteries in Greece and map (double page.) 30. Monastere Russe sur le Mont Athos. 31. [Captioned in Russian] Plan of the Hagia Sphia in Constantinople (double page.) 32. [Captioned in Russian] Restoration to the front of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (double page.) 33. [Captioned in Russian] Side elevation of the current state of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (double page.) 34. [No Caption] Part colour of a frieze and column.