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Thirty plates illustrative of Natural Phenomena, etc.

London: The Society for Christian Knowledge, 1849.
London: The Society for Christian Knowledge, 1849.

FIRST EDITION. Nearly square quarto, bound in original cloth with the gilt title "Phenomena of Nature" on upper board; tooled in blind to boards. Fresh gilt to spine, corners reinforced, new inner cloth hinges. Illustrated with thirty very attractive half-page hand-coloured woodcut plates depicting various phenomena including the Aurorao Borealis, Geysers of Iceland, Niagara Falls, Icebergs, Coral Reefs, Snow Bridges Mountain Passes, Avalanches, Sand Storms, Volcanoes etc. Beautiful plates with great detail. Front free endpaper lacking; text and plates bright and clean. Some fraying to spine - else good. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. The Rainbow. 2. The Aurora Borealis. [Northern Daybreak] 3. The Geysers, or Boiling Springs of Iceland. 4. Water Spouts. 5. Glaciers. [Alpine Countries] 6. Icebergs. [Arctic & Antarctic Regions] 7. Caverns. 8. Fingal's Cave. [Staffa, in the Western Isles of Scotland] 9. The Falls of Niagara. 10. The Prairie on Fire. [North America] 11. Halos. [Polar Regions] 12. Coral-Reefs. 13. Natural Bridges. 14. Monsoons. [Between India and Eastern Africa] 15. Snow-Bridges. 16. Rapids. 17. Petrifying Springs. 18. Air Volcanoes. 19. The Dropping Well. 20. Mountain Passes. 21. Perforated Rocks. 22. Glacier Tables. [Mostly Alpine Regions] 23. The breaking up of Ice-floes. [Polar Regions] 24. The Fata Morgana. [Between Sicily & the southern coast of Italy] 25. The Ignis-Fatuus, or Will-O'-the-Wisp. 26. Avalanches. 27. Torrents of Mud. 28. Whirlpools. 29. Sand Storms. [Desert Regions] 30. Volcanoes.