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The Universal Family Bible.

Southhampton: E.A. Hancock Richmond Terrace, c 1860.
45 + 4
Southhampton: E.A. Hancock Richmond Terrace, c 1860.

A wonderful large Family Bible with explanatory notes and references from Henry, Brown, Scott, Kitto, Clarke etc; this family register is clean with no entries. Very nice condition. Beautiful hand coloured bible. Larger than the others. 15" x 12" with 45 hand coloured plates and 4 maps. In full dark leather with spine and boards tooled in blind; title in gilt to spine; all edges gilt; coloured endpapers; adorned with gilt inner dentelles. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. The Expulsion. 2. "And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters". 3. Death of Abel. 4. The Deluge. 5. Hagar & Ishmael. 6. The Offering of Isaac. 7. Jacob's Dream. 8. Joseph's Coat brought to Jacob. 9. Joseph sold by his Brethren. 10. Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream. 11. The Cup found in Benjamin's sack. 12. Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh. 13. Destruction of Pharaoh's Host. 14. Moses with Tables of Testimony. 15. Balaam smiting his Ass. 16. Palestine [Map]. 17. Jael killing Sisera. 18. Death of Samson. 19. David and Goliath. 20. The Judgement of Solomon. 21. Nathan reproves David. 22. Elijah fed by Ravens. 23. Elijah taken up to Heaven. 24. The Pool of Hezekiah. Jerusalem. 25. The Village of Siloam, Jerusalem. 26. Mordecai Honoured. 27. Praise the Lord. 28. Jewish Captives. 29. The Infant Jesus. 30. The Good Shepherd. 31. Map of Jerusalem & is Environs. 32. The Fiery Furnace. 33. Jonah cat into the Sea. 34. The Redeemer. 35. The Star in the East. 36. The return from Egypt. 37. The Calling of Simon & Andrew. 38. The Infant St John. 39. The Infant Jesus. 40. Angels appearing to the Shepherds. 41. Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. 42. Pharisee and Publican. 43. Christ & Niodemus. 44. The Pool of Bethesda, Jerusalem. 45. The Woman taken in Adultery. 46. Map Illustrating the Journies of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 47. Map Illustrating the Journies of the Apostle Paul. 48. The Tombs of Absalom, St. James & St. John. 49. Angel with the Book.