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PINE, John.
The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords representing the Several Engagements between the English and Spanish Fleets in the Year 1588....

London: John Pine, 1739.
Berlin Kat 1677; Bobins 383.
20 + 2
London: John Pine, 1739.

Folio, subscription list, engraved title, and 19 double-page plates - all printed in blue and green and 2 charts, dated 1739, 1740, & 1749, some tinted and engraved from two or three plates. Contemporary mottled calf over half brown morocco and burled leather sides. These wonderfully decorative tapestries no longer exist as they were destroyed by fire when the Parliament buildings were burnt down in 1834. Plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. A Chart shewing the several places of Action between the English and Spanish Fleets... 3-4. [A pair of charts. The Spanish Fleet off the coast of Cornwall / The English lying behind the Spanish Fleet off the coasts of Cornwall & Devon]. 5-6. [A pair of charts. One showing a section of the English Fleet separating the main Spanish Fleet off the Devon Coast / The other showing the English Fleet 'harrying' the Spanish Fleet up the English Channel]. 7-8. [A pair of charts. The English Fleet, having split into two formations, is driving the now-divided Spanish Fleet further along the English Channel / The English Fleet pursuing the Spanish Fleet towards the Isle of Wight]. 9-10. [A pair of charts. The Spanish Fleet being driven past the Isle of Wight / The Spanish Fleet, off the Kent coast, heading for the safety of the French coast, trying to link up with the King Phillip's Spanish Army in Calais]. 11-12. [A pair of charts. The English Fleet keeping the Spanish Fleet 'hemmed in' off the coast at Calais / The now depleted and demoralised Spanish Fleet head northward, away from Calais into the North Sea, hotly pursued by the English Fleet]. 13-21. [All decorative and beautiful double-page engravings showing both the English and the Spanish Fleets in the Channel and near Calais off the French Coast. Each engraving is surrounded by exquisitely decorated with rococo-style borders, including portraits of the Captains of the ships in the victorious English Fleet]. 22. A Plott of all the Coast of Cornwall and Devonshire as they were to be fortified in 1588 against the Landing of the Enemy.