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The Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest.

Philadelphia: George Barrie & Son, 1902-1903. Printed only for Subscribers
Philadelphia: George Barrie & Son, 1902-1903. Printed only for Subscribers

16 volumes. Magnificent extra-illustrated edition with an abundance of excellent plates, each protected with lettered tissue. 84 "standard" plates each appear in two states - sepia & black and white - but 16 of the b/w plates (one in each volume) have been finely hand-coloured, and some others are coloured lithographs. There are 115 "extra" illustrations which do not appear in other editions, all fine mounted b/w plates some of which are double-page. Imperial octavo, magnificently bound for this subscriber - Matilda Langdon Hayden - in full crimson crushed morocco; simple spines but with ornate multi-coloured leather doublures with family crests; red silk moire endpapers, all edges gilt. Each volume housed in an edge-worn but sound fleece-lined, red morocco-tipped cloth slipcase. Limited extra-illustrated edition. One of only 26 copies, numbered A-Z, printed on Japanese vellum, this work is 'J' with each containing an original document from one of the Queens. Sadly, the document is no longer present in this copy. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. Knights of the Holy Ghost Embarking for the Crusades. 2. [King] Stephen. 3. Henry II. Volume 2. 4. Frontispiece. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Henry II. 5. Edward I. 6. Richard II on the Throne of England. Volume 3. 7. Frontispiece. Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII. 8. Costumes of the XV Century. 9. Henry VI and his Queen Receiving a Book from John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury. Volume 4. 10. Frontispiece. Anne Boleyn / Holbein Drawing / Bollina Uxor Henrici Octav. 11. Edward IV and Richard, Duke of Gloucester, afterward King Richard III. 12. Warwick Castle. 13. Court of King's Bench, with the five Scarlet- robed Judges. Time of Henry VI. Volume 5. 14. Frontispiece. Queen Anne of Cleves. 15. King Henry VIII presenting a Charter to the Company of Barber-Surgeons. Volume 6. 16. Frontispiece. The Lady Mary, after Queen. 17. Edward VI Confirming his Father's Gift of Christ's Hospital to the City of London. 18. As Prince of Wales / Edward VI as King / Panel dated 1550. Volume 7. 19. Frontispiece. William Par, Marquis of Northampton. 20. The Princess Elizabeth / So-called Ermine Portrait / Elizabeth in Old Age. Volume 8. 21. Frontispiece. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. 22. Mary Stuart as La Reine Blanch, and as Queen of Scots. Volume 9. 23. Frontispiece. Charles I and Oliver Cromwell. Volume 10. 24. Frontispiece. Henrietta Maria (of France). 25. Silver Alarum Clock-Watches Owned by Charles I. Volume 11. 26. Frontispiece. Charles II. 27. Ivory Coffer which belonged to James I. Volume 12. 28. Frontispiece. Hortense Mancini, Duchesse de Mazarin. 29. English Costume of the VII Century. Volume 13. 30. Frontispiece. Princess Mary, Daughter of James II. 31. Speke Hall, Lancashire. Volume 14. 32. Frontispiece. Elizabeth Percy, Duchess of Somerset. Volume 15. 33. Frontispiece. Queen Anne. 34. Hall of Hatfield House. Volume 16. 35. Frontispiece. Hampton Court. 36. English Costumes of the XVIII Century.