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The Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire.

London: G. Hawkins, lith., Day & Hague, 1843. York: R. Sunter lith., Day & Hague.
Abbey Scenery 381; Bobins 712.
68 + map
London: G. Hawkins, lith., Day & Hague, 1843. York: R. Sunter lith., Day & Hague.

2 vols, folio. Volume 1; lithographed dedication, contents leaf, introduction, Volume 2; text, map, - a total of 66 hand coloured lithographed plates, 2 hand coloured vignettes of a choir of Rievaulx Abbey, mounted on card. 3/4 maroon calf over cloth sides, top edge gilt, with matching title label to upper boards, spine with decorative gilt compartments, lettered and raised bands etc., marbled endpapers. Bookplate of 'Norman. R Bobins'. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. Knights Templar and Lady of the salt marshes. 2. Title page. Transept of Whitby Abbey. 3. Dedication page. 4. Contents page. 5. [Half page] Whitby Abbey (the Nave & Choir). 6. Whitby Abbey - N.E. View. 7. Whitby Abbey - S.W. View. 8. [Half page] Kirkstall Abbey (interior of Nave & Choir). 9. Kirkstall Abbey - S.E. View. 10. Kirk stall Abbey - N.W. View. 11. [Half page] St. Mary's, York, West End. 12. St. Mary's, York, North side of Nave. 13. Details of St. Mary's Abbey, York. 14. [Half page] Rievaulx and Kirkham Abbeys, East End. 15. Rievaulx Abbey, Abbey in the Vale. 16. Rievaulx Abbey, Transept & Choir. 17. Details of Rievaulx Abbey. 18. [Half page] Fountains Abbey. Ladye Chapel. 19. Fountains Abbey. Interior of Choir & Nave. 20. Fountains Abbey - S.W. View. 21. [Half page] Roche Abbey. 22. Roche Abbey, Gateway to the Abbey Close. 23. Roche Abbey - West View. 24. [Half page] Bland Abbey and Newborough, Gateway to Abbey Close. 25. Byland and Newborough - S.W. View. 26. Bland Abbey and Newborough - S.E. View. 27. [Half page] Guisborough Priory and the Vale of Cleveland. 28. Guisborough Priory, Interior of the East End. Volume 2. 29. Choir of Rievaulx Abbey. 30. [Half page] Mount Grace, Gateway of Abbey Close. 31. Mount Grace. Exterior of the Church. 32. [Half page] Selby Abbey, North Porch. 33. Selby Abbey, Interior of Nave. 34. Selby Abbey, West Front. 35. [Half page] Bolton Priory. 36. Bolton Priory, Interior of Choir. 37. Bolton Priory, West Front. 38. [Half page] Bridlington Priory - S.E. View. 39. Bridlington Priory, West Front. 40. Details of Bridlington Priory. 41. [Half page] Old Malton Priory, West Front. 42. [Half page] Jorvaulx Abbey, Interior of Chapter House. 43. Jorvaulx Abbey. 44. [Half page] Sallay Abbey. Gateway of Abbey Close. 45. Sallay Abbey, Interior. 46. Sallay Abbey - N.W. Interior. 47. Fragments discovered in the excavations of Sawley Abbey. 48. [Half page] Monk Bretton Priory. Remains of Window. 49. [Half page] Coverham Abbey, Gateway to Abbey Close. 50. [Half page] Eggleston Abbey. The Choir. 51. Eggleston Abbey - S.W. View. 52. [Half page] Easby Abbey. The Abbey on the Swale. 53. Easby Abbey. Interior of the Refectory. 54. Easby Abbey. Exterior of the Refectory. 55. [Half page] The Grey Friars, Richmond, View of the Tower. 56. Grey Friars, View of the Tower and Castle. 57. [Half page] Howden. Doorway to the Chapter House. 58. Howden. East End of the Church. 59. Howden. South Side of the Church. 60. Howden. Altar Screen. 61. Howden. Interior of the Chapter House. 62. [Half page] Kirkham Priory, Alcove in the Cloister Gardens. 63. Kirkham Priory, Gateway of Abbey Close. Yorkshire Nunneries. 64. [Half page] Marrick, on the River Swale. 65. [Half page] Nun-Monkton - S.E. View. 66. [Half page] Ellerton, Tower on the Swale. 67. [Half page] Rosedale Priory. Priory and Village. 68. Rosedale priory. 69. [Map] The relative positions of the Abbeys and Castles of Yorkshire.