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NASH, Joseph.
The Mansions of England in the Olden Time.

London: Henry Southern & Co., [1869-72].
Abbey Scenery 402 cite an earlier edition; Bobins 690.
London: Henry Southern & Co., [1869-72].

5 vols (1 vol is text only), SCARCE LARGE PAPER COPY, folio, 4 lithographed titles, each with titling superimposed on the doorway or porch of an historic building. 104 lithographed plates, half red morocco gilt embossed title over matching cloth by Blumson & Co. Decorative gilt compartments and bands raised in gilt to spine. All edges gilt and with marbled endpapers. Hinges and board extremities rubbed and worn. The plates were printed by Hullmandel. It was also published in book form with the plates uncoloured. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Title page. Doorway, East Barsha, Norfolk. 2. Hall, Hatfield, Herts. 3. Staircase, Hatfield, Herts. 4. Front View, Ockwell, Berks. 5. Hall, Ockwell, Berks. 6. Porch, Ockwell, Berks / Corridor, Ockwell, Berks (half page plates) 7. Hall, Wakehurst, Sussex. 8. Staircase, Wakehurst, Sussex. 9. Porch, Bramshill, Hants. 10. Terrace, Bramshill, Hants. 11. Staircase, Crewe Hall, Cheshire. 12. Southum, Gloucestershire. 13. Westwood, Worcestershire. 14. Hall, Beddington, Surrey. 15. Drawing Room, Boughton-Malherbe, Kent. 16. Penshurst, Kent. 17. Franke, Kent. 18. Holland House, Kensington [London]. 19. Entrance to Staircase, Holland House, Kensington. 20. Sutton Place, near Guildford, Surrey. 21. Loosely, near Guildford, Surrey. 22. Drawing Room, Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. 23. Bay Window, Dining Room, Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. 24. Long Gallery, Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. 25. Hall, Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. 26. Chapel, Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. Volume 2. 1. Title page. Doorway, Combe Abbey, Warwickshire. 2. Hall, Audley End, Essex. 3. Porch, Audley End, Essex. 4. Hall, Littlecote, Wilts. 5. Hall, Moat House, Ichtham, Kent. 6. Chapel, Moat House, Ichtham, Kent. 7. Hall, Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire. 8. Drawing Room, Broughton Castle, Oxon. 9. Porch, Wroxton Abbey, Oxon. 10. Hall, Wroxton Abbey, Oxon. 11. Gallery, Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire. 12. Presence Chamber, Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire. 13. Grand Staircase, Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire. 14. Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire. 15. Court Yard, Hever Castle, Kent. 16. Bay Window, Hever Castle, Kent. 17. Sutton Place, near Guildford, Surrey. 18. Staircase, Knowle, Kent. 19. Brown Gallery, Knowle, Kent. 20. Room leading to [the] Chapel, Knowle, Kent. 21. Bedchamber, Knowle, Kent. 22. Gallery over the Hall, Knowle, Kent. 23. Cartoon Gallery, Knowle, Kent. 24. Hall, Knowle, Kent. 25. Stairs to Terrace, Bramshill, Hants / Postern Gate, Bramshill, Hants (half page plates). 26. Room, Postlip Hall, Gloucestershire. Volume 3. 1. Title page. Porch, Cranbourne, Dorset. 2. Burleigh, Northamptonshire. 3. Staircase, Burleigh, Northamptonshire. 4. Hall, Parham, Sussex. 5. Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. 6. Hall, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. 7. Gallery, Lanhydroc, Cornwall. 8. Staircase, Aldermaston, Berks. 9. Waterstone, Dorset. 10. Athelhampton, Dorset. 11. Hall, Athelhampton, Dorset. 12. Garden Front, Cranbourne, Dorset. 13. Drawing Room, Chastleton, Oxon. 14. Gallery in Hall, Hatfield, Herts. 15. Gallery, Hatfield, Herts. 16. Charlcote, Warwickshire. 17. Hall, Hampton Court, Middlesex. 18. Presence Chamber, Hampton Court, Middlesex. 19. Drawing Room, Dorfold, Cheshire. 20. Porch, Montacute, Somerset. 21. Hall, Penshurst, Kent. 22. Compton Wynyate, Warwickshire. 23. Hall, Compton Wynyate, Warwickshire. 24. Bramhall Hall, Cheshire. 25. Bay Window in Hall, Bramhall, Cheshire. 26. Drawing Room, Bramhall Hall, Cheshire. Volume 4. 1. Title page. Entrance to Moat House, Ightham, Kent. 2. Bay Window, Lyme Hall, Cheshire. 3. Garden, Levens, Westmoreland. 4. Hall, Levens, Westmoreland. 5. Dining Room, Levens, Westmoreland. 6. Drawing Room, Levens, Westmoreland. 7. Small Drawing Room, Levens, Westmoreland. 8. Brereton, Cheshire. 9. Banqueting Room, Bramhall, Cheshire. 10. Inlaid Chamber, Szzergh, Westmoreland. 11. Hall, Crewe Hall, Cheshire. 12. Drawing Room, Crewe Hall, Cheshire. 13. Bingham, Melcombe, Dorset. 14. Room in Gate-House, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 15. Gateway, Speke, Lancashire. 16. Hall, Speke, Lancashire. 17. Bay Window in Hall, Speke, Lancashire. 18. Drawing Room, Speke, Lancashire. 19. Garden Front, Speke, Lancashire. 20. Hall, Adlington, Cheshire. 21. Hall, Milton Abbey, Dorset. 22. Berwick Hall, Lancashire. 23. Staircase, Aston Hall, Warwickshire. 24. Gallery, Aston Hall, Warwickshire. 25. Drawing Room, Aston Hall, Warwickshire. 26. Moreton Hall, Cheshire.