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McLEAN, Thomas. (pub)
The Looking Glass or Caricature Annual 1832, Vol. 3.

The Looking Glass was a large-sized lithographed four-page monthly magazine composed entirely of comicalities. The first seven issues were drawn by William Heath and published by the print seller and publisher Thomas McLean of 26 Haymarket. Heath departed and the eighth issue was drawn by Robert Seymour from Aug 1, 1830, to April 1836. McLean retitled it McLean’s Monthly Sheet of Caricatures or the Looking Glass. The price was 3s plain, 6s coloured (hand-coloured), very expensive for the times. The first volume was collected in 49 pages as The Looking Glass; or, Caricature Annual, published by Thomas McLean, 26 Haymarket.

London: Thomas McLean, 1833.
London: Thomas McLean, 1833.

Small Folio. Green half leather calf over green boards; raised bands in blind and gilt rule and letters to spine; all edges gilt; 33 hand- coloured lithograph plates of full size. A delightful book of satirical caricatures showing various political and social events of 1832; This volume has been professionally restored and repaired Originally published on the first of every month, consisting of 4 pages of lithograph plates printed on soft card, with 2-8 comic book style panels per page. SCARCE. Collectable. Coloured plates in order: 1 First coloured Gothic-style title page with six vignette illustrations. 2 Second coloured title page 'A monumental design to be used on some future occasion.' 3 Sheet No 29 Short Memory / Candour / Dr. Philpots Running Over / More Neighbourly than Friendly. 4 Sheet No 29 Horrible Attempt! / A Low High Constable / Madame Berry, the Parisian Bill Sticker / The Modern Achilles amidst the Learning and Wisdom of the Country! 5 Sheet No 29 The Printer's Devil's Walk (6 panels). 6 Sheet No 30 A Dance Round the May Pole Interrupted by a Passing Storm. 7 Sheet No 30 Weighed in the Balance, and Found Wanting / Awful Situation of the Vessel of State / Bewilderment / The Wot Spreads the Libels / Terrible Slip "Twixt" the Cup and the Lips / The Finish. 8 Sheet No 30 Fashions Small Bonnets / The Political Janus / One of the Birmingham Union / Pouring Oil upon the Waters / A New Song... / Good Reasoning / Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge / Emigration of the Surplice (Surplus) Population. 9 Sheet No 30 Reconciliation / Political Jugglers Exhibiting before the Sovereigns of Europe. 10 Sheet 31 Strange Symptoms as to the Final Nature of the late Bill / A Soliloquy / An Excellent Republican King / An Ambassador about to Visit the Court of St. Petersbourg. 11 Sheet No 31 The Chameleon / The Crocodile / The Rattle Snake / The Butcher Bird. 12 Sheet No 31 Scene in a Vestry after a Charity Sermon / Going to the Races. 13 Sheet No 31 The Royal Assent / The Race of Liberty / A Schism amongst the Reformers / The Birmingham Night Mare / Scene at Barnes, or a New Reformer. 14 Sheet No 32 "Black, White and Grey" / Convenient Principles / The Spiritual Quixote in Ireland / Leading both the Lame & the Blind / A Dream and but a Dream. 15 Sheet No 32 King of H---V---R / King of BR---T---N / Pledges / John Bull's March of Improvement (?) / "I must admire...." / Beginning for Parliamentary Speeches. 16 Sheet No 32 Russian Policy / Lord H---F---D'S Fete Champetre. 17 Sheet No 32 Slavery / Freedom. 18 Sheet No 33 The Advisor / The Advised / The Client / The Attorney / Armed for the Enforcement of Tythes / Soldier Politicians "A La Somerville " on the Day of Battle. 19 Sheet No 33 A Man at Arms / Paganini's Last Scrape / An Errant Knight/ Loss of Appetite / The Man Wot Ruins the Publishers / Parliamentary Prop Ability for 1834 / More Reform Blessings. 20 Sheet No 33 Nicholas doing The Amiable / The Coarse-Hair (Corsair) / The Bride of A-Bye-Dose (Abydos) / English Bards & Scotch Reviewers. 21 Reform The Birth of Political Sin. 22 Sheet No 34 The Price of Irish Times!!! / Parisian Hospitality to the House of Brunswick / John Bull Reposing after his Labours / Consternation! 23 Patent Penny / Knowledge Bill. 24 Sheet No 34. Four Specimens of Cause & Effect / Probable Effect of the Projected Rail-Road to Brighton / Four Specimens of the Reading Public. 25 Sheet No 34 Madrid -A False Alarm / Dieting in Germany / Dutchmen, blocking up the Navigation of the Scheldt / Portugal / Perfects and Imperfects, or Dreadful Times. 26 Sheet No 35 An Unwelcome Light / Making Use of a Friend / A Real Mayors Nest Discovered! / Measures not Men... 27 Sheet No 35 Grand Muster of the Tory Forces / Clerical Deputy Lord Lieutenant / Rejected Design for a Monument now Erecting. 28 Sheet No 35 A Few Tories Learning the Improvement in the Revenue / Myn Heer Brought to his Senses. 29 War, a Masque. 30 Sheet No 36 Baron Chasse Haranguing certain Volunteers in the Dutch Service / The Highest Man in France / Exhumation / The Reward of Merit!! 31 Sheet No 36 Lord Clan-ride-hard going 178 Miles from Boulogne to Paris / Something New / Spying Eastward from Downing Street to The City / Iron-y / Sat-ire / Liar-ic (Lyric) / Bomb-astic. 32 Sheet No 36 Catching the Mantle of a Lord Chief Justice / Canvassing / Qualifying. 33 Sheet No 36 Scenes from a Historical Drama The Courtship, Marriage & Separation of Mynheer & his Belgian Frow (6 panels)