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WESTMACOTT, Charles Molloy.
The English Spy: An Original Work, Characteristic, Satirical, and Humorous. Comprising Scenes and Sketches in Every Rank of Society, Being Portraits of the Illustrious, Eminent, Eccentric, and Notorious Drawn from the Life by Bernard Blackmantle.

London: Sherwood, Jones and Co.; Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper 1825 / 1826
Martin Hardie pp. 175 & 191-192; Prideaux pp. 310 & 328; Tooley 504; Abbey Life 325; Boboins II 738.
London: Sherwood, Jones and Co.; Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper 1825 / 1826

The Illustrations designed by Robert Cruikshank. 2 vols. 8vo pp. xxiii + i (n.n.) blank pp. 417 (incl. n.n. half-title) + 1 (n.n.) colophon; pp. xv + i (n.n.) blank pp. 399 + 1 (n.n.) colophon woodcut vignettes on title-pages further woodcut vignettes in the text; 1 full-page woodcut uncoloured (foxed) 71 hand-coloured aquatints (slight offsetting to the text). Contemporary blue half calf spines with wide gilt tooled spines and compartments in blind, title and volume labels in gilt, lettered marbled boards and edges. FIRST EDITION, first issue with the uncoloured wood-engraved plate "The Five Principal Orders of Society". Abbey Life 325: "Described by Miss Prideaux as 'perhaps the most daring book ever published' a comment elicited by the fact that many characters in the book were drawn from life and were at the time of publication undoubtably easy to recognize." . "The English Spy is a veritable chronique scandaleuse of the time. In the pages of this extraordinary work figure all the notabilities of the day either openly or under slight disguise; and Tom Best, White-headed Bob 'Pea-green' Haye, Colonel Berkeley the 'Golden' Ball, Dr. Kett Charles Mathews, Jemmy Gordon and a host of others of equal notoriety mingle cheek by jowl in the vivid and moving panorama. The first volume is occupied mainly with life at Eton and Oxford and in the second volume life in London of all sorts and conditions is even more vividly depicted than in Pierce Egan's famous book". It is also worth noting that this is nearly always a work found rebound at a later date; copies in contemporary bindings are especially rare. Bookplate of 'C.J. Gunnell' on front pastedown of each volume. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. Frontispiece. (Gothic Temple supporting small vignettes of King, Lords, Commons, Oxford, Cambridge, Hell, Misery, Death, Poetry &c.) 2. First Absence, or Etonians answering Morning Muster Roll. 3. The Oppidan's Museum, or Eton Court of Claims at the Christopher. 4. Eton Montem and the Mount-Salt Hill. 5. First Bow to Alma Mater or Bernard Blackmantle's introduction to the Big Wig. 6. Flooring of Mercury, or Burning the Oaks, a Scene in Tom Quadrangle. 7. College Comforts, A Freshman taking possession of his Rooms. 8. Capping a Proctor, or Oxford Bull-dogs, detecting Brazen Smugglers. 9. The Arrival, or Western Entrance to Cockney Land. 10. The Opera Green Room, or Noble Amateurs viewing Foreign Curiosities. 11. The Royal Saloon Piccadilly. 12. Oxford Transports or Albanians doing Penance for Past offences. 13. Shew Sunday - Sketches of Character, in the Broad Walk, Christ Church Meadows, Oxford. 14. Town & Gown or the Battle of the Togati & the Town Raff in the High Street Oxford. 15. Black Matins, or the Effect of Late drinking upon Early Risers. 16. Golgotha or the Place of Sculls, - Tom Echo receiving sentence of Rustication. 17. The Evening Party on the Yellow Room, at the Pavilion, Brighton. 18. The King at Home, or Mathews at Carlton House. 19. A Frolic in High Life, or a Visit to Billingsgate. 20. Characters on the Steyne, Brighton. 21. Tom Echo laid up with the Headington Fever or an Oxonian very near the Wall. 22. Monday after the 'Great St. Leger', or Heroes of the Turf paying & receiving at Tattersalls. 23. Exterior of Fishmongers Hall, a Regular break down. 24. The Interior of Modern Hell. Vide - the Cogged Dice. 25. The Daffy Club, or a Musical Muster of the Fancy. 26. Peep o'day Boys & Family Men at the Finish a Scene near Covent Harden. 27. Family Men at Fault or an unexpected visit from the Bishop and his Chaplains. 28. The Hall of Infamy, Alias the Oyster Saloon in Bridges St. Or New Covent Garden Hell. 29. The Maiden Brief, Dick Gradus's first appearance among the Worthies of Westminster Hall. 30. Surry Collegians giving a lift to a Limb of the Law. 31. R.A.'s of Genius reflecting on the true line of Beauty at the Life Academy Somerset House. 32. Bernard Blackmantle, reading his Play in the Green Room of Covent Garden Theatre. 33. Bernard Blackmantle, reading his Farce in the Green Room of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. 34. City Ball at the Mansion House. 35. Jemmy Gordon's Frolic, or Cambridge Gambols at Peter House. Volume 2. 36. A Short Set to at Long's Hotel, or Stop-Ford not getting the Best of it. 37. Courtiers Carousing in a Cadgers Ken. 38. The Wake, - or last appearance of Teddy O'Rafferty, a scene in the Holy Land. 39. The Cyprian's Ball, at the Argyle Rooms. 40. Liston and the Lambkins or the Citizens Dinner Party. 41. The Great Actor, or Mr. Punch in all his Glory. 42. Westminster Frolics. 43. The Marigold Family on a Party of Pleasure, or effect of a Storm in the little Bay of Biscay. 44. The Epping Hunt or Cockney Comicalities in full Chace. 45. The Tea Pot Row at Harrow, or the Battle of Hog Lane. 46. The Cits Ordinary at the Hate House Highgate, or every Hog to his own Apple. 47. Bulls and Bears in High Bustle, or Billy Wright's Poney, made a Member of the Stock Exchange. 48. The Promenade at Cowes, with Portraits of Noble Commanders & members of the Royal Yacht Club. 49. A Jollification on board the Peranga. 50. Point Street, Portsmouth, or, the Coxswains Carousal. 51. Evening and in High Spirits - a Scene at Long's Hotel. 52. Morning and in Low Spirits - a Scene in a Lock up House. 53. The House of Lords. 54. The Point of Honour decided, or the Leaden argument of a Love affair. 55. The Great Subscription Room at Brook's or Opposition Members engaged upon Hazard-ous Points. 56. The Circular Room, or a Squeeze at Carlton Palace. 57. Eccentrics in the High Street, Cheltenham. 58. Going out, View of the Berkeley Hunt kennel, Cheltenham. 59. The Royal Wells, Cheltenham or Spasmodic affections from Spa Water. 60. The Bags, Mens Banquet at the Bell Inn Cheltenham. 61. The Oakland Cottages, Cheltenham, or Fox Hunters & their Favourites. 62. Doncaster, Great St. Leger Race & Characters on the Turf. 63. The Comical Procession from Gloucester to Berkeley. 64. The Post Office Bristol, Arrival of the London Mail. 65. The Fancy Ball at the Upper Rooms Bath. 66. Well known characters in the Pump Room Bath, taking a sip with King Bladud. 67. A Bath Beau, and Frail Belle or Mr. B and Miss L. 68. Public Bathing at Bath, or Stewing Alive. 69. Milsom Street & Bond Street with Portraits of Bath Swells. 70. The Buff Club, at the Pig & Whistle, Avon Street, Bath. 71. The Bowling Alley, Worcester, or Characters of the Hand and Glove Club.