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CRUIKSHANK (S), Isaac, Robert and George.
The Cruikshankian Momus...

London: John C. Nimmo, 1892.
London: John C. Nimmo, 1892.

Pictorial Broadsides and Humorous Song-Headings. Fifty-two Comic Designs to Popular Ballads by the Three Cruikshanks - the Elder Isaac, Robert, and the Great George. FIRST EDITION. Quarto. pp viii 136. The 52 plates are all coloured by hand. Original blue buckram boards, elaborately lettered in gilt. Top edge gilt. Uncut. Number 399 of 520 copies. Free endpapers tanned. Head and tail of spine a bit snagged. Covers slightly marked. A very good copy nonetheless. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontis. A day of Fashion - "In the Morning drop in at Christie's." GC** 2. Bachelors' Hall. IC 3. The Barber's Wedding. IC 4. The Greenwich Pensioner. IC 5. Pastimes of Primrose Hill. IC 6. The Honest Tars and Marines of the "Argonaut". IC 7. True Blue! The Jolly Tars of Old England; or, All Alive at Portsmouth. IC 8. A Good Joke. IC 9. The Lads of the Ocean. I & GC 10. Captain Morris's celebrated Drinking Song "Sound Philosophy"... I & GC 11. Dick Dock; or, The Lobster and Crab (The Veterans"). I & GC 12. Rosabell. I & GC 13. Galvanism; or, The Miraculous Recovery of the Unfortunate Miss Bailey. GC 14. A Smile to a Tear. I & GC 15. Paddy M'Shane's Seven Ages. GC 16. Country Life contrasted with the Pleasures of Town. GC 17. Jack Steadfast; or, The Heart that can feel for another. I & GC 18. The Old Commodore. I & GC 19. The Dublin Smugglers. GC 20. John Grouse and Mother Goose. I & GC 21. The Mulberry Tree. GC 22. The Little Chimney-Sweep. I & GC 23. The Cobbler and the Poet, or Learning versus Leather. I & GC 24. Tom Tack's Ghost. I & GC 25. A Bull in a China Shop. GC 26. Russian Nuptials. I & GC 27. Heigho ! says Thimble !. GC 28. Bang-Up, - Random, or Tandem. GC 29. Elliston (Manager of the Surrey Theatre) in the Character of "Sylvester Daggerwood"... GC 30. A Bundle of Truths. GC 31. "The Beautiful Maid" as sung by Liston... GC 32. The Manager and the Buz-Bee in a Doctor's Wig. GC 33. Tabitha Grunt; or, The Walking Hospital. GC 34. Charioteer Snip on Rising Ground. GC 35. Scene in the Comic Opera of "The Lord of the Manor". GC 36. All the World's in Paris ! GC 37. Irish Hospitality. R & GC 38. The Irish Duel; or, The Loves of Paddy Wackmackcruk and Mackirkincroft the Tailor. RC 39. The Old Maid and her Tom Cat at the Old Bailey. GC 40. Paddy Carey's Fortune. GC 41. The Royal Masquerade... GC 42. An Election Ball. GC 43. "The Mail Coach." GC 44. Peter Snout; or A Shift to make a Shirt. GC 45. A Sailor's Description of a Chase and Capture. GC 46. A Traveller stopt at a Widow's Gate. GC 47. Bumpology. GC 48. Tea in the Arbour. GC 49. Barney Buntline and Billy Bowling; or, The Adventures of being at Sea ! GC 50. G. Herbert Rodwell's Romance "Jack Sheppard." GC 51. La Bagatelle. Four Comic Songs... GC 52. Fairy Songs & Ballads for the Young... GC ** IC denotes by Isaac Cruikshank. GC denotes by George Cruikshank. I & GC denotes by Isaac and George Cruikshank. R & GC denotes Robert and George Cruikshank. RC denotes Robert Cruikshank.**