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Scenery, Inhabitants, & Costumes, of Afghaunistan.

London: Hering & Remington, 1848.
Abbey Travel 513; Bobins I 267; Colas 2489; Lipperheide 1479.
London: Hering & Remington, 1848.

FIRST EDITION. Large folio, hand coloured lithographed title page, together with 29 finely hand coloured plates on 25 leaves, each with descriptive letterpress. In a contemporary dark green half morocco binding with gilt to boards and spine. The finest illustrated book on Afghanistan. Set against the background of the First Afghan War in 1838- part of a strategy to contain Russian expansion, the illustrations contain very some fine native portraits as well as those of Emir Dost Mohammid and the (pro British) Shah Suja. The work is dedicated to the Kandahar force and its late General William Nott, under whom Rattrey served. The views include Kandahar, Kabul and Lugdulluk, the scene of the destruction of Elphinstone's forces. This important book shows the Afghan people as both exotic and attractive. Coloured plates in order: 1.Dourraunnee Chieftans in Full Armour. (Lithographed title) 2. Dost Mahommed King of Caubul and his Youngest Son. 3. Interior of the Palace of Shauh Shujah ool Moolk, late King of Cabul. 4. Hawkers of Ko - I - Staun. With Valley of Caubul and Mountains of Hindoocoosh. 5. Encampment of the Kandahar Army under General Nott, outside the Walls of Caubul, on the Evacuation of Afghaunistaun by the British. 6. Ghiljie Women, of the Lower Orders. 7. Khoja Padshaun, a Ko - I - Staun Chief, with his Armed Retainers. 8. Kelaut - I - Ghiljie. 9. 'Atmaran' Hindoo of Peshawar. 10. Mosque and Tomb of the Emperor Sooltaun Mahmood, of Ghuznee. 11. Afghaun Foot Soldiers in their Winter Dress. With entrance to the Valley of Urgundeh. 12. Ko - I - Staun Foot Soldiery in Summer Costume, actively employed among the Rocks. 13. Fortress of Alimusjid, and the Khyber Pass. 14. Chief Executioner and Assistant, of His Majesty the late Shah. 15. Mahomed Naib Shurreef, a celebrated Kuzzilbach Chief of Caubul, and his Peshkhidmut, or Head Attendant. 16. Bala Hissar and City of Kabul, with the British Cantonments from the 'Ba Maroo' Hill - Hostilities Commencing. 17. Jaunbauz, or Afghaun Cavalry, with Horse bearing Implements for Smoking &c. 18. Town and Citadel of Ghuznee. 19. Hyder Khan, the Governor of Ghuznee. 20. Oosbegs of Mooraud Bey. 21. Jugdellu, The Last Stand made by General Elphinstone's Army in the calamitous Retreat. 22. Meerz Fyze, an Oosbeg Elchee, or Ambassador. 23. Interior of the City of Kandahar, from the House of the Sidar 'Meer dil Khaun', Brother of the King of Caubul. 24. Ladies of Caubul in their in and out-of- door Costume. 25. Gool Mohammed Khaun King of the Ghilgyes. 26. The 'Bullock Hump' and Military Cantonments, Kandahar. 27. Temple of 'Ahmed Shaun', King of Afghaunistaun, Kandahar, looked upon as so sacred an edifice, that the vilest criminal seeking protection at its threshold is secure from the hands of justice. 28. City of Kandahar, it's principal Bazaar and Citadel, taken from the Nakarra Khauneh, or Royal Band Room. 29. Kandahar Lady of Rank, engaged in Smoking. 30. Mosque of Goolaum Hoossein Huzrut- Jee, a great prophet of the Afghauns, and the Tombs of the Kings at Kandahar.