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The Beautiful Scenery and Chief Places of Interest throughout the Crimea.

London: Day & Son, 1856.
Abbey Travel 239; Brunet I, 1130; Graesse I, 501, Bobins 181.
51 + title page
London: Day & Son, 1856.

Folio, lithographed title, 51 hand coloured lithographed plates on 30 leaves, original green cloth, stamped in blind with gilt title on upper board, coloured endpapers, minor spotting throughout. Plates include Sebastopol; Balaklava; Prince Woronzoff’s Palace in Alupka; Tartar House in the village of Alupka; Remains of the Genoese Forts at Ciufat-Kale; Kertch; the Bosphorus. In uncoloured copies the fifty-two lithographs appear on 30 leaves only some pages carrying two. Virtually chromo-lithographs, the plates in this sumptuously produced book, show when compared with Hullmandel’s work 17 years earlier in Boys’s Paris, Ghent, etc. 1839, something of the coarsening of effect in later, a more mechanical work (Abbey). Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. The Gate at Perekop. 2. Eupatoria / Entrance to Sebastopol, from the Sea. 3. The River Alma / Remains of the Ancient Chersonese, near Sebastopol. 4. The River Katcha / View of Fort St. Nicholas. 5. Sebastopol, from the Northern Forts. 6. Sebastopol, taken from a Watch-Tower in the centre of the Town. 7. The Arsenal Harbour, or Military Port, Sebastopol / Interior of an early Christian Church. 8. Mouth of the Tchernaya River, at the bottom of Inkermann Bay, end of Sebastopol Harbour. / Remains of Genoese Forts at Inkermann. 9. View of the Valley of Inkermann / Monastery of St. George. 10. A General View of the Coast extending from Cape Fiolente to Sebastopol / Entrance to the Harbour of Balaclava. 11. General View of Balaclava, from the Genoese Forts / Balaclava, seen from the shore. 12. Prince Woronzoff's Palace in Alupka / A Tartar house in the Village of Alupka. 13. Interior of a Tartar House / Tartar Children's School. 14. The Peaks of Mount St. Peter / Cape and Lighthouse of St. Theodore. 15. View of Yalta / Dance of Tartars. 16. The Grotto of Yursuf / Mount Tchatyr-Dagh. 17. Alushta / The Valley of Temerd-Ji. 18. Tartars travelling on the Plains / Waterfall of Giur-Guir. 19. The River Salghyr / The Valley of Kokos. 20. Simferopol. 21. The Valley of Usembasch / Remains of the Genoese Forts at Ciufat-Kale. 22. Bakchi-Sarai. 23. Burial-Ground of the Karaimi Jews / Ruins of a large Genoese Fortress at Sudak. 24. General View of Kara-su-Bazar. 25. Cape Tokli, on the Gulf of Kertch / Tomb of Mithridates, near the Lazaretto of Kertch. 26. Kertch, seen from the high road to Yenikale. 27. A General View of the Gulf of Kertch, seen from Mount Mithridates. 28. Fort Arabat / Steppes between Perekop and Simferopol. 29. Kaffa, or Theodosia / The Bosphorus. 30. Russian Burial-Ground / The Island of Serpents.